How to remove pop-up windows?

Pop-ups can be, as well as useful, and not so. Especially the latest is advertising. It is the engine of commerce, so there are a lot of such advertising windows on the Internet, which are often a problem for normal browsing. Below are instructions that will answer all the questions about how to remove pop-up windows in the five most used browsers: Opera, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.


Opera was the first browser whose ability to block content without plug-ins was originally. But to set it up, you will have to point at them each time until the browser learns. To remove pop-ups in Opera at all, right-click on the page, then "Settings for the site ...". In the new window, go to the tab "Basic", where in the item "Pop-ups" select "Do not accept".

The Add Block plugin will be more effective. To install it, select "Extensions" in the "Menu", then "Select Extensions". In the search field, enter "Add Block", a list of found plugins appears, click opposite the one you need, and then click on the green button "Add to Opera", in the window that appears, click "Install".Now the Add Block extension will "cut out" blocking windows.

Mozilla firefox

In Firefox, pop-up blocker is also present by default. You do not need to configure it separately. You will be notified about blocking by a special panel at the top of the page with the "Settings" button and an icon in the address bar, clicking on which will display four actions to choose from.

You can configure the lock by following the path "Tools / Settings / Content". In the last panel, remove or tick the line "Block pop-ups". The "Exceptions" button contains a list of sites with pop-up windows enabled. Also for these purposes there is the Addblock plugin, on its website, click "Download Now" to install on Mozilla Firefox.

Google chrome

Google Chrome, as a modern browser, has an out-of-the-box pop-up blocker. When blocking, the corresponding icon will appear in the address line, clicking on which actions with the blocked window will appear.

Next, we will discuss how to remove the pop-up blocker in Google Chrome. If pop-ups were blocked on a specific site, and you need them, then click on the special icon in the address bar.In the menu that appears, select the enabling link, and to prevent the pop-up windows from this site from blocking, click on "Always show pop-up windows from this address: [website address]". Remove the site from the list of exceptions will be from the window "Content Settings". To disable pop-up blocking for a specific resource, go to the "Toolbar" settings (the top left button), scroll to the bottom and click "Show advanced settings" and follow so "Personal data / Content settings / Pop-ups / Exception management / Allow ". To disable the ban on blocking pop-ups for all sites, go to the previous path to the item "Pop-ups", where tick the line "Allow pop-ups for all sites". To unlock a separate site there is an "Exceptions" button.

How to remove pop-up ads in Google Chrome manually described above, but also has an extension for dealing with annoying windows with the same name as Opera or Mozilla Firefox - AdBlock, which can be installed via this link - "". The plugin works as well.

Apple safari

Apple developers have provided three ways to turn the lock on or off in their browser.The first method is the fastest not only in Safari itself, but among all the browsers presented in the article: a separate keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + K in the Windows version or Shift + Command + K for Mac.

The second way. Go to the settings menu, the button of which is at the top left in the form of a gear and a drop-down menu, click on the line "Block pop-up windows".

The third way is the longest. Go to the settings either through the "gear" or through the menu item "Edit". In the "Security" tab in the "Web content" section, tick the already familiar line "Block pop-ups".

Internet Explorer

Below are instructions on how to close pop-up windows for versions 7 and 8 of Internet Explorer. Microsoft's browser provides a pop-up blocker, and a special notification appears, by clicking on which you can view the blocked window, additional parameters and actions.

This feature is active by default. To turn it off or on, if it was turned off before that, click on the “Tools” button in the upper left corner and then on “Pop-up Blocker”. To turn off the lock, click "Turn off pop-up blocking", the opposite effect is "Turn on pop-up blocking".To view a blocked window, click on the blocking notification and select "Show blocked popup window". Allow to show pop-up windows for a specific website like this: "Service / Pop-up Blocking / Pop-up Blocking Options". Type the address in the "Address of the website that receives the permission" field and click "Add."

Finally, remember that sometimes pop-up blocker can cause some problems. For example, there are sites where the necessary functions are displayed only through such windows. Sometimes the window is not blocked. This is because the resource uses unknown methods to open the window.

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