How to record video in Skype and how to set it up

It is somewhat difficult to imagine a modern user on a computer that would not have such a convenient and, most importantly, almost free Skype video messenger. However, how many of you, dear readers, know how to record a video on Skype? Or how to organize the archival preservation of multimedia data of your communications? What software tool to use? How to fix these or other problems related to the webcam? You will learn about this and many other things in just a few minutes. But before ...

Why do you need such a record?

How to record video in Skype?

Maybe one day you will again want to hear the native voice of a person who is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from you. Perhaps at the wrong time for a subscriber, you suddenly want to see him ... After all, very often visual perception has a wonderful power of support. Finally, why not save the solemn speech of the interlocutor or for the sake of a joke not to use the video footage thus filmed as a good-natured rally? As you can see, the reasons for thatso that you have a desire to learn how to record a video in Skype, in principle, enough. However, there is one thing ... So to say, the moral side of our human intentions regarding the future recording process. Ethics and culture have their beneficial effects on every person. Therefore - may the reader forgive this moral teaching style of presentation - probably, it is better to ask the interlocutor in advance: “Would you mind if I record our conversation?” Conscience, you know, likes calm ...

Step-by-step elimination of visual conflicts

“How to set up a video in Skype?” - the question is quite popular on the Web and is of particular interest to novice users. Well, detailed instructions are waiting for you!

  • First of all, go to the "Tools" tab.

  • Next, select Settings from the dropdown menu.

  • In the service window of the program it is necessary to activate the section "... video". The user can easily find this item, focusing on the icon "Camcorder".

  • If there are no signs of a working device on the right side of the screen, then you should pay attention to the "Select Web ..." checkbox, which is located a little above.

How to set up a video in Skype?

  • In the case when the defining area is empty, and your video device is not in the drop-down list, you need to reinstall the device driver.
  • It is likely that a banal disconnection followed by connecting to another usb port is a practical answer to the frequently asked question: “Why is there no Skype video?”
  • Finally, make sure that none of the applications running or running in the background are using a webcam.

After you have managed to restore the “optical” performance of the program, activate the “Camera Settings” button (below, under the test frame). In the opened service menu, you can change the brightness, saturation, contrast, and other visual parameters.

Unlimited Skype Video

Perhaps some of you, dear readers, will be interested to know that the standard video setting in Skype is not all that a user's creative ego can count on. An indispensable messenger will add significantly to the functionality if you integrate a special application into the system, with which you can apply special effects to the transmitted video stream.Believe me, after such a communication, your interlocutor will have indelible impressions ...

CyberLink You Cam: the master of visualization and not only

A small program, the installation and management of which are uniquely characterized by the word "simple." What can not be said about the capacious and yet incredibly useful functionality of the application.

How to make a video in Skype?

  • The possibility of imposing various effects (funny and creative).
  • The program can be used as a biolock. Nobody will enter the system, since your face will be a kind of access identifier. True, twins should beware.
  • Well, and one more worthwhile option is video surveillance. And the recording is made only when the object is moving.

So that you will not be tormented by the question of how to set up a video in Skype (meaning the moment you use the integrated CyberLink You Cam program in the messenger), in the familiar section “Webcam Settings” and then in the checkbox of actively used devices install CyberLink Webcam Splitter. As a result, your "creative potential" will increase significantly.

oCam: Memory aggregator

Absolutely free recorder, with which you can record literally everything that happens on the screen of your monitor. If desired, only video can be saved or only audio can be saved.Let's take a closer look at this application.

Setting up video in Skype

  • After downloading, installing and running the software, you need to make a number of settings.
  • Activate the “Tools” tab.
  • Go to Settings.
  • The first section "Encoding" - set all parameters to the maximum value. Of course, if you need the highest quality of shooting.
  • In the "Record" box, tick.
  • “Hotkeys” - you can activate other hotkeys. Remember their purpose - it is incredibly convenient when this video program is running.

Skype has its own hot key combinations. Therefore, you should not change the values ​​set in oCam by default. Since this action can cause confusion in the process.

  • In the "Saving" section, specify the directory in which the recorded data will be stored.

Otherwise, everything can be left as is. However, there are several other nuances.

Size matters

Record video in Skype

The frame that limits the capture area, in addition to the flexible settings, has several preset values, which creates additional comfort when working with the program.So by clicking on the “Size” navigation button, you can choose an acceptable scale option. However, manual adjustment can always be used as a “driving” tool in the implementation of the project: “How to make the video in Skype ideal.”

Recording format

By clicking on the “Codecs” tab, you can set the most acceptable standard for saving video. Of course, everything depends primarily on the situation. In any case, transferring a file to a mobile phone in AVI format is a rather risky business, since not many phones are able to reproduce this video standard. Therefore, be more attentive at such moments.

About microphone

Why there is no video in Skype?

The “Sound” button in a situation when a visual or voice capture in Skype is carried out should not be ignored. Since the default in the oCam program is set to "Do not record the microphone." Ultimately, by recording video in! Skype!, You will not hear your own replicas. Mark the checkbox “Microphone (USB Microphone)”. Nothing more needs to be changed.

Main program buttons

So, after you made all the important changes to the oCam settings, it's time to test it out.

  • Launch Skype and recorder.
  • Lock the grip frame in the desired area of ​​the screen.Minimize the program management window.
  • Press "F2" button - record.
  • Now make a test call in Skype and after inviting the dispatcher speak any text.
  • Hang up.
  • Press "F2" again (in this case, pressing again - stop).
  • Open the save directory and analyze the result.

How to turn the video in Skype: recommendations and solutions

A fairly common problem that occurs for two main reasons:

  • Incorrectly working device drivers.
  • As a result of a software failure, spontaneous overwriting of values ​​in the camera settings occurs.

However, the second option from the category of exclusive. Therefore, let us begin, perhaps, with the main "culprit" - the driver. Since the overwhelming majority of cases are connected with the “misunderstanding” of the operating system of the “tactical and technical” characteristics of the webcam.

The program for video in Skype

  • Go to the "Start" menu.
  • The traditional way is “Control Panel”.
  • Next, go to the "System" section, where you need to activate the "Device Manager" item (on the left, the very first).
  • After that, from the list of OS components, you need to open the "Image processing devices" branch.
  • Right-click to bring up the context menu.
  • Go to the "Properties".
  • Pay attention to information about the supplier, before using the tab "Driver".

The answer to the question: "How to record a video in Skype?", Almost received. Most likely, the driver is installed "not native", and the signature pointedly indicates the world-famous corporation Microsoft.

  • Find and install software from the webcam manufacturer.

If this method did not take due action, you can be congratulated - your case is exclusive.

  • Go to the advanced settings of the camera (in the "Skype") and note the option "Turn / rotate", activate the value of "180 °."

It is worth noting that the “flip-flop” effect is eliminated by the same traditional method - “perezalivkoy” original drivers.

In conclusion, or a few words for the edification

Perhaps the information received today on how to record a video in Skype, will really be useful to you. Nevertheless, the material of this article on its value is only a drop in the boundless ocean of information, which, by the way, you will have to draw new knowledge more than once.Therefore, gain experience and never despair if something does not work. After all, everything is solved in the end, isn't it? By the way, the oCam recorder program is far from the only one of its kind, there is an incredible array of other similar software, possibly more functional than the presented version. Therefore, never stop at what has been accomplished and always look for new opportunities in order to improve your experience on the Internet. All the best to you and successful experiments in Skype!

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