How to plant a nut?

In your garden you should definitely plant a nut, because such a tree will not only create shade and delight with its lush green foliage, but will also begin to produce tasty and healthy fruits. Let's talk about how to plant a nut.

When to plant a nut?

The first step is to determine the time of year for planting. So, in the south it is better to carry out landing in the fall, and in the north in the spring. If you live in the middle lane, then such work can be undertaken at any time of the year, except for winter and summer. It is important to remember that planting a nut is possible only during its “nap” - stopping the vegetative process. Also need to pay attention to the weather. Seedlings should not be planted on windy and sunny days, it is better if it is overcast.

How to plant a nut: tips

Planting nuts

  1. The first thing you need to find quality planting material. Nuts should be ripe with pronounced varietal characteristics.
  2. Before planting, it is imperative to dig up the soil and introduce organic and mineral fertilizers into it.
  3. They need to be sown in the fall so that they have time to go through a natural stratification and sprout in the spring.
  4. Depth of landing - 5-7 cm.Nuts need to put an edge up - then the tree will later germinate in the right direction.
  5. When spring planted fruits grow, they will need to be fertilized with manure and watered every 2-3 days.

Planting seedlings

Also, the nut can be planted with seedlings. You can buy seedlings in any garden store. After that it is necessary to act as follows:

  1. Prepare a landing pit. Its diameter should be about 50 cm, and the depth - 100 cm. Drive a long peg into its bottom, it is necessary for the sapling of the seedling.
  2. Prepare the soil. In order for a sapling to begin quickly, it is imperative to take care of fertile land for it. It should be mixed with rotted manure in a 2: 1 ratio. You can also add mineral and nitrogen fertilizers. Such a mixture must be filled 2/3 of the landing pit.
  3. Prepare and plant a sapling. First, carefully straighten the root system of the tree. Then install it in such a way that the root neck rises 2-4 cm above the ground level. Then fill the seedling with earth, tie it up and pour it abundantly.

How to care for a nut?

So that you can enjoy the fruits of the walnut tree as soon as possible, you need to properly and regularly take care of it, especially at first. Do not allow the soil to dry seedlings.Need to spend 2 buckets of water per 1 square. m. of land. Also, it should not form a funnel, which usually occurs because of the looseness of the soil. It is necessary to pour from time to time a new earth and seal it. Also 1-2 times a month you need to mulch the soil with sawdust and manure. Fertilize the nut preferably in the second half of summer. During this, it is recommended to use superphosphate or ash.

It is also necessary to trim the branches. Such work is best to start doing in July. Unnecessary and dry branches cut pruners, be sure to leave the knots about 7 cm long, process them with garden pitch.

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