How to remove scratches on the car?

Minor damage to the paintwork of the machine is inevitable. After six months of operating your iron horse, you notice scratches, chips and bumps mainly on the surface of the lower part of the body. You should not be very upset about this, as you can get rid of these minor damages yourself. Our article will tell you how to remove scratches on the car.

Cosmetic body repair

Consider the algorithm of necessary actions.

Scrape the scratches.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the area to be restored and to find out how to remove scratches on the car (see below). On each side of the scratch, it is necessary to retreat 1.5-2 cm in all directions. This area and you can start to clean with sandpaper. It is necessary to remove all traces of rust and other debris collected in the crack.

Use putty

The most important thing is to grind as smoothly as possible to remove minor scratches on the car. For putty, as a rule, it is recommended to use polyester two-component putty. It is necessary to work with a rubber spatula or a spatula made of thin metal.This phase of recovery should be treated very carefully, as its quality will affect the complexity of the next phase. Try to apply the prepared putty very evenly and in a small layer.

Use sandpaper

Wait until the putty dries. After that, you can begin to align the damaged area. First, take a coarse sandpaper and level the surface. After that, a smaller sandpaper is used and the layer of putty is brought to a perfectly smooth state. You should gently clean the surface and avoid the formation of new scratches, cracks, etc. If new irregularities and roughness suddenly appear, it is necessary to go back to the putty stage.

Proceed to the primer

Now you need to apply primer to create a perfectly flat surface. It is best to apply the soil with a spray - it will give the opportunity to achieve the best result. If there is no sprayer, use a swab or brush. Wait until the ground dries. Now you need to sand the damaged area again.At this time, use water-resistant fine sandpaper and water - so you will remove even the smallest irregularities.

Use paint

Before starting painting, the problem area must be degreased with a solvent. Next is selected paint, identical to the one in which your car is painted. Such paint will help you to choose in the cabin paintwork automotive products. After the solvent dries, paint is applied. It is best to use a spray gun for this. If this is not available, you will have to carefully work with a brush or swab. As a rule, it is required to apply several layers of paint. However, each coat must dry before a new coat of paint is applied. Five or seven minutes at a temperature of 20 degrees will be enough for drying. If your car is varnished, then it will also have to be applied. To do this, wait 20 minutes after applying the last coat of paint. Apply varnish with the same spray gun, brush or swab that you used to paint. Each new lacquer layer should protrude slightly beyond the edges of the previous one.

With the help of our instructions you can remove scratches from the machine.After completing all the actions, leave the car in the garage for 2-3 days to dry.

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