How to open a hairdresser?

Who among us at least once in his life did not ask himself a question: but is it possible to open a business? To work only for yourself? The answer is simple: everyone. But not everyone can take this important step for various reasons. In this article we will talk about how to open a hairdresser. Many will say: “What's so complicated? The main thing is to have money. ” And in part they will be right, as the initial capital is necessary, but not only is it necessary.

Open a hairdresser: where to start

You can open a hairdressing salon, having neither experience in this sphere, nor education, however it is worth examining the sphere before taking such a decisive step. To do this, you can visit industry exhibitions, seminars or take courses. In addition, information can be gleaned from specialized literature and magazines.

It is very important to study the current legislation regarding the regulation of the functioning of hairdressers. Contact the SES and Fire Service to clarify the requirements for a barber shop. This will save you from many problems, including the wrong choice of premises for your establishment.

Visit many hairdressing salons to get an idea of ​​how a hairdresser should look and should not look like, see the list of possible services.

How to open a hairdresser: business plan

Make a business plan. In it you have to decide on the format of the barber shop. The easiest way to open an economy-class hair salon with a minimum of services (hairdressing and manicure). This will require fewer permits, which means you will have less paperwork.

Choosing the location of the hairdresser is very important. Economy-class hairdressers are usually opened in residential areas, even if there is another hairdresser nearby, there will be enough customers for everyone. However, competitors definitely need to explore and make their hairdresser better than theirs.

Pricing for services and drawing up a financial plan for determining initial capital. The average capital is 350-400 thousand rubles. When planning the budget, keep in mind that in the first few months the business will not generate sufficient income, even to cover the rent, therefore, a 3-4 month rent must be made in it.Knowing your costs and cost of services, you can determine the payback period of your business. Usually it takes 2-3 years to unwind a hairdressing salon. You have to understand that you will not get much money, but if you do everything right, you will have a steady income for many years. In addition, the ready business will be very easy to sell. In advance, you can also provide additional income: in addition to providing services, you can engage in the sale of professional hair cosmetics.

How to open a hairdresser: actions

After you become aware of how your business will be, you need to register an individual entrepreneur, including registering with the tax authorities, registering with social funds, receiving documents for a cash register, opening a bank account.

Your next action will be renting a room and passing a fire inspection. The area of ​​the rented premises will depend on how many hairdressers you have. At least one workplace must be allocated at least 5m. In addition to the working area, the barbershop should have a room for staff, a bathroom and a waiting area for clients.After the premise is rented, it is necessary to make a hairdressing salon scheme, arrange all zones, after which you can start repairing. It is very important for the interior to make the customers aware that they will make it beautiful here. It is unlikely that a careless and dirty room will arrange a client to use your services, no matter how good they are, and even more so, he will not force you to return to you again.

Then you will face the question: what equipment is needed for a hairdresser? In order for your specialists to provide quality services, you must properly equip their jobs. In addition to a comfortable chair for clients and hairdressers (which is very important - all equipment should be convenient for the master, because the quality of services depends on him), a mirror, a locker for equipment and consumables need a hairdresser's sink, and climaton. All equipment must be of high quality, professional and consistent with the style of the room. Usually barbers work with their own tools, but you still have to buy the standard minimum. Do not forget about consumables: shampoos, balms, styling mousses and more.The waiting area should also be comfortable, but for customers, there should be at least seating and hairdressing magazines.

Carefully consider the issue of recruitment, as the client comes to the master, and for a good master people are ready to go even to the other end of the city. Quality work must be adequately paid for, pay at the hairdressers is piecework.

And the main thing that needs to be done before the opening is to undergo an SES check, do not forget that all personnel must have sanitary books.

Do I need advertising

To attract customers, advertising is necessary, at least at the very beginning. Then good reviews will be the best advertisement for you. Remember that every satisfied customer will bring three new ones with them, and a disgruntled one will lead ten away. As an advertisement, you can use the distribution of leaflets with a discount on services or to advertise in a local newspaper.

Now you know what you need to open a hairdresser. And you should understand that, as in any business, you will have to work here. Patience and willingness to work, as well as capital - the key to the success of any business.

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