Insurance company "Tinkoff Insurance", Casco: reviews, terms, policy design, calculation

The Tinkoff organization structure offers drivers reasonably acceptable insurance requirements for comprehensive insurance. If there is a need to purchase such a policy, then all that is required is to simply go online. This service is considered one of the most important benefits of the Tinkoff insurance company. So, any driver can take out insurance with the least amount of time. The service has repeatedly managed to establish itself at its best.

Reviews on Casco in Tinkoff Insurance will be presented in this article.
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Terms of registration

First of all, you should be familiar with the basic prescription on the rules of Casco insurance. All the necessary documents are posted on the company website.Before purchasing a product and concluding a contract, all points of the rules for the protection of property interests of legal entities and individuals should be carefully considered, since it is on the basis of these sections that an insurance agreement is concluded. Calculation Casco interests many.

Most often, various difficulties, as well as certain conflict situations arise due to the insurer’s misunderstanding of the prescribed rules or their general ignorance. This set of laws in hard copy is attached to the Casco agreement and to the insurance itself as well.

Sections of the rules

The list of basic insurance rules includes such sections as:

  • Description of the subject of insurance.
  • Listing the occurrence of possible insurance claims and risks.
  • The financial size of the insurance, as well as an indication of the monetary amount of the policy.
  • The amount of the insurance premium and a description of the procedure for obtaining it.
  • Registration of the Casco insurance agreement, which reflects the main points related to the preparation of the document and its signing.
  • Identification of possible consequences due to a change in risk category.
  • Description of the rights of the client, as well as the obligations of the parties.
  • A set of actions for calculating the cost of insurance payments.
  • The sequence of calculation in relation to the total amount of the payment of insurance.
  • The right to claim compensation from the person who is responsible for the damage.
  • The section on double insurance and information on when and in what cases it can be used.
  • Rules on how to resolve various conflict situations.Casco calculation

It is necessary to take into account that the specialized legislation on Casco, in comparison with the CTP policy, unfortunately, is absent. It is because of this circumstance that most often there are difficulties in the process of receiving cash from Casco.

Reviews on Casco in Tinkoff Insurance abound.

Advantages of the policy

The main advantages for clients who apply for a comprehensive insurance policy to the Tinkoff insurance company are the following advantages:

  • The Bank offers its customers a five percent discount, subject to a one-time registration of the Casco policy.
  • There is a service for delivering a policy issued via the Internet to the location indicated by the client that is most convenient for him.In addition, the car owner can set the time of receipt of the delivery document.
  • It is possible to calculate the cost thanks to a special calculator, which is located on the official website of the company.
  • The absence of any queues greatly simplifies the process of registration, as well as obtaining a comprehensive insurance policy.
  • The possibility of a one-time or monthly receipt of gross premiums, depending on the wishes of the client.
  • The relatively low cost of the policy, which starts from two and a half thousand rubles.

Along with this, one should take into account a number of nuances that are directly related to insurance in this company. Prior acquaintance with them will provide an opportunity to avoid various difficulties. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the basic rules of insurance according to the enclosed document.

The reliability rating of Tinkoff Insurance (including Casco) was determined by experts at the level of ruBBB.

Calculating the cost of an insurance policy

The algorithm for calculating this policy is quite simple, since for these purposes there is a casco calculator called Tinkoff Insurance, which is quite convenient to use.In order to take advantage of this opportunity and make the correct calculation, you should follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, you should go to the official website of the company “Tinkoff”.tinkoff insurance casco reliability rating
  • Next on the site the client needs to find a special section with the words “Calculate Casco”.
  • In the electronic form that appears, you need to choose your regional location in which the vehicle will be used.
  • Then indicate the year of issue of the insurance object, its brand, model and modification.
  • You must also specify the estimated cost of the car at the time of registration of the policy when calculating Casco.
  • After that, clicking the "Next" button, the client proceeds to the next stage of entering information, which requires the input of the data of the driver who actually controls the vehicle. In the event that there are several people who have the right to drive, you must enter information about each of them. In this section, as a rule, information about age, driving experience, as well as registration plates and a cell phone number is indicated.
  • In conclusion, tick the box next to the consent line for the processing of personal information, then click on the "Calculate Cost" field.Casco insurance against theft in Tinkoff is very popular.

Damage data

When filling in the form of calculation, it is also possible to enter information about the presence of any damage to the vehicle. But this information is optional, and act only as an additional option. In addition, when filling in the form, it is desirable to indicate the place where the repair work for the vehicle will be carried out. Once all the information has been entered and accompanied by check marks in the required places, the final cost of the insurance policy will be calculated.

How to issue a casco in Tinkoff Insurance?

The process of registration of the insurance policy

Today, for most car owners, the most convenient way to obtain an insurance policy is to draw up a document online. Insurance company "Tinkoff Insurance" for the convenience of its customers offers a preliminary calculation of the cost of comprehensive insurance. Such a procedure is as convenient as possible. Thus, the car owner is only required to pay for the policy. As such, the process of acquiring the described service involves the followingaction algorithm:Tinkoff insurance address

  • After making the calculation of the total cost of insurance, you should click on the “issue a policy” button. After that, a full list of all the documentation required for registration will be displayed to the client. It is especially important to prepare all the documents in advance.
  • Next, the date of commencement of the Tinkoff Insurance Casco policy is indicated.
  • Then personal data about the car owner and other necessary information are entered, for example, the last name, first name and patronymic of the driver, his gender and date of birth, as well as passport data and the date of receipt of the identity card.
  • To obtain a special code, you should also indicate this mobile number.

Entering information

The next step will be making a payment by credit card. In this case, you will need to enter information from both sides of the payment instrument:

  • Surname, name and patronymic of the car owner.
  • The date of the beginning, as well as the expiration of the bank card with which the payment will be made, and its three-digit code located on the reverse side.

In addition to the convenient and fast execution of the policy online, the company provides the ability to carry out the same procedure using a phone call.In this situation, all information about personal data is transmitted in voice mode. There are also reviews of this. Casco in Tinkoff Insurance is desirable for many customers.

tinkoff casco insurance reviews

Data for writing a policy application in writing

The application for the acquisition of the policy can be made in writing. You will need the following information:

  • The insurer's personal data.
  • Vehicle information.
  • A list of all drivers who have the right to drive an insured vehicle, with their personal data.
  • Fee for the provision of insurance, which the client is obliged to transfer to the account of the company "Tinkoff".
  • In addition, special notes and other necessary information are made.

Casco payments in Tinkoff Insurance

In order to obtain cash resources, the car owner should report the occurrence of the insured event. To do this, contact the credit and financial institution directly or perform the following actions through the official website of the company:

  • On the website of the company "Tinkoff" you should go to the auto insurance section.
  • In the fields to fill you need to enter all the required data.
  • In the description window it is important to provide an exhaustive, but at the same time briefly described situation, as a result of which the insured event occurred.
  • Further, the surname, first name and patronymic should be indicated.
  • Information about the series and ID number is entered.
  • Reported data on obtaining a passport.
  • Information on license plate insurance is entered.
  • Indicates the exact date of occurrence of the insured event.
  • In order for an employee of Tinkoff Insurance to contact a client, you need to clarify your contact information, such as a mobile phone number or email address.

Upon completion of all the above actions, the car owner must click on the "Send" button, and then wait for a response from an employee of Tinkoff Insurance, who should contact the client as soon as possible after the application.
Tinkoff insurance Casco

Reviews about Casco in Tinkoff Insurance

Car owners who have had the opportunity to use the services of the Tinkoff company when applying for comprehensive insurance, write that in the service of this organization they like to have the opportunity to purchase this product online without wasting time.For example, when making a transaction, the clients are delivered policies directly to work or home as chosen by the policyholder. Many drivers say that they have been successfully cooperating with this company for a long time. Among the main advantages of the organization's work is called professionalism along with the promptness of bank employees on any issues related to insurance.

Also, people say that when they got into traffic accidents, Tinkoff employees immediately responded and came to the scene of the accident. People write that, in addition to the basic payment, insurance workers also call a tow truck at the time of the accident and deliver the damaged car to where it is needed by the client. And from the moment of the accident, a week passes by and then the damaged car is completely restored at the expense of insurance funds. Thus, customers praise the company for efficiency and high level of performance of their duties. Casco terms in Tinkoff Insurance seem acceptable to many.

Customers also praise the convenience of filling out the form when you make a policy online. In addition, the courtesy and diligence of the operators of the company.

But the situations are different, and not everyone likes the service of the company “Tinkoff Insurance” when making a Casco policy. For example, a number of clients write in their reviews that, unfortunately, the quality of the assessment during an accident leaves much to be desired. In addition, it is reported that there are cases when the amount of insurance payment in case of road traffic accidents is provided two times less than that required for the repair of the affected car.

According to drivers, there are cases when, when drawing up an expert opinion, people can, for example, find another grille or another bumper, and some necessary details are not included in the calculation at all. And on the disagreement of the insured with the amount of payment of compensation, a favorable statement for the company is sent in response, allegedly on the basis of the examination carried out, everything was calculated correctly. After such an inattentive attitude of the company's employees to their customers, many people in their comments emphasize that they no longer intend to issue a policy in this organization. The rules of Casco insurance in Tinkoff Insurance are often violated.

In addition, there are situations when potential clients are simply denied insurance. Drivers who have been denied services have admitted that such action by Tinkoff leaves a very negative impression. For example, one person says that after a phone call, which took about an hour, half a day later, the client received a message on the phone saying that they did not want to provide a comprehensive insurance policy. Directly a phone call to the company's support service explained that the organization’s risk assessment system decided that the policyholder did not meet the requirements for entering into cooperation. Thus, not all owners of vehicles, the company "Tinkoff" in a hurry to provide a casco.Tinkoff Casco Insurance Calculator


In conclusion, it should be said that today online auto insurance is gaining momentum. Car owners prefer a convenient electronic system for obtaining a comprehensive insurance policy as a waste of time when visiting various insurance companies. Organization "Tinkoff Insurance" (main office address: Moscow, st.2nd Farmhouse, 38a) is one of the institutions that, in addition to the standard methods of issuing policies, give their clients the opportunity to do this quickly and comfortably through the official website. Many customers who use the services of the company are satisfied with the service, as well as the implementation of payments in case of insured events.

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