"Kameton" during pregnancy: what you need to know?

In the period of childbearing, the body of the future mother is subjected to enormous loads, because it is also necessary to protect the fetus. Therefore, the risk of developing acute respiratory diseases increases significantly. In this regard, the question arises as to what means to use for treatment in order not to harm the unborn child. For example, can “Kameton” be used during pregnancy? Let's see.spray cometon Price

The composition of the drug

Drug release form - aerosol. The composition of the drug "Kameton" contains such components as:

  • camphor (it has an irritating and disinfecting effect, it activates the blood flow; it is used with caution during pregnancy);

  • menthol (has a slight analgesic effect, acts as a local irritant; its use is undesirable during the first trimester of pregnancy);

  • chlorbutanol hydrate (possesses analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect; information on the use during pregnancy is not available);

  • eucalyptus oil (plays the role of a local antiseptic; it is not recommended to use it in the first trimester of pregnancy);

  • vaseline oil (dissolves all the above substances; this component can provoke uterine contraction, therefore it is contraindicated to use it as a separate drug during pregnancy).

The medicine Kameton is equipped with a nozzle for spraying, which makes the use of the medication rather convenient and also prevents overdose. Since the aerosol is used topically and there are no harmful chemical compounds in its composition, it is believed that the drug Kameton can be used during pregnancy.

Indications for appointment

The considered medication has anesthetic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, it is used for:

  • pain and sore throat;

  • discomfort in the larynx;

  • characteristic tingling when swallowing.

cometon during pregnancy

Drug "Kameton": instructions

During pregnancy, medication is allowed, this condition is not indicated as a contraindication in the instructions. Also, there are no special instructions for a woman in the period of carrying a child.Therefore, the aerosol "Kameton" during pregnancy is used in the usual way.

This drug is combined, its components are selected so that after a single use, inflammation is reduced, the oral cavity is decontaminated. The drug is injected 1-2 times into the oral cavity 3-4 times a day. Use the tool "Kameton" is necessary after eating, the next meal or drink should be no earlier than half an hour after irrigation of the throat. This is necessary so that the active components of the aerosol act on the pathogens.

Few know that the drug "Kameton" effectively fights against the cold. To eliminate it should be carried out in the nasal passages of 1-2 injections up to four times a day. As a rule, a significant improvement in health or even recovery occurs in 1-2 days. Pregnant "Kameton" should not be used for more than a week. The duration of use of this drug should be determined exclusively by the attending physician, taking into account the peculiarities of the course of the disease.can cometon during pregnancy

Side effects of the drug

During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes occur in a woman's body, as a result of which the risk of side effects from using this remedy increases several times.

In some cases, allergic reactions may develop, as a rule, this occurs in the presence of individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Most often, such unpleasant symptoms such as tickling and dry throat, irritation, itching occur. The appearance of these or other suspicious symptoms can pose a serious danger to both the expectant mother and the fetus. Therefore, the above symptoms should be a reason for the immediate cancellation of the drug "Kameton" and treatment to your doctor.


The drug "Kameton" during pregnancy is contraindicated for use in hypertonia, as the liquid paraffin in the composition of the drug can activate the uterine tone, which can cause miscarriage or premature birth.cameton instruction during pregnancy

Important information!

Some components of the drug "Kameton" can have an irritating effect. Therefore, the use of this tool will be appropriate in the event that worries only sore throat or scratchy. If cough has already joined these symptoms, the use of the Kameton medication should be abandoned (pain and irritation can be reduced after its use, but cough, on the contrary, will only intensify).

Many expectant mothers are worried about the fact that the drug in question is contraindicated for children under five. However, this does not mean that the medicine Kameton can have a harmful effect on the child’s body. The fact is that the injection of aerosol into the oral cavity can provoke laryngospasm in a small child.

Spray "Kameton": price

The cost of this drug depends on various factors: the price policy of the pharmacy, the cost of transportation, rental of premises and so on. Today, in almost every pharmacy you can buy Kameton spray. The price of the drug in Russia is in the range of 60-100 rubles per bottle of 30 grams.pregnant woman


Experiments with health will not lead to anything good, especially during pregnancy. The use of any drug in the period of carrying a baby should be carried out solely on the testimony of a doctor and strictly under his supervision. From the above, it can be concluded that the “Kameton” aerosol during pregnancy can be used, provided that a certain dosage is observed and no individual hypersensitivity to the drug components is present.

We hope that the information provided in this article will be useful for you. Take care and be healthy!

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