How to remove shellac from nails at home

How to remove shellac from nails, how to remove shellac coatings exist, and whether you can remove it at home, you will learn from the article.

Every girl is familiar with such a new manicure, as shellac coating. It is an innovative nail polish that has the properties of a gel. Resistant coating for nails, developed by an American company, popular all over the world. Compared to ordinary varnish, shellac lasts longer on nails, on average, about three weeks.

Distinctive features of shellac coating are that the application takes place without cutting the top layer of the nail. At the same time, a special technology is observed with the use of an ultraviolet lamp and professional tools (base and top).

Shellac gives the master an incredible scope for design. Drawings, sequins, rhinestones and other decorative elements, the effect of broken glass, a classic or colored service jacket - all this can decorate the nails with a shellac coating.The procedure is more in demand than a manicure with the usual varnish and building. Unlike the extension, shellac acts as a more careful option, less damage to the nail plate, and is not inferior in effect.

The main advantage of manicure with the use of shellac is resistance. With it are connected and features of removal. Ordinary nail polish remover will not work. Manicurists strongly recommend to seek help from a beauty salon, but sometimes this is not possible. For example, a manicure was damaged during the holidays or a nail master can not accept in the near future. Then there is a need to remove shellac independently at home. This is real if you know the features and follow the rules for removing shellac.

Ways to remove shellac without special liquid

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To remove shellac without the help of a specialist, you will need the following tools: acetone or acetone containing nail polish remover, isopropyl alcohol, aluminum foil, cotton pads or cotton swabs, orange stick. Do not use technical acetone. It injures the skin, cuticle and even the nail plate.

Consider two simple but effective ways to remove shellac without a special liquid.

Option number 1

Before the procedure, make sure that the product does not cause allergies. To do this, apply a small amount on the inner surface of the elbow. If after ten minutes there is no redness or irritation, carry out the procedure.

Prepare the necessary components for the procedure. Split cotton pads and cut into two halves - semicircles. If conventional wool is used, small cotton pads are formed. 10 squares are cut out of the foil in such a size that everyone can wrap a finger. Wash your hands with warm water and soap, this will defat the skin and allow for a more efficient procedure.

  1. Moisten the cotton well with nail polish remover. Apply the moistened tampon very carefully, avoiding contact with the skin and cuticle to prevent burns.
  2. Nail with tight cotton wool wrap foil. To consolidate cotton sponge, suitable and ordinary stationery gum. Perform this action with each finger.
  3. The design is left on the nails for 10-15 minutes, and then removed alternately from each finger.It is recommended to remove cotton wool with rotational movements, so it will be possible to remove more varnish.
  4. Most of the coating should be removed from the nail immediately after removing the foil, the remnants are removed with an orange stick.

Orange stick can be replaced with pusher - it is a metal spatula for pushing the cuticle. Pusher will need to work more carefully, gently press on the tool, as the metal can damage the nail plate when strongly pressed. If the shellac does not lag behind the nail plate, the procedure is repeated within a few minutes.

The procedure of shellac removal is completed by buffing (this is a polishing block that is more soft than a file, helps smooth out irregularities of the nails, bring the manicure to perfection). They remove the smallest residues of the coating, and sharpen the shape of the nail. Also suitable polishing file. To prevent dryness and thinning of the nails, cuticle oil is applied with light massage movements.

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Option number 2

The second method is easier and faster than the first, but has drawbacks. It is less sparing, and aggressively affects nails and skin of hands.

  • Before the procedure, wash your hands with warm soapy water. The upper shiny layer of shellac is cut with a file for grinding.
  • The skin around the nails is greased with a greasy cream. For 10 minutes, immerse the nails in the tub with acetone or concentrated nail polish remover. You can immerse one by one, if the size of the container allows, to soften the coating on both hands at once.
  • Carefully remove the orange nail polish film, try not to damage the nail plate. Wash hands thoroughly in warm water using mild soap.
  • As in the first variant, we treat the marigold with bufficom and lubricate the cuticle with special oil.

After stress, the nails and hands need to recover. To do this, properly lubricate them with a nourishing cream. So that the skin of the hands recovers faster, becomes tender and soft, make a special mask that will moisturize the skin of the hands and nourish with useful substances.

These methods of removing shellac coatings at home will help save money and not resort to a visit to a nail salon.

Professional shellac removal methods

Nail Tools

Remove shellac coating is easier than the gel, which is used for building.To the procedure was quick and without negative consequences for nails, you should contact the specialists in the salons. In nail salons use specialized tools that will allow:

  • Completely remove the gel polish from the nail plate, not leaving even the thinnest film. The thin transparent layer of the coating remaining on the nails will spoil the future manicure and will deprive it of both aesthetics and durability.
  • Prepare the basis for the next manicure, which will make it look perfect.
  • Strengthen nails, thanks to nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

Professional kits are used to simplify the task of shellac removal. They are suitable for use in salons, and at home.

The standard kit contains a solution for dissolving shellac, an orange stick, disposable nail bags, a professional nail file and cuticle oil.

In specialized salons only professional means are used and the technology for shellac coating removal is as follows:

  1. Liquid for removing shellac is applied to cotton sponges that look like ordinary fingertips. They are put on each finger and fixed with a velcro.Thus, the liquid gradually erodes the coating without affecting the skin.
  2. After 10 minutes of exposure, the sponges are removed, and the remnants of the softened gel are removed with an orange stick.
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Professional masters use quality products, which during the procedure saturate the nails with caring components. Immediately after that, you can apply a new coating, it does not damage the nails.

Types of shellac remover

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The choice of shellac remover should be taken very seriously. A durable coating is difficult to remove, so some liquids aggressively act not only on the lacquer, but also on the nail plate.

Any agent for the removal of shellac contains acetone or its analogs, for example, acetylate, solvent. These chemical compounds cleave gel polish well, but the side effect of using is dry nail plate. Another component that is often found in many fluids, isopropyl alcohol also has a negative effect on the nail.

To neutralize or reduce the negative effects of chemical elements on the nail, well-known brands complement the composition of liquids with vitamins A and E, petroleum jelly, glycerin, disinfectants, herbal extracts and essential oils.Useful for nails castor, lemon, almond oil, tea tree extract, decoction of wheat germ. Some manufacturers of such a nutrient fluid is issued with the name "smart enamel", because it provides a safe comprehensive care, contributes to a healthy appearance.

If the product does not contain nutrients, it is imperative to use cuticle oil after each shellac removal procedure. This will prevent the cuticle and nail plate from drying out. It is strongly not recommended to remove the coating with concentrated acetone. It aggressively affects the nail plate, provokes the exfoliation of the nail and, penetrating the body through the skin, poisons toxins. In order not to harm health, use high-quality liquid to remove shellac.

Consider the most popular fluids.

  1. Company fluidCND(Shellac)gently removes lacquer in an extremely short period of time - 8 minutes (standard 10-15 minutes). Vitamin E and macadam nut oil is moisturized to prevent over-drying of the nail and cuticle plates and the appearance of white spots on the nails. Some liquid brands have a pleasant odor (CND Product Remover).
  2. ManufacturerColorCoutureEntityOnereleases the goods in containers with a very convenient dispenser. The protective layer of the nail plate creates lanolin, which prevents dryness and irritation.
  3. Fluid companiesGelishHarmonyJessica GelerationGelfxOrlydissolve the varnish in 10 minutes without harming the natural nail plate.
  4. FirmAstonisingproduces liquids that are suitable for removing not only shellac, but also gel polish and acrylic.
  5. More versatile brand toolsIBDJustGel.They remove from the nail plate any type of coating: gel varnishes, acrylic, tips, fiberglass. In addition, it contains clotrimazole - antifungal and antibacterial agent. Thus, there is not only protection, but also nail treatment.

In short time, shellac has become one of the most popular procedures in nail salons. Fashionistas appreciated the convenience, practicality and beauty of this type of innovative application. Nails with such a manicure for a long time have a well-groomed appearance, beautiful design, less susceptible to breakage.

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If it is not possible to go to the nail salon to remove the shellac, be patient and available means, and perform the procedure at home.The main thing is to follow the rules of shellac removal, which we described in the article.

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