Kitchen design with a bar - 50 photos

Bar counters migrated to us from North America. They were used in bars, cafes, fast foods to separate visitors from the bartender. Then, American families began to equip the kitchen with bar counters. Today it is a popular, not only designer, but also ergonomic solution.

Fans of parties and noisy companies install large bar counters in the kitchen or in the living room. This allows you to communicate and cook at the same time, involving guests in the process. Bar counter contributes to a relaxed atmosphere.

Young people or people with a rich rhythm of life buy a bar counter more often. It does not involve in long meals and does not imply serving. The bar counter is associated with quick snacks on the go.

Most often, the bar counter is used for zoning rooms. Thanks to a variety of species, it is easy to pick up the tabletop of the desired shape. Usually separate the kitchen from the living room, working area from the dining area. With the help of a bar stand they play with the design, make a smooth transition between the styles of two rooms or create a bright accent near the counter itself.

The bar itself istwo kinds  :

  • Open
  • Closed
Open barney rack looks light and weightless. It is easier to fit into the interior.

Open barney rack looks light and weightless. It is easier to fit into the interior.

Open bar counter attached to the legs. It does not perform any additional functions and is more like a dining table.

Closed bar counter more practical. All space under the table top is used for storage. Under the counter mounted lockers, shelves, even kitchen appliances.

It seems that the bar counter takes up a lot of space and is not suitable for small kitchens. In fact, small countertopsadd working space. Very functional two-tier racks. It is also convenient to use retractable bar racks, which, if necessary, simply clean.

The table top is fixed at a height of 110-115 from the floor. Traditional bar stools 50-60 cm high are bought to them. They are made of wood, leather, metal. In small kitchens, the length of the bar counter is shortened.

The bar counter is bought with all kitchen furniture or installed later. Sometimes it is made to order. It is more expensive, butmore spectacular and more practical. The table top not only looks beautiful and appropriate, but also fits perfectly into the dimensions of the kitchen. This is especially important if it is small.

The rails for glasses and wine glasses are fastened over the table top or mounted hanging shelves. The bar counter is illuminated by means of a cornice in which the lamps are embedded.

When the kitchen is expanded by combining with a balcony, the bar counter is often mounted on site.window sill. A beautiful and multifunctional tabletop that creates a smooth transition between

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Types of bar racks.

Bar counters arefive kinds: classical, island, combined, two-level, sliding and rack-partitions.

  • Classic

The classic bar counter is a continuation of the tabletop. It is flush with the work surface. Under it can be shelves and cabinets, and maybe empty space. Then the rack set on the legs. The height of such a bar should not exceed 90 cm. They buy chairs up to 60 cm high.

  • Island

This is a combination of a traditional bar with a traditional dining table. Most of all, it is distinguished by its height and production material. The island bar counter is not suitable for small kitchens: it simply does not fit there.

This rack is practical.There are usually lockers and bedside tables under it, so the dining table becomes an extra place to store things.

  • Combined

The combined bar counter is not separated from the rest of the kitchen worktop, but is fixed at a different height. It simultaneously performs the function of the work surface and the dining table.

  • Two-level

The form resembles a classic. The upper level is placed above and directly performs the functions of a bar counter, and the lower one can be an extension of the work surface and used for cooking. The second option - the upper level is placed much higher, almost under the ceiling.

  • Rack partition

Rack-partition often installed separately from the kitchen, but it can be a continuation of it. The main advantage of this rack - it zoning the room.

The materials from which make bar counters

Most often, bar counters are made of wood, chipboard, stone, corian or drywall. In addition, use other materials: glass, plastic, metal.

  • Particleboard is an inexpensive solution that implies a large,unlimited color selection. It is durable and serves well, and the choice of decor for it is huge.
  • Wood is a classic, sophisticated version. It is expensive, butserves long and creates luxurious interior. This rack is decorated with carvings, stained glass, tiles. Even in a small kitchen, it looks concise and pretentious.
  • Plastic is not the most durable, butpractical and economical option. It is painted in any color, it fits well into the interior in the style of hi-tech or avant-garde.
  • Stone is an expensive material. Bar counter made of natural stonefits into any interiorand can be its highlight, focusing all attention on yourself. Artificial stone is a bit cheaper, but it is not inferior to natural for durability. Racks of stone wear-resistant and beautiful.
  • Glass - the newfangled material for the bar. It is fragile and can not withstand heavy loads, butlooks very stylishairy This is a great option for high-tech or loft design, as well as for a small kitchen that wants to add weightlessness and lightness.
  • Metal is bold andexpressive material for the bar counter. It fits in loft style, high tech, avant-garde, minimalism. Combining with other designs metal rack is more difficult, but possible.To do this, add accessories and other parts: forged legs, wooden inserts. The material itself is durable and practical.
  • Corian - one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of the bar. Buyers attracted himlow cost and appearance. Corian resembles marble, but is available in a variety of colors, so it is easy to fit into any interior.
  • Drywall is another economical option. It is not distinguished by refinement or durability, buteasy to process. Therefore, the bar counters of drywall make any shapes and sizes. It is not advisable to use them for cooking: temperature extremes and moisture spoil the material. With the help of a rack of drywall is better to zone the room.

Exotic, at first glance, the bar counter serves good service in practical application. They fit it not only in modern loft apartments, but also in the kitchens of small apartments and rooms with a classic, restrained design.

How to decorate the bar counter

The bar counter is beaten with the help of accessories, lighting, chairs, additional structures or built-in equipment. Mounted coffee maker, juicer, cocktail lovers - shakers, geysers and rimery.

Bar chairs

Bar stools - a must-have addition to the bar. They should be comfortable and compact, complement the rack and fit into the interior. They help to create a beautiful design and complement the bar itself.

If the kitchen is miniature - the seats are screwed to the bottom of the countertop and put forward if necessary.


Colorful bar stools set off the laconic and discreet interior of the kitchen.


Backlight for the bar plays a big role. If the worktop is a working area, you need bright lighting for comfortable cooking. In the event that the island stand or is distant from the light source, lamps are mounted above it for dimmed light.

Even the most ordinary bar counters are beaten with the help of the backlight. Unusually shaped or personally decorated lamps with laces or pendants become an interesting design move. And if you embed the LED strip at the bottom of the tabletop, it turns out the original lighting, which is left to burn even at night.

Light bar counter also built-in ceiling lights. In this way, a separate zone is created using light.

podsvetka-3As a backlight - the original round lamps with laces.

Bar tube

The bar tube is transformed from a simple decoration into a multifunctional addition to a bar counter. Holders and stands for glasses, glasses and mugs are attached to it. The pipe can be simply made of metal, but you can decorate it yourself.


Classic kitchen design with bar counter

To create a classic, discreet interior using a wooden or stone bar counter. The design adheres to traditional shapes and sizes, choose racks without bright accessories and intricate designs. With expensive wooden chairs, a marble worktop and exquisite decorative elements, the bar counter looks solid and blends in with a discreet design.


In the classic, artsy interior harmoniously entered the bar. It is wooden, but has a marble countertop, which adds a bit of gloss. Bar stools look expensive due to the high backs and thin legs of interesting shape. So the rack does not stand out from the general interior, but complements it.

klassika-2A bright accent that stands out against a stone wall and wooden furniture was picked up to the wooden bar counter. The chairs have wooden legs, but the seats are made of colored leather, beautifully shading the wooden stand.

klassika-3To the wooden furniture and classic forms in the interior they chose a two-tone wooden rack. The lower part is combined with a wardrobe and kitchen set, and the table top stands out and is in harmony with wicker chairs.

klassika-4The interior is expensive, there is a lot of wood in it. The bar was beaten with natural stone, revealing a wooden part to them. To the design picked up high wooden chairs with carved legs and dark-colored leather seats.

klassika-55The wooden stand is made in the color of other furniture, the tabletop is made of dark marble. Here is the focus on bright chairs. So add zest easier and cheaper.

klassika-6To the classic kitchen design added a two-level bar counter. The bottom tabletop is at the level of the kitchen unit, closer to the work area. The second is located above, in the dining area. Chairs are matched to it in color.


In a small kitchen with a restrained design, the combined bar counter fits well.

Bar counter in the small kitchen

Correctly chosen and installed bar counter in the kitchen with limited space becomes an additional work surface and a beautiful element of the interior at the same time.In small rooms, use bar racks, under which mounted cabinets or sliding shelves.

 malekaya-kuhnya-1A wide bar counter serves as both a work surface and a dining table. It also zones the room and creates a smooth transition between the kitchen and the living room. To the low-key tabletop picked up colorful chairs.

malenkaya-kuhnya-2Small in size kitchen flows into the dining room. Stand-partition divides the room into two parts. Bar tube is used to store glasses.

malenkaya-kuhnya-3The island bar counter was divided into two parts - working and dining. If a regular table were placed in the kitchen, an additional working surface would not be enough, and vice versa. The massive base of the rack is used to store kitchen utensils.

malenkaya-kuhnya-4In a small kitchen set a two-tier countertop. Its lower part is at the same height as the kitchen set, it is convenient to cook on it. The top has the height of a classic bar.

malenkaya-kuhnya-5The worktop does not have to be rectangular. The bar in the form of a semicircle less clutters the space, but very well zoned the room. The emphasis was placed on the backlight, the lower level of the tabletop is designed for cooking, the upper one - for food and drink.

malenkaya-kuhnya-6A small bar counter replaces the kitchen table and separates the kitchen from the living room. The white countertop is set off by dark metal chairs.

malenkaya-kuhnya-7Another example of the use of a round bar in a small kitchen. Up to 5 people eat lunch behind it, and due to its shape it fits easily into a small room.

The wide tabletop was divided into two parts with the help of metal and wood. The metal part is wider, it is designed for work and cooking. Wooden facing from the kitchen and is designed to eat. So in the small kitchen fit additional work surface and a small dining table.

malenkaya-kuhnya-9A simple bar counter of chipboard zones the room and replaces a large bulky table. If necessary, the countertop is used as a kitchen set.


The bar counter is an extension of the work surface and a small table for snacking.

Modern kitchen with breakfast bar

In modern designs often use the bar. It does not only zone the room and creates an additional work surface. The bar counter is a way to create a unique, extraordinary design.In large rooms, the emphasis is often placed on it. This is an indicator of luxury, wealth and an active lifestyle. However, the bar counter make even their own hands.

sovremennaya-1In the spacious kitchen, the large island bar counter serves as a dining table and work surface. On the one hand, it replaces the kitchen set, and on the other - the dining area. At the same time, the unity of the design composition is not broken.

sovremennaya-2A round bar counter completely separates the work area from the rest of the room. White and black tones look concise and stylish. They are diluted with accessories and decorations.

sovremennaya-3Almost in every minimalist interior there is a bar counter. Open racks look stylish and easy, emphasize straight lines, can be a bright addition to the restrained interior.

sovremennaya-4If the kitchen is large, a dining table and a bar are installed in it. The latter is located closer to the kitchen, and the kitchen table is placed further. The bar counter is used as an additional work surface, for storing things and quick snacks, and a regular table is for full meals.

sovremennaya-5In small kitchens, the rack is mounted near the window, instead of the window sill.So she adds even more space and can even replace the dining table.

sovremennaya-6Exquisite design with a glass bar. It is placed not in the kitchen, but in the recreation area, near the mini-bar. This is another way to fit the bar into the interior.

sovremennaya-7The table top does not have to be a classic shape. An improvised bar counter made of natural materials fits into any room, it looks creative and expensive.

 sovremennaya-8Another option is to install a bar counter instead of a windowsill. Thanks to the table top create a seating area right in the kitchen. Especially true in the summer when open windows.

sovremennaya-9The bar counter is great for a rest room. It does not have to be big, it is installed near the bar, opposite the TV or home theater.sovremennaya-1134353637383941424344454647484950

The bar counter is a beautiful solution not only for studio apartments or spacious houses, but also for small kitchens. This is a multifunctional furniture, which often becomes the main decoration of the apartment. Due to the large selection of materials and a wide range of prices, they select a rack for any interior and wallet.

Especially popular two-tier racks.They combine the work surface and the classic bar for cocktail gatherings. The bar stand is allocated with the help of bright chairs, lights, lamps with laces, cladding.

Bar counters unobtrusively zoned the premises, separating the working area from the rest area. This is true for young people living alone, and large families. The bar counter creates an atmosphere that itself is conducive to communication and relaxation.

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