How to remove the sides in a week?

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How to remove the sides in a week?

Many girls believe that the sides are their problem zone. Sometimes neither exercise nor diet give the promised result. And the ladies in despair are looking for information on how to remove the sides in a week and whether it is possible to do it. In fact, nothing is impossible. But in order to destroy excess body fat in seven days, you will have to sweat hard.

Normalization of food habits

So, if you are determined to reduce the sides in a week, then you should start with food. Without its normalization, even enhanced workouts can be in vain. First of all, all high-calorie and bakery foods should be completely excluded from the diet.Remove the sidesproducts. For 7 days, preference should be given to chicken breasts — cooked or baked, fruits and vegetables, bran, and also green tea.

We should not forget about the drinking regime. On an empty stomach drink 400 ml. water, and then throughout the day two more liters. By following these recommendations, you can not only reduce the sides, but also reduce weight in general.More information about how to lose weight without harm to health, you can find here.

But it should be understood that changes in dietary habits alone are not enough. Therefore, if you really want to remove the sides in a week, the exercises for this part of the body should become your friends.

How to remove the sides: exercises that give quick results

The best helpers in getting rid of extra centimeters in the sides are not only special exercises, but also a hoop, as well as a jump rope. It should be done daily, the duration of the workout is one hour. It is best to start with 100 jumps with a skipping rope, and with the same exercise to finish training. After the rope should perform a set of the following exercises:

  1. Tilts to the side. You should perform on 35 tilts in each direction. At the same time, the abdomen should be retracted and tense, hands should be at the waist. For a greater effect, you can hold your hands above your head during the exercise, they should be locked in the lock.
  2. Twisting sitting. Sitting on a chair, you should put your hands, palms down on your knees and take a deep breath. On the exhale, you need to turn the torso to the right, without lifting the foot from the floor, and the arms shouldRemove the sideshold on to the back of the chair.In this position, you should linger for 5 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times in each direction.
  3. The most effective exercise is “arrows and bow.” It is necessary to stand up straight, legs should be shoulder-width apart, palms should be tight against thighs, the chin should be raised. We take a small step forward with the left foot, while the right hand is set forward, while the left one rises, bends at the elbow and slips over the head. In this position it is necessary to remain for 10 seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the right leg. For each leg you need to do 15 repetitions.

After performing these exercises, you must twist the hoop for 10 minutes, and then complete 100 jumps with a rope. These exercises effectively combat fat deposits on the sides. If you want to tighten the body completely, then it will be useful for you to study this information here. See also the video on exercises for the abdomen and sides, there is a huge amount of them on the Internet.

By combining proper nutrition and exercise, this week you can significantly reduce the volume of the sides.But if there is no time or desire to follow the above recommendations, you can resort to medical procedures.

Getting rid of extra centimeters: medicine to help

Today, medical centers offer several procedures to get rid of excess fat on the sides:

  • therapeutic massage using a special technology, after which a plasticizing mask is applied;Remove the sides
  • liposuction allows you to remove fat deposits with the help of special equipment;
  • Lipolysis allows you to break down fat inside the body, through the use of special techniques.

All these procedures help to significantly reduce the sides in a week, but they are very expensive.

It should be remembered: only an integrated approach is able to make the volume of the sides substantially smaller. In any case, to remove the sides in a week is quite realistic; most importantly, choose the method of struggle that is right for you.

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