How to write a report on the practice?

In the practice report, it is necessary not only to describe your activity during the internship in the organization, but to write about your successes and achievements. Practice is a special kind of training, when a student in an enterprise or organization learns to apply the skills obtained at the training bench. This is the first work experience. A lot depends on how you show yourself in practice. For successful students, practice is a promising way to find work. Especially in government organizations, where information is spreading rapidly. In schools or hospitals, for example, they will ask you about your practice curator. To his opinion will heed.

If you have successfully completed the practice, you will be able to write a report easily enough. It consists of the following documents:

Characteristics of the trainee, practice diary, trainee report, practice time schedule, feedback from the practice supervisor.

How to write a practice report

The practice report itself is written according to the following structure:

  1. The prologue.It sets out the place of practice, type of practice (educational, industrial or pre-diploma), the purpose of the practice.
  2. Content: includes the study of theoretical material, based on the tasks of the practice, and the solution of practical problems set by the head of the practice to the trainee. If you worked in a group and performed the same tasks, you will have your own report in which you will reflect on the development of theoretical material and what exactly you did and what successes you have achieved. The trainee's diary will help you remember all the stages of the practice and all the tasks that were received on it.

You can learn more about how to write a practice report in the article How to write a report.

Report material

The report on the practice should be a lot of samples of activities, tables, visual material, that is, the products of your work in practice. If you worked with children at school, then the report should include the lesson plans that you conducted, the assessment system. Feel free to show all your progress, include in the report photographic materials and samples of your labors. If you worked in a psychiatric clinic, then include a plan of the interview that you conducted with the patient, samples of the patient’s work in remedial classes.Of course, all materials must be analyzed, systematized and correlated with theory.

  1. The final part consists of conclusions. What you got, what you learned during the practice.
  2. Be sure to attach a list of references, a list of regulations and the provisions of the organization in which you worked and which you studied during this time.

A trainee diary is also attached to the report. Each university develops its own form of this diary, the general is that it describes in detail every day of the internship, with which documents or types of work students got to know what they did on their own. At the end of each day, the head of the practice puts his mark, his comments and homework.

A schedule is usually developed with the practice leader on the first day. This is in an ideal situation, but most often the schedule is written after the practice, when it is clear what the intern was doing.

The report also includes a testimonial on a trainee, signed by the head of the internship. It reflects the trainee's personal and professional potential, whether he was diligent in doing the internship, violated discipline, or the mode of the working day. He was executive, active, initiative or vice versa.The same characteristic includes recommendations for further professional growth of the student and an assessment of his professional suitability, recommendations for what he needs to correct in himself, what to pay attention to. The head of the practice can be a teacher, as a rule, assigned to the department where the student is studying. Also, the head may be one of the members of the commission.

A separate case is the completion of the practice diary.

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