How to pump a trapeze?

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How to pump a trapeze?

Before touching on the trapezoid pumping technique in detail, one should understand the function of this muscle mass. Trapezius muscles are located in the upper back, bringing together the deltoid, latissimus and neck muscles, while forming a flat triangle.

Three parts of the trapezoid perform three roles: their upper part lifts the scapula and the entire humeral girdle, the middle part shifts the scapula towards the spine, and the lower part lowers the bones of the scapula and humeral girdle.

Based on the anatomical features of the trapezius muscle, it should be pumped in three different directions. Hence the conclusion that there is no unambiguous technical acceptance of the trapezoid swinging. Although for him could get a way how to pump a trapeze on the bar. The main and only in this way will be pulling up on the horizontal bar until the crossbar touches the back of the head. At the top point, you should linger for 1-2 seconds, and underlined, slowly descend into the vis.

It should be noted that training on the bar indirectly have a reinforcing effect on the trapezoid. So, various techniques of performing pull-ups, vises, and hands-outs can help you in pumping a trapeze.

There are three main exercises relating directly to each, separately taken part of a trapezoid muscle.

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So. Now we will introduce you to specially designed exercises, the main purpose of which is to pump trapezoids. They are called scars. By the way, we want everyone who thinks about how quickly to pump up trapezes a little to disappoint. The fact is that the trapezium of every person is naturally a pretty strong muscle, and in order to gain a truly athletic-looking trapezoid you will have to sweat with large weights. Training trapezoid with small weights in the mode of multi-repetition approaches will not lead to a mass gain by this muscle.

Scars for the upper trapezium with a rod

Stand upright and position the barbell in the extended arms above the knee. Legs should be set wider than shoulders, hands placed on heading wider than shoulders.Now bring your tense shoulder blades together and lift your chin up, mentally feel the tense neck and trapeze. Lower your shoulders, stretching the trapeze. Then, with the effort of the entire shoulder girdle, pull the weight of the bar, trying to touch the ears with the shoulders. After this exercise, it makes sense to pump a trapeze with dumbbells. Just replace the barbell with them. Dumbbells will give a large amplitude to your movement and allow you to work out this muscle as fully as possible. Follow in one approach 8-10 repetitions.

Medium Trapeze Scar

Lie face down on an incline bench with a 30 degree tilt. Hold the barbell or dumbbells on the floor. Attach the weight of the projectile with your shoulders towards the ears, mentally focusing exactly on the middle part of the trapezoid. Follow in one approach 8-10 repetitions.

Scars for the lower trapezium

Will be performed on uneven bars. Stand on them, on outstretched arms. Without bending the elbows and keeping your back straight, pull your body toward the floor. Your shoulders should be as high as possible. Rise from the extreme point upward by the power of one trapezium. Fix your body at the point of lifting, lowering your shoulders as low as possible.Follow in one approach 8-10 repetitions.

Performing shrugs:

  • Keep your shoulders unfolded;
  • Control the weight of the projectile;
  • Do not carry part of the load on your arms, bending them in the elbows;
  • Keep your head straight and do not help yourself by drawing your neck in.

Good luck and patience!

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