How to wear thermal underwear?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
March 25, 2013
How to wear thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear is one of the latest innovations that has entered our winter wardrobe so tightly that we can no longer imagine how we lived without it before. It is specially created for our temperate climate when it is cold outside and hot in the room.

What is thermal underwear for?

It not only keeps our body warm, but also wicks moisture away, especially when we actively move and sweat. This linen is made of special fabrics that trap the warmth of the human body in a special air gap.

How to wear

In order for this type of clothing to perform its functions, it is necessary to know how to wear thermal underwear. There are special rules.

  • Underwear is worn on the naked body.
  • It should fit snugly to your body.

Therefore, before buying it is still to try. It should not be pressed and rubbed, the seams should be flat, or completely absent (in seamless linen).

What to wear

Many are interested in what to wear thermal underwear? Its main advantage is that it is very thin and fits to the body, so you can wear it with almost anything.It can even be worn under office clothes (if you buy clothes of the required color), if you are at work cool. If you are wearing thermal underwear, then you do not need to put on a few layers of various warm clothes that hinder your movements and make you look like cabbage.

For sports, it is better to choose a well wicking synthetic underwear with a soft inner layer and insulation in places most exposed to low temperatures. How to wear thermal underwear and in what weather? It is worn at a temperature of +15 to -35 degrees. Thermal underwear is always indicated at what temperature outside and what physical activity it should be worn. Having correctly picked up a set of linen, you will provide yourself heat and comfort in any weather.

Thermal underwear for children

Special attention should be paid to the question of how to wear thermal underwear for children. The fact is that in children up to three years the process of heat exchange is not yet properly organized, therefore thermal underwear for this age is not available. And older children can wear thermal underwear just like adults, the main thing is to choose it in size so that it performs its function; it should fit snugly to the body.

Thus, thermal underwear is a great way to keep warm in any weather.It is convenient and very practical, and by following the simple rules of its choice and wearing, you will ensure yourself convenience and comfort under any circumstances and weather conditions.

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