How to push out. Some recommendations

Pushups are one of those types of exercises that will help strengthen the muscles of the arms and back. They can be performed without any shells at home. This requires only a flat horizontal surface and, of course, desire. Push-ups are practiced by very many, and not only adult men, but also children, and women. They are performed by students in school, passing standards in a physical education class, soldiers in the army, strengthening their physical form, athletes, and just people who want to be healthy and physically strong. So, the article will talk about how to properly push-ups.

how to push upContraindications

Some people are better off not doing this type of exercise. These include patients, as well as having serious problems with the cardiovascular system. If you have any ailment, it is best to consult a doctor if you can do these types of gymnastics.

Some recommendations

How to push out? First, you do not need to “do your best” and do the exercise “through force”. Overwork will reduce your ability and may affect health.On the other hand, you should not relax either. It is better to make several approaches, not forgetting about the break between them. During the exercise, keep the body completely straight, do not bend any legs or back. Eyes should look at the floor, head in line with the body. How to breathe when pushing up? This should be done systematically. Bend your arms, inhale. At the same time you need to go down as low as possible. Straighten your arms, exhale. Do not to push on the fingers

The position of the hands

The simplest form of push-ups is with an emphasis on the inside of an open palm, while the fingers are looking forward. It is believed that in this way exercise is carried out mainly by children and women. At the same time, the muscles of the hand are not involved in any way. Men most often wrung their fists. At the same time, the muscles of the fingers and palms are worked out. In addition, the skin on the joints becomes rougher. Therefore, this exercise will greatly help those who have to fight, in particular, boxers.

How to push for fists?

If you are doing this not so long ago, it will be useful to spread a soft mat. If you do the exercise in order to increase the force of the blow, then not all fingers should be clenched into a fist.It is best done on the knuckles of the index and middle.

How to push on the fingers?

This exercise is more difficult. First, push in the support for all spread fingers. Over time, you can remove one at a time, increasing the load. In this case, the fingers should be either rounded up, or straight. Exercise will help if you periodically need to type text or play the piano. Also, this type of push-ups will not be superfluous for the production of punches. Strengthens the muscles of the fingers.

how to breathe properly when pushing upHow to push on the edge of the palm?

This exercise is quite difficult. You can begin to implement it if you have the appropriate training. You may have to train a lot to learn how to do push-ups this way. Exercise is very useful for hands, develops strength of hands.


Do not forget that you need to do these exercises systematically, every day or every other day. It is better to break your push-up rate into a certain number of approaches than to try to do them all at once. Perhaps the most important thing here is to observe the breathing mode, keep the body level and not overdo it.

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