Ivan Bunin, "Sir from San Francisco": a genre, a brief summary, the main characters

"Sir from San Francisco" is a work,which is included in the ranks of Russian classics. The genre of "The Master from San Francisco" can not be determined immediately, it is necessary to disassemble the work, analyze it and only then draw any definite conclusions. But it is important to say at once that the work carries a very high semantic load. The subject of the story "Sir from San Francisco" touches upon the very important problems of life in society.

A few words about the plot

Speaking of the description of the gentleman from San Francisco,it is important to note that the author himself does not name his main character. In other words, the name of the protagonist is unknown to the reader, since, as Bunin himself writes, no one remembers the name of the man, which is already an indication that the protagonist was an ordinary rich man who did not benefit society in any way.

lord of the San Francisco genre

In addition, as it is known at the end of the story, bya gentleman from San Francisco no one will be bored. This also proves the fact that among the acquaintances and friends of the man there were no people who would really love and appreciate him, but did not perceive him as a thick wallet, capable of paying any whim.

Content of "The Lord of San Francisco" Bunin

To correctly analyze the story,you need to know its contents. Continuing the description of the gentleman from San Francisco, look at the story that unfolds around the main character. The man, this very gentleman, goes on a journey with his family, consisting of a wife and daughter. He worked a lot during his life and now, at last, can afford such a holiday, because he is pretty rich.

gentleman of san francisco main characters

Going to a place of rest on a huge and expensivesteamship, the gentleman does not deny himself any comfort: on the ship there are baths, and gymnastic halls, and ballrooms. Many passengers just stroll along the decks. According to the description of the conditions on this boat, the reader immediately sees that people on board are rich. They can afford any pleasure: several meals, liqueurs, cigars and much more.

When the steamer comes to the final point of itsdestination - Naples, a gentleman from San Francisco, along with his family, goes to an expensive hotel. Even in the hotel everything goes as planned: in the morning - breakfast, walk, in the afternoon - visiting museums and sightseeing, in the evening - a rich table and a hearty dinner. But this year was not very warm for Naples - pour incessant rains and blows the icy wind. Then the family of a gentleman from San Francisco decides to go to the island of Capri, where, according to rumors, there is a lot of heat and lemon flowers.

Death of the rich man

Sitting on a small steamer, the family does not find itselfplaces - they have a seasickness, from which they are severely exhausted. Having reached the island, the master's family stops at a small hotel. More or less recovered from a difficult journey, the family begins to prepare for dinner. Having gathered before his daughter and wife, the man goes to the quiet reading room. Opening the newspaper, the gentleman suddenly felt ill, and he died of a heart attack.

The body of the gentleman from San Francisco is transferred to oneof the smallest bedrooms in the entire hotel. Standing around the wife, daughter and several employees look at him and do not know what to do next - whether to rejoice, or grieve. The wife of the master asks the owner of the hotel to allow the deceased husband's body to be transferred to their apartments, but receives a refusal. According to the owner, these numbers are too valuable for his hotel and he simply can not afford to spoil the reputation of his company. The master's wife also asks where she can order a coffin for the deceased. The owner of the hotel explains that it is impossible to find such things here, and in return offers the widow a huge box of soda as a coffin.

Already at dawn the body of the late lord ofSan Francisco is sent to their native land. The body, which lies in a well-tarred box of soda, is at the very depth of the steamer. Sent home the same way, around the master is still terribly noisy deep sea water.

The world of the main character

Speaking about the genre of "The Lord of San Francisco," it is important to say that this is a story. This is immediately apparent from the first lines of the book, which tell the reader about the world from which the man originated.

The world from which the protagonist originated,striking in its materiality: there is no place for either human emotions or miracles - only calculation, only banknotes. The author of the "Lord of San Francisco" shows readers how much the society has degraded - money has come to the fore, putting aside all the spiritual values ​​that were laid in man by nature.

the description of the gentleman from san francisco

main characters

The main characters of "The Lord of San Francisco", asit is visible even on the short maintenance, people well-off who do not know any financial difficulties. Their trip was calculated for two years, which already indicates that it was carefully thought out. The protagonist is a gentleman from San Francisco, a man whose life is dominated by order and orderliness. Ivan Bunin especially emphasizes all preparations of the protagonist for this journey. Thoroughly considering every detail of this trip, the protagonist shows himself as a responsible person, impatient with any surprises that can put him in an awkward position, cause embarrassment.

The wife of this gentleman is a woman whoI'm used to taking all kinds of attention from my husband. She is not a support for him, but only takes everything for granted. It is quite common for her that he devoted his life to work to keep his family in wealth. The daughter of the master is a pampered girl who throughout her life knew neither problems nor any adversity. Grown in excellent material conditions, she always received everything she wanted. This journey for the girl, as well as for her mother, is something ordinary and acceptable, despite the hard work of the father in his youth. In addition, we can not say that a girl loves her father - in her relationship with him feels cold and indifference.

 the subject of the story is the gentleman from san francisco

about the author

It is worthwhile to say a few words about the author"A gentleman from San Francisco." Ivan Bunin, who is already well known to anyone interested in literature at the age of 12-13, became the author of this work. However, "Sir from San Francisco," whose genre is a story, is not at all similar to those works that are often found in the literary archive of the writer. In this story there is the main character around which the plot develops. Usually the writer meets works that contain descriptions of landscapes and landscapes, which are "stored in memory", like pictures. For example, "Antonov's apples" Bunin became just that work, which has no main plot, but contains a description of the beautiful nature that once surrounded the writer.

The image of the master

The story "Sir from San Francisco", imageswhich are diverse and bear different roles for the work, is able to teach readers to perceive material goods as something due, incapable of prolonging life. As we see on the example of the protagonist, who possessed everything he wanted, money could not save him from a heart attack. And even though the gentleman was very rich, his body was not sent home in an expensive coffin, but in an ordinary box, which was hidden at the very bottom of the steamer. Money could not provide him even a worthy "last" way.

Ospodin from san francisco author

Wife and daughter: images

Female images in the "Lord of San Francisco"steel in the product of a measure of commercialism. Accustomed to living in prosperity, not denying themselves anything for many years, these two figures take all the blessings for granted. The gentleman became for these two heroines something ordinary, but not of any value. Even after the master died, the heroines did not know how to react to his death - on the one hand, they must fall into sorrow, as a loving wife and daughter would do; on the other - the death of the lord was desirable, she removed the heroines from the shoulders of heroines, freeing them from the onslaught of the man.

bunin lord from san francisco content

The general conclusion on the product

Having considered the content of "The Lord ofSan Francisco, "whose genre is defined as a story, its protagonists, analyzing all the images, it must be said that the author tried to show how much the society has deteriorated in a few years. Bunin talks about the degradation of the whole society, which chose money as the main value, forgetting the simple things that constituted the spiritual side of everyone. In addition, in the "Lord of San Francisco" Ivan Bunin shows the other side of human nature - a man gets used to everything. This is evidenced by the images of the daughter and wife of the master, who take the benefits of men for granted, not bearing any value. At the same time they are not spiritually developed. For them, the material, as well as for the rest, is in the first place, but they do not know the value of money, so they can throw them to the wind. They do not support the master, they are not even upset by his death. The death of a man only spoiled the evening for them.

images in the story a gentleman from san francisco

Ivan Bunin touches on a very important topic instory "Sir from San Francisco", which faced the society: putting material wealth at the forefront in people's lives and completely denying everything spiritual in a person.

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