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hurry or be present?

To hurry is to neglect this world.and think only about what else is not visible around the bend of the road, or about the most ordinary obstacles, or only about yourself.

Once a Chinese man hurried to the train. And the European accompanying him noticed that they could save twenty minutes if they took the express. They did just that. When they got off at Central Park, the man, hurrying on the electric train, much to the surprise of his friend, sat down on the bench. “If we saved twenty minutes,” he explained, “thenwe can afford to sit here for twenty minutes, enjoying the scenery. ”

A person “included” in the environment knows what he feels, where he is and what time it is. He knows that after his death, the trees will grow as before, but he will not see them any more, so he wants to see them now with all the sharpness that he can.Learn to be fully present in every minute of the living time. ”- Eric Berne, a psychologist, psychiatrist.

Miracles happen every day. And not somewhere far away, but here, in our life with you.Miracles are considered something supernatural, although they permeate our minds every day.. We can notice them, but we can ignore them - and not understand that our fate is being decided at that moment. But if you tune in to miracles, tune in to be “here and now,” life will be lit up with a shine you cannot imagine. If you do not pay attention to the wonders, happy opportunities will pass by.“Do you recognize a miracle if you see it with your own eyes - that is the question. And if you realize that a miracle is a miracle, how will you behave?” - Deepak Chopra

"Excessive controlinterferesevents flow in their own natural way, interfere with communication with other people and create tension. People who try to control everything have a high level of anxiety, they tend to avoid failure and suppress their emotional sphere.

high demands on themselves and others, excessive sense of responsibility. They are trying to take the role of "parent", imposing their own value system on others, they always have the right advice on what to do.

To such peoplequite difficult in relationships with partnersthey either try to dominate or distance themselves. The reason is a high level of anxiety, due to the fact that reality, events, other people do not meet my expectations, requirements. In this caseyou need to learn to recognize: first, what happens to menow that I am beginning to control what I want, I feel in this situation, andsecondly, to whom my expectations or demands are really directed.Can another person give me what I want, ”- Karina Kilibarda, family psychologist.

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