How to tie a square?

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How to tie a square?

If you want to knit a warm and soft blanket with knitting or crocheting, you first need to learn how to properly knit a square. This motive is the main one when knitting blankets. In this article, we will tell not only about how to properly connect a square, but also about how to connect such details together, so that a beautiful and cozy blanket will turn out.

How to crochet grandma square

The most often crocheted knit so-called grandmother's square. Knowing how to knit such a motif correctly, you can link almost any thing.

  1. We make a chain of 6 air loops. Now we make a semi-column in the first air loop: in this way, we turn the chain of loops into a ring.
  2. Again we knit three air loops and make 2 double crochets in the center of the circle. Again we make 2 air loops and already 3 crochets. Repeat this operation 4 more times. In conclusion, we make a sliding angle above the three air loops.
  3. Now knit the middle row. To do this, we recruit 3 air loops again and in the intervals we make 3 double crochets. In all the subsequent intervals of the air loops of the previous row we knit 3 crochets each.Square
  4. Making the corners. To do this, we knit 3 air loops and, in their intervals, knit 3 columns with a crochet. We continue to knit so until the end of the row. As a result, each corner should have 3 double crochets.
  5. We knit the next row in the same way, that is, at each corner there should be 2 bunches of 3 double crochets, and in the intervals there should be 3 air loops. At intervals of air loops we knit in a bundle of 3 double crochets and 2 air loops. Using the same technology, we knit all the other rows. Their number depends on your desire.

At the end of the knitting of the square, the thread breaks, its edge is tightly tied and tucked into knitting.

You can crochet a square in another way: you can learn about it in our article How to Knit a Square.

How to knit a square with needles

You can tie a square with knitting needles in various ways. The simplest of them is a garter stitch. To connect a square in this way, you need to typeSquarea chain of 25 air loops on the needles. Next, we knit 30 rows of ordinary garter stitch, and that's all, your square is ready.

In order for the square to have even sides, you can pre-cut a blank from cardboard of the desired size and in the knitting process, apply the resulting product to it.At the end of knitting the thread is cut off and tucked between the eyelets.

But in order to make the finished product out of many squares, they need to be properly connected.

How to connect the squares between themselves

Connect the connected squares among themselves in several ways:

  1. Knitting their edges with each other with single crochets or semi-columns.Square
  2. Sew together their edges with each other with a textile braid or with a regular wool thread.

The connected squares are already inherently a solid canvas, which can later be used as a blanket, rug or blanket. For example, to tie a blanket of squares is quite simple. We knit squares in accordance with the chosen scheme or according to the options suggested above, we connect them together with one of the two proposed methods, and that’s all, your new blanket is ready. In this case, the squares can be connected both in a chaotic and in a certain order.

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