How to make in minecraft doors?

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How to make in minecraft doors?

Minecraft is a very complex game released in 2011. The world of the game consists entirely of cubes. They can be broken into pieces and from the ingredients to do something new. Through this approach, you can create various things.

But a new gamer who has entered the game may become entangled in the mechanics of creating things. For example, to create different doors, besides having the right ingredients, you also need to know how to arrange them in the creation window.

How to make various doors in Minecraft, you can read below.

Ordinary doors are divided into wooden and metal. These are the simplest doors that can be created from simple materials.

How to make a wooden door

Wooden doors are made of any kinds of boards in the amount of 6 pieces, which are placed in the creation window in the first 2 rows. After that, the door will appear in the window of created things and it can be installed at the entrance to your home. It is important to be outside so that the door opens.Such a door is easy to destroy, and even enemy monsters can do it.

How to make an iron door

The iron door is made of iron ingots, which are produced by melting in an iron ore furnace. This door is stronger than wood, and opens only with a red stone signal.

How to make a mechanical door

The mechanical door is made from:

  • Sticky piston;
  • Red stone;
  • Repeater;
  • Blocks;
  • Lever.

All this is placed in the machine for crafting and we get the door.

The lever can also be replaced with a button or a pressure plate. After pressing the lever, button or plate, the piston retracts the blocks, and the door opens the passage to the room.

How to make a secret door

Secret doors do in the game to hide the treasures or additional room. A secret door is the same mechanical door, but hidden by decorative elements. For example, you can hang a picture that will hide the door itself. But when you press a lever, button, or pressure plate, the door, along with the picture, will drive off to the side. The picture should not be hung on the door itself, but on the lower unit.

How to make a door trap

The door-trap is needed to destroy uninvited guests.For mobs, it is useless, although it can kill one mob one at a time by flooding it with water. It is mainly used for players who have climbed into your treasure chest without asking.

It is made of four doors, set in different directions. Anyone who enters it enters a room that is flooded. To achieve this effect, you need to put a cube of water inside the door, under it a push button that closes the door, and on top of the water a cube of ice that will not allow jumping out of the trap.

The trap operates according to the principle that water does not pass through the door.

How to make a code door

Code door is done with the help of systems of levers and torches:

  1. At first we put the necessary quantity of levers.
  2. Then we omit those that will be the correct code combination.
  3. Behind them we put torches. It should turn out that when you press the lever torches light up.
  4. We conduct between the torches the network of the conductor to one more torch, which serves as the control one. It should light up when all the other torches are lit, and, therefore, the code is dialed.
  5. From this control torch, send the conductor line to the door and get the finished door.

The amount of resources for crafting can be different. It all depends on your imagination. It is recommended to hide the entire door mechanism from the eyes.

How to make sliding doors

How to make opening or automatic doors is a very difficult question. Sliding doors are not very easy to make, and even harder to explain all the actions. Therefore, it is recommended to watch the video.

How to make a laser door

Laser doors create a barrier in the form of lasers in the aisle. It will not be possible to pass through them. The only option is to turn off the lasers.

To create such interesting doors, it is necessary to perform a series of actions that are also very difficult to describe in writing, as is the case with sliding doors. The creation involves a large number of parts and mechanisms: pistons, red blocks, metal blocks, beacons, comparators, and so on.

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