How to make sex better?

We all love sex. He allows us not only to get close to a loved one, to become one with him, but also to relax in body and soul. Unfortunately, with age, we are fed up with it and lose interest in such a beautiful occupation. And it affects relationships and health. Moreover, both on the physical and on the psychological level. To breathe new life into sex, you need to think about how to make sex better.

Fresh ideas

  • Unpredictability. It often happens that having lived in marriage for more than one year, the spouses cease to amaze each other. It seems meaningless. They begin to negotiate whether they will have sex today or not. “First take out the garbage, put it in the garage, go to the store, and then maybe ...” - men often hear something like this from their wives. It is not right. Women, surprise your loved ones! Forget about being the mistress, mother, etc. Today you are a seductress. Just take the initiative. Suddenly, start pestering your husband. This will turn him in half a turn. Become new. Do not have sex on the pattern: foreplay, then your favorite pose, his favorite pose and sleep.Imagine that you do not know him at all, that this is your first connection, and you want to surprise him and show that you are a goddess in bed.
  • Porn movies. If you have never watched porn together, offer your soul mate to spend a bit of your time on it. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. Feel free to make such offers, porn will give you some ideas on how to improve sex. Maybe you will hear from your spouse (spouse) that you have a perverse fantasy, but this will only add spice to your relationship. Keep yourself relaxed, stop shy of each other.
  • Outfit Do you have sex in Eve's costume? This is all very good and convenient, but allow your husband to see you in a different guise. Today, sex shops offer us a lot of different options. And costumes, and sexy lingerie. Choose your option. Stand before him in the dress, barely covering the most interesting places. These scraps of fabric are needed so that your loved one could dream up about what lies behind them.
  • Candles, champagne. You can arrange to start a romantic evening. All standard: light dinner, candles, alcohol.Tune in to the love adventures that will begin soon. Chat, tell me how you feel being so close. In spite of how many years you have already spent together.
  • A small gift. Want to know how to be the best in sex? Tell your loved one that you have a gift for him. Turn on some nice music, make him comfortable in a chair and start dancing a striptease. Take off your clothes, showing that you are wearing chic underwear. Even better if you prepare for the dance in advance. You have a chance to drive him crazy.
  • Posture. Stop using only the usual, standard postures. How to make good sex, without applying to it special efforts? No You should try, not lie down and wait until your partner does everything for you. Try new poses, experiment. Curve like a snake, be "clay" in his hands.
  • Thoughts. Every second woman’s mistake is that while making love, she thinks about something else. It could be anything: “Did I turn off the iron? What to cook for dinner? What kind of nail polish to paint? Has the alarm clock started? ”Etc. So it should not be, it prevents to merge with your beloved body and soul.Of course, there can be no talk of an orgasm. And the most unpleasant thing is that a man feels and sees this. It feels somewhere in the last place on your list of important things.
  • Eyes. Do not forget to look into the eyes of your partner (partner). This applies to both man and woman. You should see that you bring joy and pleasure to your half. It gets very strong. Especially if you look into each other's eyes during an orgasm.
  • Do not be silent. You can shout or whisper, the main thing is not to be silent. Silence kills! A man should know, hear and see what brings pleasure to his beloved. Passionally whisper in his ear, how good you are with him, that he is the best, and so on. You do not want to fall asleep during sex?
  • Oral caress. Another secret to how to become the best in sex is oral sex. It is unlikely that you will find a man who does not like it. For some of them, this is a very important component of sexual intercourse. Therefore, if you still did not please him, this way, then, probably, this is the time. Moreover, he will thank you in return.
  • Experiments Many people do not even know how big the boundaries of sex life are.Sex is not just a few poses and a couple of kisses. You can try a lot of everything and find for yourself exactly what brings pleasure to your couple. Lingual, masochistic, intrafemoral, mammological (if you have big breasts), anal, manual sex, etc. There are so many kinds of sex that we never even heard the names of most of them. And what can we say about the many different devices that make sensations even brighter? They are available because they are sold in every sex shop. If you decide to go even further, there is a swing for the most courageous couples. This is when a couple finds another pair and has group sex with her. Today, on the Internet, it will not be difficult to find such a pair for yourself, especially since swing clubs are already open in many cities. But this kind of sex is not for everyone. So, if you are in any doubt, do not risk your relationship.

Most importantly, never stand still. Always try something new, show initiative, show that the quality of intimate life is very important to you. Prove that you love your spouse and your life change for the better!

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