Jewelry: addresses of stores "Pandora" in Moscow

Today, Pandora (jewelry brand) is one of the most successful in the world. The products of this company are sold in 100 countries on 6 continents. The addresses of the Pandora stores in Moscow are also widely known. The name of the company means “gifted to everyone”, which is probably why the Pandora brand has been a leader in its market segment since 1982.

Pandora shops in Moscow addresses

The story of the appearance of the brand "Pandora"

A young couple, Per and Winnie Enevoldsena, decided to start their own business - handicraft jewelry trade. At first they sold Thai jewelry, but their main goal and dream was to sell their own products.

After a few years, they decide to hire a new employee - designer Lone Frandsen. Together with him, businessmen are developing a new concept: they create bracelets consisting of charms (beads) and the basics of chain or string. From the outset, it was decided that the suspension will be interchangeable.The idea was successful, because it gave every customer the opportunity to create a composition on the bracelet himself.

In the future, the range of products expanded, the flow of customers has increased significantly. Should expand markets. Now the company employs about 21,400 employees worldwide.

addresses of shops pandora in Moscow

Famous bracelet

Pandora Charm bracelet is the brand's business card. All its parts are made by hand, only from natural materials. Thus, from the charms you can create yourself an exclusive jewelry "Pandora". Shops in Moscow, whose addresses are easy to find in this article, offer a wide range of products. Any client can choose a suspension for a party or for everyday wear. For example, buy a charm fish that will remind you of a trip to the sea, or a pendant of two small hearts for a loved one. Having bought the foundation, you can buy a symbolic pendant for every event in your life, thus creating a story of your own life.

The demand for bracelets began to grow rapidly. To cover it, in 2004, Per and Vinnie decided to open their own six-story workshop in Bangkok, which employed 4,000 employees.In addition to bracelets, the company produces earrings, rings, necklaces and watches.

Advantages of the jewelry brand Pandora

  • All jewelry is made by hand from high-quality materials and have a special protective treatment from scratches.
  • Large selection of bracelets, chains, earrings and rings. Individually selected jewelry will help the buyer of this product always look at the highest level.
  • The brand has its own official website, where the buyer, without leaving home, will be able to choose and order exclusive jewelry. Also created an application for "Android", on which it is possible to view all the new items and promotions.
  • The company's retail network is located throughout the world, including in Russia. The working hours and addresses of the Pandora stores in Moscow are convenient for their customers to visit. By the way, all the salons of the brand work from 10.00 to 22.00, with two days off.
  • The famous Pandora bracelet will be an appropriate gift for any occasion. The owner of such jewelry will always appreciate the individually selected item.

shops Pandora in Moscow metro addresses

Pandora in Moscow

A few years ago, no one could have imagined that the Pandora brand would become so popular. Now in Moscow there are about 58 stores of this company. Jewelry are in great demand.The concept of the brand is aimed at ensuring that the stores have a large selection of jewelry for every taste and budget, starting with rings with precious stones and ending with simple leather bracelets.

Addresses of Pandora stores in Moscow

As already mentioned, there are currently 58 stores in the capital. Drawing attention to the addresses of the Pandora stores in Moscow, one can notice that the most visited shopping centers are located in the central part of the city. You can reach them by subway, other city transport, as well as by taxi.

Shops "Pandora" in Moscow, addresses (metro):

  • TC "Spring", Altufevskoe highway and the 84th km of Moscow Ring Road, ("Altufyevo" - 1.4 km);
  • Store ENTER, Yakimanka Boulevard, 54 ("Oktyabrskaya" - 0.08 km);
  • TC "Filion", Bagrationovskiy passage, 5 ("Fili" - 0.49 km)
  • TC "Varshavsky", Warsaw highway, 87B ("Warsaw" - 0.09 km);
  • ENTER Store, Volgogradsky Ave, 119a ("Kuzminki" - 0.1 km);
  • TC "Capitol-Kashirka", Kashirskoye shosse, 61, k. 2 ("Domodedovo" - 1.27 km);
  • Vegas shopping center, Krasnogorsk district, 66 km from Moscow Ring Road ("Myakinino" - 0.4 km);
  • "Yerevan Plaza" shopping center, Bolshaya Tulskaya, 13 (“Tulskaya” - 0.03 km);
  • TC "Gagarinsky", st. Vavilova, 3 (Leninsky Prospekt - 0.22 km).

working hours and addresses of Pandora stores in Moscow

For nearly thirty years, the company "Pandora" produces jewelry of the highest quality and creative design. Each product individually.
If the store does not find the desired jewelry, you can order it from the catalog or visit other outlets. Sometimes in small shops there are such original gizmos that cannot be found even in the largest shopping center. The addresses of the Pandora stores in Moscow, which are worth visiting in search of an exclusive:

  • st. Vorontsovskaya, 2/10, jewelry salon "Pandora" (metro station "Taganskaya");
  • st. Old Arbat, 4/1, branded jewelry salon (metro station "Arbat");
  • Kutuzov prospect, 18, jewelry store "Pandora" ("Business Center").

At the moment, the main goal of the company is reasonable prices for everyone, which, naturally, cannot but inspire potential buyers. In the meantime, "Pandora" pleases its fans with new branded jewelry.

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