Inverter split system: description, advantages, reviews

Once people used air conditioners, which required enormous costs of electricity. Fortunately, it is in the past. The place of such equipment today is surely occupied by economical energy-saving equipment. A striking example in this case can serve as an inverter split system.


The above technique has the following advantages:

  • the ability to work in a wide range of supply voltage, the absence of a threat in case of its jumps;
  • orientation to the temperature conditions in the room when choosing the cooling capacity;
  • maximum energy efficiency;
  • availability of modern ionization and filtration systems.

For a while, it was difficult to buy these devices. Their cost was exorbitant. However, technologies developed rapidly, and now technical progress has led to the fact that the inverter split system has become available on the Russian market at a reasonable price. Today you can see a large range of models.inverter split system

Principle of operation

Inverter split system has a complex principle of operation. The current flowing into the control unit is converted to AC. This happens with a certain frequency.

Technique independently controls the speed of the engine inside the compressor. If necessary, it adds momentum or stops cooling.

Characterized by increased thermal conductivity of the air conditioner. Due to this, temperature marks are kept within the specified range.

inverter type split system

Hence the conclusion: the actions that the inverter split-system produces, depend on the temperature conditions in the apartment. The forced mode starts when the room gets too hot. However, abrupt stops or launches of the unit are absent.

A positive feature of air conditioning is efficiency. Their work is much cheaper than operating standard models. An inverter-type split system uses significantly less power.

Difference from standard modifications

The main difference is the ability to adjust the intensity of the engine. In fact, you change its performance.

The inverter-type split system allows changing the number of engine revolutions in the compressor, which was impossible earlier. What is it for? The answer is obvious. New feature allows you to:

  • save electricity;
  • select the most comfortable temperature indicators.

If you feel that the room is more or less warm, you can reduce the speed of the electric motor. Thus, you provide yourself with optimal conditions of stay in the apartment. At the same time, savings in current consumption are achieved.

air conditioning inverter split systems

Experts have proved that the level of savings can reach from 30 to 60%. These results were obtained as a result of comparison with non-inverter air conditioners.

Among other things, when the number of revolutions of the engine decreases, the device works much quieter.

Air conditioners: inverter split systems. Additional benefits

Comfortable temperature conditions can provide not all air conditioners. Inverter split systems are the exception. They provide an intelligent control circuit. That is why they are effective for both cooling and heating.

Excellent work of climate technology is possible even in freezing weather.It persists even when the temperature in the street drops to -15 ... -20aboutC. For comparison: standard air conditioners are able to maintain an optimal mode of operation only at a level not lower than -5 degrees.

As you can see, even the most severe conditions do not affect the operation of the considered air conditioning system.

An additional plus is that with initial cooling, a higher power can be provided than the nominal one.

ballu inverter split systems

For example, an inverter, whose rated power is 2.5 kW, creates the conditions for cooling up to 3.5 kW. This indicator will be maintained during the first 20 minutes of work.

Conventional modifications with a rated power of 2.5 kW will produce a similar result - 2.5 kW.

That is why it is believed that the inverter system provides a faster cooling of the air in the apartment.

How to make the right choice?

Climatic equipment on the market is quite expensive. Users have to pay extra for the installation of equipment. This is also an expensive service.

Buyers, for whom savings are important, often buy Ballu inverter split systems.The company provides the cheapest devices in this segment. They are characterized by ease of management.

According to reviews of people who bought units of the specified brand, the indoor unit works during the first minutes, and then calms down. In general, such climatic equipment can serve as an example of a good value for money.

If quality comes first for you, pay attention to Japanese manufacturers. Mitsubishi and Daikin are the most functional inverter split systems today. Customer reviews confirm this. At the same time, people often complain about the high cost of such equipment. Indeed, for a good conditioner will have to fork out.

Other manufacturers

In second place in terms of quality, buyers unanimously put Korean manufacturers. Technique from LG - the most prominent representative in the category. Next to the brand are companies such as Panasonic and Hyundai.

inverter split systems reviews

Unfortunately, the Russian organizations that produce climate equipment, do not get into third place. It is occupied by Chinese manufacturers. The quality of their units are not far behind the Japanese and Korean versions.They are somewhat worse by some criteria, but their cost is much lower.

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