How to use Torrent? Computer programs: Torrent

Surely many users of computers and the Internet often hear about and programs that download files from such resources. Many even install such applications on a computer or mobile device, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use a torrent or how to set up the program itself.

How Peering Networks Work

Absolutely all torrent trackers use the basic rules and techniques of peer-to-peer networks. Their name comes from the English term peer-to-peer, abbreviated to P2P.

Now we come close to the question of how to use the torrent. The basis of the work of any peer-to-peer network is the so-called principle of equality of all terminals connected to it. Each computer of such a network is simultaneously a client and a server. Unlike ordinary networks, in which a request is sent to a server from a client terminal, here a cross-request is used.In this connection, the situation also arises that it is possible to download the “shared” files (share files) present on them from different computers that are in common access. In fact, torrent trackers are such peer-to-peer networks.

how to use torrent

The download process is somewhat reminiscent of the work of the old downloaders, which download files in parts from several mirror servers. Only here the download is made regardless of whether the computer terminal is a server or a client.

Torrent trackers

For a start, it is worthwhile to stop a little attention on the very understanding of torrents and the principles of operation of torrent trackers. Only then will it be possible to fully understand how to use the Torrent program in full, and also so that the loading of the necessary content (information) takes place in the fastest way possible.

The very first thing you need to know is a few basic concepts and terms, without which it would be impossible to properly configure the corresponding application or select files for download. Here there are only three of them: feast, seed and lich.

how to use the program torrent

Peers are the users who participate in the file sharing process.Sid - a user who has the entire file downloaded and is involved in the distribution. A lich is a user who only partially downloaded the file. As is already clear, when fully loaded, when the process of distribution begins, the licher automatically turns into a sider, provided that he does not stop the distribution. Sometimes they are called unscrupulous users who, after downloading the entire file, immediately disable or restrict the distribution process. In turn, this negatively affects other users who have the file under download. This is understandable. According to the principles of peering networks, the smaller the distributors, the lower the download speed of the data stream.

Basics of working with torrent programs

As a rule, installing applications like the Torrent program in most cases doesn’t cause difficulties even to novice users. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is disabling the Installation Wizard for installing home pages and default search systems.

After installing the program for a computer torrent open without problems. Here you need to pay attention to some important settings.First of all, this is the location of the folders in which the torrent files with the .torrent extension will be stored, the downloaded files at a given time and the finished downloads. It is better to make such settings immediately, so that later you don’t look for downloaded data on your computer. Here, the Torrent application is best suited, the Russian version of which helps to avoid confusion associated with not knowing English. It goes without saying that it is possible to initially install the Russian version of the program, and in extreme cases, additionally use the crack.

torrent program

As for how to use the torrent in the next step, you first need to download the torrent file itself, which will be responsible for the download. On any torrent tracker, they are presented in the form of small files, having a size from tens to several hundred kilobytes. For example, Game.torrent. After downloading such a file, you need to open it in the installed application. You can do this from the program itself in the File / Open menu or simply launch the desired file by double-clicking from the file manager.

Reception-transmission of data

Immediately you should pay attention to the fact that any tracker indicates the number of seeders and liches, in other words, distributing or pumping users at the moment.The more seed, the higher the download speed. If only litchi is specified, the file will be loaded for a very long time or will not download at all.

Accelerated file downloads and network problems

After the regulatory torrent file is loaded into the program, the download status window appears with the file name, download speed, upload speed, and the elapsed and remaining time. The bottom line shows the download status and the availability of the parts into which the source file is split.

Fast loading of files for many users is a priority. In the program itself, select the downloadable file in the top window and right-click to open the context menu. It has the line “Speed ​​Priority”, from which another menu falls out. Optionally, you can set the maximum speed.

However, there are some problems associated with the work of the computer itself or the local network to which it is connected. The fact is that torrent programs ignore the limitations of data transmission over the network or access to the hard disk. It becomes clear that if at the time of loading you are working on a computer in another application, it may even hang.When several terminals are connected to the local network, other users, if they wish to use the Internet, will wait a very long time until the site of interest is loaded.

To prevent this, it is better to use downloads only when no one is working on computers or on the network. In any other situation it is necessary to put a limit on the reception and return. This can be done in the basic settings or in the context menu that is invoked, as already described above.

Torrent programs for Windows

Windows does not provide its own tools among programs using Torrent, because torrent trackers are considered copyright infringing sites. In fact, they are simply illegal.

torrent windows

On the other hand, quite a lot of applications have been created for the Windows operating systems. So the most common and popular are BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet, etc. Interestingly, the last program can also create the torrent files themselves, then to upload them to the trackers and share information.

how to use torrent

Mobile torrent programs

As for mobile devices, which have recently become very popular and powerful, for almost all operating systems, you can find the appropriate applications.An exception may be Apple devices, since Apple itself is struggling with computer piracy very hard and does not present such software products in its Internet markets.

how to use torrent

If we talk about the rest of the OS, then installing or answering the question of how to use the torrent is even easier here than in the case of a computer, and the download speed will directly depend on the availability of free space on the internal flash memory or on a removable card as well as Wi-Fi speeds. Accordingly, in the settings of the systems themselves, you will first need to specify the location for saving the downloaded data. As in computer programs, mobile applications allow you to use most of the standard settings.

Torrent trackers: “for” and “against”

Now, finally, we can conclude about what are good torrent trackers and programs, and what are their negative features.

Let's start with the negative. As already mentioned, the trackers themselves belong to the field of software piracy. They can often be found completely new movies, not even officially presented, a huge amount of music or games that are not free, not to mention the "hacked" software.

But from the point of view of users, torrent trackers are simply a find, thanks to an incredible amount of information (including the latest information), as well as high download speeds. In the usual Internet browser mode, a file, say, in 1 GB will load for a very long time, and using a torrent with a sufficient number of distributing users this process will take a few minutes.

In general, all users of trackers and torrent programs should be aware that they use all this, as they say, at their own peril and risk.

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