Japan's light: Japanese style chandelier

Decoration in the Japanese style implies a minimum of excesses, functionality and a harmonious combination of individual interior items.

Japanese style is the convenience of used thingsand the absence of unnecessary parts. Restraint manifests itself in a color solution. No calling, bright, attracting attention to the shades. Everything is done in calm tones.

Lighting in the style of the Country of the Ascendantthe sun also does not tolerate pretentiousness and extravagance. Chandeliers are presented in all sorts of appropriate options, endowed with a variety of forms. Everything is perfect in Japanese.

Characteristic colors of chandeliers

An example of how a chandelier in Japanese style looks like, the photo below shows.

chandelier in Japanese style photo

As can be seen, the main characteristic features of lighting devices are the minimum of colors and the angularity of the forms.

The color solution is limited to 3-4 prettymuted shades. Preference is given to classics: black, white, gray, brown and beige. This is mostly. But this does not mean that these colors are all limited. You can add other colors, but, as always, do not scream.

In addition, a chandelier in the Japanese style can be endowed with additional decoration in the form of national hieroglyphs, or on it can be depicted some Japanese story.

Features in the execution of forms

If you do not deviate from the traditional performance, then the chandelier in the Japanese style, basically, is made in the form of a ball, square or rectangle.

To create the basis of the chandelier serve only natural materials. It can be:

  • Glass. Glass chandelier in the Japanese style is a very fashionable design solution and widely in demand. In the classical version, the glass is matte, made in white or light brown without any additional decorated details.
  • Linen material. This is also a classic - to make chandelier plumes of natural fabrics.
  • Rice paper. A paper ceiling can often be found in the interiors of Japanese rooms.
  • Tree. Natural woods - another traditional execution of the bases and partitions for chandeliers.

If the interior of the room is made with an emphasis on high cost, then the chandelier should be made of elite materials, for example, from expensive glass.

In traditional Japanese homes, it is almost impossible to see a chandelier made of plastic. Only the naturalness of materials. Therefore, plastic is not applicable in the decoration of Japanese chandeliers.

chandelier in Japanese style

How to unmistakably choose a chandelier in Japanese style

Chandelier in the Japanese style is characterized by an eventhe supply of light. This is due to the fact that the chandelier in the room is associated with the Japanese people with the moon. Therefore, an even, muted light is an imitation of the moonlight.

When selecting a ceiling chandelier in parallel, it is worthwhile to take care of purchasing additional lighting devices for unlit areas of the room.

Chandeliers of the Japanese style are represented by 4 categories: summer, autumn, winter and spring. They differ from each other in the tissue base.

When choosing a chandelier, you should give preference to a tree. It has a national form, as well as very strong in operation.

Which chandelier is suitable for a kitchen

Chandeliers in Japanese style for the kitchen are selected inaddition to the whole interior. Preference is given to chandeliers of rectangular or spherical shape. Material - wood or rice paper, which corresponds to the traditional design. Often used and a glass round chandelier.

chandeliers in the Japanese style for the kitchen

Basically, the hanging type of chandeliers in the kitchen applyover the dining area. The light from them is muffled. The working area is supplemented with built-in lighting sources, whose light intensity should be brighter than over the dining area.

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