How to save cucumbers?

Cucumber is a very useful vegetable, rich in manyvitamins. Many like a salad of fresh crispy cucumbers. But meanwhile he remains very short, quickly losing his taste and form. And then in order to enjoy the taste of this vegetable as long as possible, the housewives ask themselves how to keep fresh cucumbers. To extend the shelf life of this vegetable, you can use one of the tips described below.

Ways of preserving cucumbers

If you live in a private home and you havecellar, then the following method is suitable for you. It is necessary to take a large dry pottery and put cucumbers into it. Then they should be covered with well washed and dried river sand, cover tightly with a lid and bury it in the ground in the cellar.

Freshly picked cucumbers will be fully preserved in freshcondition for four weeks, if you put them with sharp ends down into any container and pour on 3-8 centimeters of cold water. It should be noted that the more often the water in the tank changes, the longer the cucumbers will remain fresh. Using the following method, before storing cucumbers, they should be cut into thin circles. Then they must be densely packed in small glass jars and pour each row of cucumbers with salt. It should be noted that the upper and lower row in the pot should be made from a dense layer of salt. Next, the bank needs to be tightly closed with a plastic lid and cleaned in the refrigerator or cellar.

So that cucumbers do not shrink, they should be carefullywash with boiled water and wipe with paper napkins. Then, separating the egg white from the yolk, the protein needs to be coated with cucumbers. As a result, they will be protected by an impenetrable film, which unlike polyethylene, allows vegetables to breathe, so they are stored well enough not only in the refrigerator, but also in a dark cool place. Just before the cucumbers are served on the table, they must be soaked in water so that the film dissolves.

Some rural residents have successfully usedthe next way to save cucumbers. It is necessary to fill a wooden barrel with cucumbers and drop it into the bottom of the ice-free pool in autumn, in which there is cold running water. This method allows you to significantly extend the shelf life of cucumbers, and even in spring vegetables have the best appearance.

If you are the lucky owner of the villa, then youthis is a very unusual way. You should plant cucumbers and cabbage on a single bed. As soon as the cabbage head starts to spin and a cucumber appears on its cage near it, then, it needs to be put on the head. Cabbage will pack a cucumber, and it will develop inside it. After the cabbage ripens it should be lowered into the cellar or cellar, and as soon as you need fresh cucumbers, they can be obtained even in the winter. Well, now you know how to keep the cucumbers fresh longer and can pamper your household and guests with crispy vegetables even in the winter.

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