How to thread in a sewing machine?

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How to thread in a sewing machine?

For those who first decided to use a sewing machine, the difficulties usually begin with threading the thread. Basically, it depends only on the type of device how to thread the thread in the sewing machine. And usually the upper thread can be thrown almost without much difficulty. Below we will give recommendations on how to quickly prepare the machine for work.

How to thread the top thread in a rotary type sewing machine

It is believed that to fill the upper thread is a snap. It is possible to stretch it correctly purely intuitively, especially since the course of refueling is schematically shown on the body of the machine.

You can describe the process as follows.

  • the thread from the coil is first passed through the mount at the case;thread
  • after that, it is threaded into a special thread tension regulator and brought into the compensation spring, which looks like a hook;
  • then the thread is threaded into the hole of the thread guide, stretching out of which, the thread is passed into the existing fasteners, and then into the eye of the needle;
  • in the eye the thread is placed on the side of the recess or groove that runs along the needle (you can feel it with your finger).

In some sewing machines, a fork may be used as a yarn feeder, on which the thread is simply applied without having to fit into the hole. But machines of this type are not so common.

When preparing the machine for sewing, it should be remembered that in addition to the top there is also the lower thread. It often happens that difficulties arise in how to thread the thread from the bottom.

How to thread the bottom string

In order to understand how to properly fill the bottom string, you should first know a little where it is tucked in and, in fact, where it is located. Our article How to set up a sewing machine will help you to understand other types of machine settings that are usually required when sewing.

Where is the lower thread

  • The lower thread is wound not on the spool, but on the bobbin;
  • The latter is inserted into the bobbin case, and the thread must be tucked under the spring plate;
  • In this cap the thread is under a certain tension, different for different brands of sewing machines.

Thread Tension Tips

  • To adjust the tension value on the cap of the spool isthreadspecial bolt, rotating which adjusts the tension force;
  • It must be remembered that it is not recommended to unscrew this screw by more than ½ turn, as this may cause its loss;
  • The tension of the thread in the spool is also adjusted depending on the type and thickness of the fabric that is sewn, and also, focusing on the tension of the upper thread.

After threading the lower thread with a bobbin into the bobbin case, the latter is installed in the lower part of the machine, according to the instructions.

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