How to plant a tree?

Plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. Today, dear reader, we will touch upon the first aspect of this sacred male mission. Let's answer the question about how to plant a tree. So:

Plant a tree

There is even such a holiday that bearsproud name "Day of planting trees." Residents of many countries carry out wooden plantations in the vicinity of their city, thus, caring for the plants and the ecology of the Earth. In our country, this holiday does not exist, although our closest neighbors (Ukraine) celebrate it every third Saturday of April.

How to plant a tree? The most important thing in planting is compliance with the vital rules. It is unlikely that a tree will grow if you simply dig a hole, put a seedling there and cover it with earth.

First of all, you need to understand what kind of tree you want to plant.

  • The purchase of the seedling should take place at a large store or on a horticultural farm where you can get a full consultation about a particular plant.
  • A label must be present where the grade and the tree species are indicated.
  • Seedling should be straight, without warps. The branches on it should be distributed evenly. Also, make sure that the tree has at least three skeletal branches.
  • A bad seedling is one that has traces of disease and damage.
  • When purchasing a seedling in a container, make sure that its roots do not get out of the drainage holes.
  • If the seedling is packed, then it should be ensured that the earth was the same as the elevated part of the plant in its height.
  • If you acquire a seedling with an open rootsystem, you need to make sure that the roots are in order (not dry, there are no signs of disease or damage). Also on such a plant there should be no leaves.

How to plant fruit trees? When answering this question, it is also necessary to understand when it is best to plant them. There are only two options. The first of these is planting in the fall. Frost-resistant varieties of trees are ready to develop a new place. The second option is spring. The best time for unstable trees is to cold.

What you need to plant a tree

  • Choose the place where the tree will grow. Remember that you need to think for years to come. The tree should not interfere with anything else, and it should not feel obstacles to its growth. Dig a hole that will exceed the volume of the root of the seedlings by a factor of two.
  • Separate the upper fertile layer from the lower one. They need to be scattered on different sides of the pit.
  • Loosen the bottom of the pit in order for the tree to be easier to get useful substances in the deep layers of the soil.
  • The top layer of separated soil must be fertilized with compost or humus. Then you need to add a little more mineral fertilizer. We do not need a lower layer of soil.
  • If the plant is large, then you need to install a support post. It is driven before the tree is planted, so as not to damage the roots.
  • Now it's time to install a seedling. For this, pour a bit of prepared soil on the bottom of the pit. Install the seedling vertically. Also, it is not worth drowning the roots of the tree deep in the ground. You just need to sprinkle a clod of root root of the seedling. Do not forget to remove what the clod of root earth was wrapped in.
  • Use a soft twine to tie the seedling to the pedestal. It should not crash into the bark of a tree.
  • Seal the soil around the edges of the planting. Pour water in the trunks, then fertilize it with peat or humus by 5 centimeters.

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