How to stretch your back?

Throughout the day, the spine and back muscles are constantly subject to stress, and especially during prolonged work and lifting. Excessive load on the back muscles can contribute to muscle spasms, as well as various diseases of the spine. Stretching the muscles at the end of the day or before workouts will help to avoid serious problems.

Why do we need muscle stretching

Muscle stretching is an essential part of any physical workout. With it, you can increase the elasticity of the muscles, as well as improve coordination of movements and even avoid sports injuries. Need to learn how to stretch your back. What exercises for this should be performed. Immediately it should be noted that the best result will bring stretching the back, if you do it before and after each workout. In addition, it is important to know that stretching should not begin if the back muscles are not warmed up.

Ways to stretch the muscles

First you need to pay attention to the easiest way to stretch - it's swimming.If you have the opportunity to enroll in the pool, then be sure to do it. Swimming lessons will definitely benefit you and will bring a lot of pleasure. In addition, the pool is great for those who, due to any health problems, cannot conduct intensive training on any muscle group. But since it was about the muscles of the back, it is stretching and does not need sharp movements. On the contrary, it is necessary to perform exercises for stretching the back muscles smoothly, slowly and carefully. Pay special attention, at that moment that it is not recommended to stretch yourself, it can cause great harm to your health and just be extremely dangerous! Exercises for stretching the muscles of the back and spine:

  • It is necessary to take the starting position - put the legs shoulder-width apart. While inhaling, you should raise your arms and stretch your arms. On the exhale, you need to lean down, trying to reach the floor with your palms. In doing this exercise, you must keep your back straight, look only straight ahead, pull your arms forward, your palms should be parallel to each other. If you are unable to reach the floor with your hands, you can bend your knees slightly. Then you should lower your head down and relax it.Having made 3 quiet breaths and exhalation, you need to round your back and gently straighten up. Then you need to straighten your shoulders and repeat this exercise two more times.
  • Another exercise that will help us in such a difficult issue, how to stretch the back muscles at home. To do this, take a starting position lying on your back, arms apart. Then you need to bend the right leg at the knee and pull the knee to the left. At the same time make sure that the shoulders do not come off the floor. Knee you need to reach for the floor and turn your head to the right. In this position, you need to stay for 8 seconds and return to the starting position. While inhaling, bend the left leg in the knee and pull the knee to the right. Turn the head to the left and stretch for 8 seconds.
  • Starting position - standing, hands on the belt. You need to raise your right hand up on the exhale, bend to the left and begin to reach for your hand up, feeling at the same time how the lateral muscles of the body begin to stretch. Then follow 3 breathing cycles and return to the starting position. Then you need to tilt to the right, while the left hand should be at the top. It is recommended to perform three repetitions.
  • Consider how to stretch the spine is easiest. To perform the following exercise, you should sit on the floor, put your legs together and straighten your back. When inhaling, you must raise your arms and stretch out behind them. While exhaling, you need to lean forward, trying to touch the knees with the forehead, and reach out to your feet with your hands. In this position, you should linger for 8 seconds, then smoothly straighten up. You need to repeat this exercise 2-4 times. Complete the exercise should be an exercise for relaxation.

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