Hut on chicken legs do it yourself. Paper and Cardboard Crafts

From early childhood, many people love to read and watch various fairy tales. Their characters become favorite characters. Each of them has its own character. For example, Ivanushka is silly, but brave, Koschey is evil and cunning, Grandma Yaga is harmful and insidious.

"Revived" characters

In addition to living heroes, in fairy tales there are also inanimate objects that come to life under certain circumstances: in one instant the self-dressing tablecloth becomes full of all kinds of treats, Emeli's stove carries him straight to the palace, the fast walkers jump the fastest in the world, Baba Yaga's hut starts to fly and follow orders, turning back to the forest, and to Ivanushka before. According to Slavic mythology, this hut was a kind of door between the living and the dead world. Guarding this passage Baba Yaga - the bone leg.paper and cardboard crafts

Sometimes there is a need to make one or another fabulous attribute with your own hands (for example, for an exhibition or a theater production).

Consider how to make a hut on chicken legs with their own hands. Material for the hut is selected depending on the purpose of its purpose: a bar or board - for a strong house, fabric - for stage props.

Hut on chicken legs do it yourself on the playground

The hut intended for a children's playground, has to be made thorough.

For work you will need:

  • logs (for walls),
  • boards (for floor and ceiling),
  • carpentry tools
  • roof materials.

The house is usually made without windows and doors, as in a fairy tale.

hut on chicken legs do it yourself

What is the hut without chicken legs? They can be made of asbestos pipes of suitable diameter, which, after installation, should be filled with concrete (for a stronger foundation). Next is the construction process: walls rise from logs, floor and ceiling are laid from boards, a roof is made. Also from wooden planks you can build slopes for windows and doors. It will be very nice if the frames are made of cut out decorative elements.

An important stroke in the design of the house is its painting, which helps to give fabulousness to the product. The legs of the house also need to be painted, to attach the legs to the base (from boards or other suitable material). After all the manipulations to the house should put a ladder.The kids will climb on it inside the forest hut.

Making a hut for the stage

Very often in kindergartens and schools children play in fabulous performances. To make the statement more realistic requires the correct design of the scene.

For example, the question arises - how to make a hut on chicken legs? The house should be easy, if necessary - quickly cleaned. You can use any material: cardboard, paper, cloth, plywood, etc.toy hut on chicken legs

First you need to make the frame of the future house. Next, cover it with a cloth on which to draw windows and doors. The legs can be built from the bars, giving them the appearance of chicken, and also covered with a cloth.

Of course, this hut will not fly and walk. But to make it turn, you can. To do this, you can come up with an appropriate simple mechanism.

Making a hut on chicken legs out of the box

Each person, for sure, there will be unnecessary (and perhaps necessary) boxes from under the refrigerator, TV, any other household appliances, footwear, foodstuffs and so on. The hut on chicken legs with their own hands turns out of them very stable, durable and very original.The most important thing is to show imagination, a little assiduity and to make a hut on chicken legs

For the manufacture of the house will need:

First you need to mark on the boxes the future walls of the house to the desired size. The house can be made both square and rectangular. Depending on the conceived idea, four quadrangles of the necessary width and height should be cut out.

To make the roof, you need two rectangles and two triangles. All finished parts are glued together. You can use the glue "Moment" or "Titan". Any paper glue or glue stick is also suitable. It is important to leave a few millimeters on the seams or simply glue the corners of the paper. The main part of the hut is ready. The base of the house is glued with cardboard to the size of its length and width.

Windows and doors of the future house

Next, the windows are made (the amount depends on the desire of the master) and the door. With the help of a ruler and a pencil, the places of their location are outlined, after which they are cut with scissors. How? It also depends on the creator. You can cut off on three sides, and leave the fourth. It turns out that the window of the hut on chicken legs and the door will be initially attached to the house itself.And you can cut all the parts separately, and then fasten them with glue. A house with windows and a door is ready.

How to make chicken legs?

The final touch is the legs. As a material, you can use ordinary pencils, twigs or twigs, which with the help of clay or tape to attach to the base of the house. Next you should make the legs. Here sprigs of a tree or papier-mâché can help, in extreme cases, you can use clay. It is very important to give these details the correct shape so that there is similarity with chicken legs.

A hut on chicken legs with their own hands will look more realistic if properly identified with a suitable color for dyeing it. Of course, you can choose bright colors: blue, green, red, orange, lemon and others. But in fairy tales the house of Baba Yaga seems very scary and gloomy, so it is better to use black, brown and gray tones.

For the full credibility of the picture, it is possible to place Baba Yaga on a mortar and trees, also made with your own hands, next to the house.

Toys for children

If for any reason it is not possible to make a house with your own hands, then a toy “Hut on chicken legs” is sold in children's stores.Shops also offer special design options when you can build a house from several elements. You can purchase special models of paper. Purchased houses are easy to assemble and beautiful look.

On New Year's Eve, in many stores Christmas decorations appear, among which you can find a hut on chicken legs. Such a toy will give children and adults a sense of a fairy tale and a good mood for a long time. True, for children's games, it will not work, but the interior of the house will change significantly.hut on chicken legs out of the box

Skillful needlewomen can even knit such a toy using a hook, yarn and their own skill. Inside the product is filled with foam or padding polyester. Without a doubt, even the smallest kids will like this house because it is safe and educational.

Child and creativity

Making crafts out of paper and cardboard is an important part in bringing up the character of the child. Thanks to these activities, the baby becomes neat, diligent, independent, patient, enterprising, organized. Such qualities as kindness and understanding, love and respect, care and tenderness are inherent in any handicraft child.And this is not surprising.window hut on chicken legsWhen a child creates crafts from paper and cardboard or from other materials, in the process of work he dreams, thinks of the good. The created thing becomes a kind of talisman for the owner and a great gift for family and friends.

Do it yourself and with your children - and you will definitely succeed. The main thing is to trust your imagination, and then there will be time and necessary materials, and, of course, a good mood for co-creation!

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