Kitchen tap

Now we are doing repairs in the kitchen, ordered new furniture. To make it look beautiful, I want to put a new mixer. Tell me where it is better to buy a faucet for the kitchen in Moscow and which one is better to choose?
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Answered on March 11 20:47
I would choose a single-lever tap for the kitchen, because with it you can quickly establish the flow of water of the required temperature. It is also important to choose the mixer according to the shape of the spout, the jet of water should fall into the center of the sink.
Answered on March 11 20:52
We put in the kitchen faucet with pull-out shower. As for me, this is the most convenient option. Recently saw a crane with LED lighting - very interesting and unusual.
Answered on March 11 20:56
Everyone chooses faucets based on their preferences. One thing I can say for sure - be sure to choose a quality tap so that you don’t have to change it in the near future. You can buy a faucet for the kitchen, for example, in this online store. The choice seems to be good, I hope you can find the faucet you need.

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