Image and characteristic of Assoli from the work “Scarlet Sails”

In our time has become a household name girl Assol. It is associated with romance, openness, true, real feelings. Synonymous terms are this name and faith in love. With the help of the characteristic Assol from the work of Alexander Green, "Scarlet Sails", we explore the features of the heroine of this wonderful book. “Scarlet Sails” is an extravaganza with the most romantic heroine of Russian literature of the 20th century. Any modern reader will be interested to learn more about the appearance of the heroine, her character traits, upbringing, fate. Some girls can take note of the actions and behavior of a dreamy beauty.

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Summary of the story "Scarlet Sails"

Before you give a description of Assol ("Scarlet Sails" by A. Green), it is worthwhile to acquaint you with the main storylines. From the extravaganza, we learn the story of the girl Assol, who at the age of 8 months lost her mother.Together with her father, a sailor Longren, she lives in the small village of Caperna. Her father was unsociable and reticent, making and selling toys in the form of sailing ships and steamboats. So he earned a living for himself little daughter.

When Assol was 8 years old, the song collector Aigle presented her with a small sailboat and said that someday the prince would come for her on a ship with scarlet sails and take her to a distant country. Since then, she has a dream of an overseas prince. Because of this, everyone considered the girl crazy.

On the other hand, the author shows us Gray. He was an offspring of a noble and rich family, had a living soul, sought to exploits. Once he went on a boat fishing and stopped for the night under Kapernaya. In the morning in the thickets, he came across a sleeping Assol. He really liked this extraordinary girl.

Being a little "out of this world," Gray goes to the shop for the scarlet silk and makes him sails. Gray sailed to the shore where Assol was, and music sounded on the ship. All the villagers ran up to the sea. Gray on the boat swam to the girl and took her with him, as this foreshadowed her storyteller.

Green's book

Heroine charm

The writer at the beginning of the extravaganza shows Assol, an eight-month-old baby left without a mother, for whom a kind old neighbor is taking care of her for three months while her father sailed. At the end of the story, we see a seventeen-year-old girl, whose dream came true after meeting with Gray.

At the age of five, Assol had a kind, nervous face that her father liked very much. At the age of 12 she was a thin, tanned girl. She had thick dark hair, expressive eyes, a small mouth with a gentle smile. The girl was so pure and expressive that it is compared with a swallow in flight.

At the age of 17, all her features had an amazing attractiveness: dark blond, of short stature. From her long eyelashes, the shadows fell on her cheeks; anyone passing by tried to see her most delicate outlines of her face.

Characteristic gonna shows that at any age she was charming (despite the poor and cheap clothes). Assol noticed even in such dresses. Green uses to describe the girl a very subtle detail - the kerchief, under which the thick strands of the girl and her gaze are hidden.

In Kaperna, they didn’t really admire the appearance of a charming modest girl; the inhabitants were frightened by her wildness and mind, hidden in deep dark eyes. This is not the girl from the market, who has rude hands and cheeky speech.

Assol and father

Childhood gonna

The girl's father was a sailor. Assol quickly learned everything, helped her parent, obeyed, showed kindness and affection. The suffering of the girl brought the attitude of other children to her, whom the parents frightened her evil father, called him a murderer. Assol cried a lot, took offense, and then began to play herself and not pay attention to anyone.

The young heroine lived in her dreams and fantasies. Her world was completely different from the real. The girl continued to love life and rejoice in it. She especially loved the nature around her, treated with kindness to the man who understood her in the village - the coal miner Philip. The good soul of the heroine has never saved offense and malice (unlike other inhabitants of Caperna). Clever and hardworking Assol really knew how to dream and never despair. Over time, she began to go to town to exhibit her father’s crafts for sale. Her childhood, although it was spent in poverty, but in love.

Assol in childhood

Character traits

The nature of the girls evolved alone. When she was bored, she went to her only friend - nature. From anguish, she turned into a timid and suffering girl, only once in a while her face was revived.But the heroine found a deep soul, which delicately felt all around. She extends a helping hand to anyone he meets. The most important of her character traits are the following:

  1. Very economic. Able to sew, cook, clean, save money.
  2. Individual personality. Others, however, call her touched or insane.
  3. He loves nature. Her true friend was all living things: trees, birds, the sea.
  4. Educated girl. She read many books and worried about their heroes.
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A dream comes true

Through all her childhood and adolescence, Assol carried the tale of a ship with red sails, which the storyteller Aigle told her. The girl believes in her, does not give up the dream. Often she looked at the sea and looked out in the depths of the sea coveted ship. And once her dream came true! Gray appeared in her life. The book ends so optimistically that I want to believe in the joyful future life of a young beauty.

meeting with gray

The main idea of ​​the work

The extravaganza "Scarlet Sails" is a beautiful example of a dream that comes true, thanks to the faith and hope of charming Assol. Green teaches people to believe in dreams and wonders. Life without cherished dreams is completely empty.They need to strive, then they will come true. Towards your future you have to go boldly!

dream Assol come true

Comparative characteristics of Assol and Gray

Assol was the daughter of a poor toy master, in the past - a sailor. Gray was born in a rich family, he was given an excellent education and upbringing. From childhood, he experienced love and respect. Mother and father tried to give the boy all the best. The girl had a difficult childhood, all the children refused to be friends with her, only her father and God were friends. She made requests to him very often and talked to him. The heroine did not receive education, but she read many books.

Gray had a good inheritance, thanks to which he could not work. But he shows perseverance, studies the marine business and runs away from home. Father Assol makes toys and fishes. With this they live, barely make ends meet.

Common to Assol and Gray is that they were both romantics and dreamers. Gray embodies his dreams of the sea himself, and Assol lives in a world of dreams and fairy tales. The young man became an excellent captain, and the girl waited for her prince on a ship with red sails. Both heroes are honest and decent, they believe in love.

In addition to romance and dedication, Gray has a nobleness, courage and determination. He became a good wizard for the dreamy Assol. The girl charmed the young man with her pure and sincere beauty. Giving the dream Assol, Gray himself became bright and sincere. He just and really made a miracle to another person.

Assol and Gray

The image of Assol in cinema and art

Infused with the spirit of the romantic time "Scarlet Sails" like our contemporaries. The story resembles a very good fairy tale. In 1961, director Alexander Ptushko shot the film "Scarlet Sails". The role of Assol in the fairy tale film was played by the magnificent Anastasia Vertinskaya, and the role of Gray by the famous Vasily Lanovoy. Some shots from this wonderful film you can see in the photo.

In many theaters, dozens of productions, musical performances based on the extravaganza "Scarlet Sails" were made. The composers also did not stand aside and composed a lot of songs on this subject. Especially like contemporaries song Tatiana Snezhina, rock band "Marshal", Alexei Sviridov - "Assol". Many people know the musical of the same name by Maxim Dunaevsky. The main character also has monuments in several Russian cities: in Kirov, Gelendzhik, Khanty-Mansiysk, Cherepovets.

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