How to cook jam?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
October 15, 2014
How to cook jam?

Jam is a fragrant and tasty dessert that appeals to adults and children. It is best to cook it yourself, because then it will be very useful. It is necessary to do this correctly, using the tricks and secrets of experienced hostesses.

Preparing berries and fruits

If you decide to cook jam from fruits and berries from your plot, then it is necessary to harvest them only in clear and sunny weather. After all, if you break them in the rain, they absorb moisture. As a result, the jam will turn out watery.

Berries and fruits for jam must be ripe, you should not use the immature, because the finished dessert will have a specific taste. If you are cooking jam from berries, you must first wash them (except raspberries), remove the stones (if any), and then cover them with sugar and leave them for a few hours. The fruits are also thoroughly washed under running water, and then cut or divided into slices, remove the seed, the core (pears and apples), and the stem.

Choosing dishes

Cooking jam is necessary only in a wide crockery. Then the excess liquid from it will evaporate much faster, while the fruits and berries will boil down evenly. You can not use for these purposes containers that have spots of oxide or rust, because the jam will turn out with a bitter aftertaste.

The process of cooking jam

It is necessary to boil jam over low heat. Be sure to stir it with a wooden spatula. This should be done constantly, otherwise the jam will burn. During the preparation of jam on the surface will form a foam. It should always be removed with a skimmer or spoon. Soaking the jam on the fire requires no more than 7 minutes after boiling, otherwise the fruit or berries will shrivel and will have an unappetizing appearance. In this case, then you can again put it to cook after cooling. Everything will depend on what kind of jam you are cooking. After all, for each species has its own time intervals. This is described in detail in the article How to make jam.

To determine the readiness of cooking, you must first check the quality of the syrup. Put a small amount on a saucer.If it starts to spread, it means that the jam is not ready. If the syrup retains its shape on the saucer, you can remove the mass from the fire, provided that the berries or fruits do not float to the surface.

Spinning jam

It is necessary to roll the jam into dry hot jars, which are previously required to be sterilized. Lids to them boil on medium heat for 10-15 minutes after boiling. Lay out the banks can only cooled down jam. After it is twisted, the containers should be turned downwards with the caps and left in the room under the rug for 1-2 days.

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