How to roll up cucumbers to be crispy: features, the best recipes and reviews

An inalienable attribute of any feast aresalted crispy cucumbers. Recipes for pickling green vegetables for the winter there is a huge variety. Especially popular: spicy, with gooseberry, mustard seeds, etc. Unfortunately, with all the variety of ways to obtain a pickle with a unique taste, aroma and, most importantly, a crunch, not every hostess will succeed.

How to roll up cucumbers to make it crunchy? With apparent simplicity, this procedure has many subtleties and "pitfalls", which many neglect. The crunch and elasticity of the popular Russian snack depends largely on the correct selection of vegetables. Consider the tricks of cooking this dish in more detail.

how to roll up cucumbers to be crispy

How to choose cucumbers for sunning?

The fruit must be freshly picked, strong and juicy. Sluggish and soft varieties after processing will not give the expected crunch. Individual species will not survive long-term storage.

Agronomists divide all varieties suitable for growth into the following types:

  • salad dressing;
  • salting;
  • universal.

It is not difficult to guess that the first are intendedexclusively for fresh consumption. Their thick peel poorly misses the marinade. In the case of universal, it is clear that they are suitable for any purpose - and marinating, and adding to salads. And only a salty variety will give the long-awaited crunch and unsurpassed taste. The best sunset view is "Nezhinsky".

Characteristic differences

Fruits are convenient to distinguish among themselves by externalmind. Salad has an elongated shape, light spikes (for universal and salty they are dark). In cucumbers, ideally suited for pickling, the skin is peeled off without applying effort - it is easy enough to press the nail. The best candidates for canning are smooth, oblong fruits without deformations, damages, uncharacteristic spots.

Reasoning about how to properly make cucumbers for the winter crispy, you need to sort them by size:

  • Pickles - the smallest, up to 3-5 centimeters.
  • Gherkins - average, reach 9 centimeters in length.
  • Zelentsy are large (9-14 centimeters).

For each group, their ownways how to roll up crispy and sweet cucumbers. In the classical version, vegetables that are 7 to 12 centimeters in size are considered ideal for consumption in winter.

how correctly to roll up cucumbers that they crunched

Recommendations for choosing dishes

When starting salting, it is necessary to decide on thecontainer for storage of a product. If you plan a variant of salting without twisting, you will have to stock up glass jars with a volume of 3 liters, buckets enameled for 10 liters.

Modern housewives for pickling cucumbers use cans of varying volume from half liter to 3 liters.

Is it worth using plastic utensils? Barrels and containers of universal material will come to the rescue if there is no standard packaging at hand. Barrels of plastic will make a worthy alternative to oak. They cost not so expensive and the taste of the main product does not spoil.

Ordinary recipe for crispy cucumbers

Described recipe, how to roll up crispy cucumbersfor the winter, can not be called ordinary. He was not rewritten from the culinary guidebook or borrowed from the master class of the chef of a fashionable restaurant. Its author is a simple village grandmother, who grows cucumbers in her own garden and responsibly rolls them for a large family.

Preparation of ingredients

The most delicious cucumbers - grown with their own handson the backyard. Suitable and market. In order to maximally compact the vegetables in cans, the bulk of them should have an average size and only 25-30% of small ones to fill the top of the container.

Green fruits are soaked in the pelvis for 30-45 minutes and rinsed several times under running water.

How to roll up cucumbers to make it crunchy? Correct pick up greens! According to the recipe will be needed (per 1 can):

  1. Cherry leaves - 5 pieces.
  2. Umbrella of dill - 2 pieces.
  3. Garlic - 4 large denticles.
  4. Horseradish sheet - 1 piece.
  5. Root of horseradish - 2-3 shavings.

The main ingredient responsible for the sameThe crunch is the leaves of oak. In the market to buy them is unlikely to succeed, so you have to look for yourself. It is this green component that will give the cucumbers a unique crunch and will not let them soften with prolonged storage.

how to make cucumbers for the winter crispy

Preparation of brine

The taste of the finished product depends largely on thequality brine. In a saucepan with cold water, lower a bunch of cherry branches, dill stems and horseradish leaves. When the water boils, add 2 tablespoons of salt and half the sugar (per liter of water). In the end - 25 grams of ground red pepper. The brine should leave a quarter of an hour. Next set the pan with clean water, bring to a boil.

Filling cans

To roll up the crispy cucumber in a 3-literbank, it is not necessary to sterilize it. It is enough to treat hot water, pay special attention to the neck. When the containers dry, a bouquet of spices is placed on the bottom, which was discussed above. Then the bank is tightly stuffed with cucumbers. To get more vegetables, at the bottom are large fruits upright, and closer to the neck small.

Now a jar of cucumbers should be poured with boiling water for 10 minutes. This is a kind of sterilization of both the container and the products inside it. Guaranteed rid of germs.

Water pour off, add pepper bitter peas - 5-8pieces, 2 tablets of aspirin, table vinegar - 40 grams per jar. Such natural preservatives will help the vegetables to be stored for a long time without loss of taste characteristics.

The next stage is the roll-on of crispy cucumbersthe winter is brine pouring. Banks twist, leave in a dark place, wait for the complete cooling. Pre-turn upside down and cover with a warm blanket. A ready-made snack should be stored in a place protected from sunlight. Perfectly suitable cellar, pantry, etc.

how to roll up crispy cucumbers for the winter

Cold salting with vodka

The original way of marinating cucumbers to achieve a delicious crunch involves the use of fresh strong fruits of small size.

Additional Ingredients:

  1. Brine - for a liter of clean water 2 tablespoons of table salt.
  2. Cherry leaves - 2 pieces per liter.
  3. Umbrella of dill - 1 piece per liter.
  4. A stalk of celery - 1 piece per liter.
  5. The greens of thyme, tarragon - a couple of twigs per liter.
  6. Vodka (40%) - 2 tablespoons per liter.

Cooking Instructions

How to pickle cucumbers to make it crunchy? First of all, take care of the quality of water. If it passes several levels of cleaning, boiling is not required. Dissolve the salt.

Wash vegetables thoroughly, put on paperTowel to the glass is an excess liquid. To the bottom of the cans, previously washed and dried, lay the spices. They put on cucumbers, tightly pressed together. For convenience of work, it is recommended to keep the bank at an angle of 45 degrees.

Pour the brine. The liquid should completely cover the green fruit. Add the necessary amount of vodka.

Banks can be closed with two types of lids - conventional polyethylene or twist-off. Send for a month to a dark cool place.

how to roll up delicious crispy cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers followed by canning for the winter

A simple recipe will allow you to enjoy a spicytaste of vegetables even before the onset of the first cold. The best masters of culinary art answer the question, how correctly to roll up cucumbers, that they crunched.

The first thing to do is pick the right ingredients. Cucumbers should be approximately the same size - 6-8 centimeters with underdeveloped seeds (so the taste of the ready-made snack will be more gentle).

A bouquet of spices will make up the leaves of cherry, currant, oak, horseradish - on a jar (3 liters) each for 4-5 pieces. Here - peppercorns, several cloves of garlic and a pod of hot pepper.

To prepare a fill, 40 grams of salt must be dissolved in a liter of water.

Cold method of marinating

How to roll up cucumbers to make it crunchy?Banks should be thoroughly washed, if desired, a sterilization procedure. All leaves, pods and denticles should not show signs of developing decay, disease or pests. Separated branches, denticles without skin and pods without seeds are washed in several waters and temporarily deposited.

In the prepared container a dense layer is laid cucumber, followed by a layer of spices, then again cucumbers, again spices and so on to the neck.

Rolling crispy cucumbers to a 3-liter jaryou need to properly prepare and pickle. In a liter of cold water, dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt. With the resulting liquid pour the cucumbers, cover the gauze, folded in several layers, leave to start the fermentation process for three days at a temperature of 20-22 degrees.

After this time, try onevegetable. If there is a rich, slightly salted taste, the fermentation process must be interrupted. The brine is drained, the cucumbers are washed, greens and spices are discarded.

roll up cucumbers for winter recipes

It is important not to miss this moment. The taste should be gentle, the fruits should not be completely salted. Only in this case in winter they will have an inimitable taste, an optimum fortress and everyone's favorite crunch.

To roll up crispy cucumbers for the winter, as inthe first time, have to prepare a set of fresh leaves and spices. Return cucumbers to clean jars, collect the brine boil, pour into cans, close with sterile lids, wrap around with a towel. Leave the hot brine for 10-15 minutes. To the spices and leaves do not fall out, you can put on your throat a special rubber cover with small holes. If that is not available on the farm, you can use gauze.

Brine bring to a boil for a second, send to the banks. Now you can start the sunset. It is desirable to cool the preservation as quickly as possible and store in a dark, well-ventilated place.

Hot way

The technique described below will allow to roll up tasty crispy cucumbers, as well as in the previous recipe, only with insignificant technological adjustments.

To prepare the brine, the food salt is dilutednot in cold water, but in boiling water. Hot liquid is immediately poured into cans, filled with green fruits and spices. The tanks are closed and remain for 2-3 days in the warmth. When the waiting period has come to an end, the brine merges, and then the procedure is similar to the cold method.

Opening a jar in the winter, you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste - lightly salted cucumbers with a delicate taste and fresh crunch will not leave anyone indifferent!

roll up cucumbers in a 3 liter jar

Pickling cucumbers without cans and barrels

Progress of the chemical industry from year to yearsupplies the kitchen with useful devices. One of the last was a package-insert. Inexpensively capacious device for performance characteristics is not inferior to plastic and glass, and by some indicators significantly exceeds them.

How to roll up cucumbers to be crispy inpackage-loose leaf? To begin with, prepare the pickle - 700 grams of salt per 10 liters of water. Here are a few buds of cloves, grains of sweet pepper, garlic and horseradish. Boil the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Cool to a temperature of 38-40 degrees. Strain into a clean container through gauze.

Thoroughly washed cucumbers pour the resultingbrine. Keep at room temperature for a week, covering with a normal lid. After that, collect the edges of the package-liner together, remove excess air, and tie the loose edge with a string or a thin rope.

Vegetables will be ready for use after a month. Keep them in a cool place.

Useful recommendations

In the preparation of brine, use only rock salt. Otherwise, the bank may explode or the cucumber will acquire an unpleasant sour taste.

All that is planned to be pawned into the bank must be thoroughly washed. This will remove the brine from unforeseen fermentation and prevent spoilage of the main product.

Glass jars for sterilization must be sent to a cold oven. So they warm up evenly, do not burst and explode.

Prevent damage to glass containers will help the addition of a few seeds of mustard in the brine.

Add a crunch and not spoil the natural taste will help the bark of an oak - a small piece is enough to preserve the primary elasticity of the vegetable.

To green fruit quickly soaked in brine, it is recommended to trim their tails and make a few small punctures with a fork.

Be sure to sterilize the covers. Metal enough fifteen-minute boiling in pure water, nylon thoroughly wash and scald on all sides.

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