How to make repairs in the apartment?

Repair - this event is akin to the universal flood. If it is scheduled for a short time, then we need to invite specialists, and the more there will be, the better. But it will be expensive. If you want to save money, which is quite logical, you will have to do the repair yourself, having invited a neighbor and a relative as much as possible. And this repair will continue ... I just want to draw a recumbent figure eight, a symbol of endless repair, when it is finished in the hallway and it is already time to re-repair the far bedroom, in a circle. It turns out there is a way out of this situation. You can do the repair yourself, but invite for individual works of specialists. Thus, you will save, and the quality of repair will not be low. Let's learn how to make repairs in the apartment at the optimum time and with proper quality.

We make a repair plan

If you are wondering how inexpensively to repair an apartment, then be sure to plan all expenses.

  • We start with the fact that we draw a plan-scheme of the apartment. If you repair the entire apartment thorough, then the scheme should be for each room separately. If the repair is cosmetic, small, then you can draw a general plan of the apartment.On each sheet with a plan, write the height of the ceiling, and near the window designation - its dimensions.
  • So, we make a few copies of the plans. On the first copy you need to draw all the furniture that you leave after the repair, home appliances, interior items. "Arrange" all this as it will stand after the repair. Try to experiment, move the furniture on paper, find the optimal location. Sketch the final version.
  • In the background you need to draw, which walls and partitions in the apartment should be removed and which new ones should be built. It also follows on the clean version of the plan to draw the location of sockets and lamps. Not for nothing that you already painted the refrigerator in the apartment and the washing machine.
  • On the general plan of the apartment it is necessary to make a marking of the floor indicating the materials that will cover it. For example, you chose porcelain stoneware in the corridor and hallway, ceramic tiles in the kitchen and laminate in the rooms.

We make the estimate

Depending on how you imagine your future apartment, you need to determine what materials will be not only on the floor, but also on the walls, the ceiling, which doors you want to install, whether you need a new plumber, bathroom, etc.On the plan of each room write the necessary materials. Moreover, if we are talking about walls, it is not necessary to write only wallpaper, write everything that relates to the walls of this room - putty, plaster, primer, drywall, mesh, wallpaper glue. After this work, we take the norms of materials consumption per 1 square meter, count how many you have in each room and derive figures for the consumption of materials for the entire room. It remains only to multiply the prices of materials and get the total amount, which will take you only on them. Add to them money for shipping, for hiring gazelles and movers, if necessary. Next, determine the nodes and work that you yourself will not do. For example, the installation of sewer pipes and installation of floors. Find out how much these specialists charge, add up and get paid for the work. All estimate is ready. But best of all add 20-25% on unforeseen expenses. In general, such an estimate suggests how cheap to make an apartment renovation. Just in case, read the additional article - “How much does apartment renovation cost?”.

Dirty work

For starters, you can read the article - "How to start repairing an apartment?". Well, now let's see how to make an apartment renovation, after all, this is a serious matter and there are some laws here.

  • So, the first thing to start with is the dirtiest.This scrapping of partitions and the construction of new, as well as the dismantling of the floor, the old wooden lag. If you plan to change the windows and make a new beautiful balcony, then this should be done just at this dirtiest moment of all repairs. Do you want to change pipes and risers? This must be entered into the repair plan by the second paragraph. Here, of course, you will have to negotiate with your neighbors and ask them to suffer a water shutdown, but it is best to persuade them to collectively change the riser. And it will be cheaper, and the whole entrance will be protected from breakthroughs and unpleasant leaks.
  • Next, the rules are pouring a new floor screed. if you have an old house, then it must be done. This procedure will allow you to forget about the creaking of floors, and dust will be less.
  • After the floor, you need to build new partitions that you have already planned, and the material for them has been determined, and the thickness of the cavity of the new walls, and the material that you will use as insulation and sound insulation. If you want brick partitions - run to the city architecture department, for engineering permission.
  • And only after that you need to do the ceiling. You can invite a company and make a stretch ceiling, you can whitewash the old very cheaply, and you can make a beautiful suspended ceiling out of plasterboard.In the ceiling cover you will immediately make the lighting, and you have already planned it, so it remains only to instruct the builders.
  • Now pave the wiring. Strobet walls, lay the cable and close up alabaster. Leave holes for sockets and switches.
  • By "dirty" work also applies to plaster, and putty walls. The plaster is applied with a layer up to 3 cm, if the distortions of the walls are large, then equal them with drywall. A layer of putty is leveled over the plaster or drywall.
  • Then all this is primed, the wall is ready for wallpapering or painting.

Finishing work

We start the finishing work, therefore, we study how beautifully to make the repair of an apartment. You have already bought wallpaper or paint, maybe liquid wallpaper, appliques on the walls, come up with stencils and know what pictures will hang, what color curtains you need. Consequently, it remains to pokleit, paint, decorate. Then put the main floor on the floor, nailed plinth.

In the bathroom, finishing is not so simple. If you are confident in your abilities, then pick up the tile, adhesive composition and proceed to a very difficult task - laying tile.Remember that they put it from the bottom up and no more than 3 rows at a time. The ceiling in the bathroom is best to make mounted with vents for moisture, install a good hood for the bathroom. By the way, the bathroom floor is done before they start laying tiles.


We conclude our story on how to make a beautiful apartment renovation with the rules of furniture placement. It is necessary to remember the plan that you painted at the beginning of the repair, to purchase all the furniture that is missing, the old one you have already taken to the cottage. And now, armed with a drill and a screwdriver, we hang up lockers, shelves, fasten cabinets and walls, and arrange as we want. Next, decorate the apartment panels, paintings, beauty items, arrange the dishes and other various trifles. And only after that you can call the whole family, which is already tired of living in the country ... Do not forget to have a party about the commissioning of the object!

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