LED beams for cars: types, selection, installation

Additional lighting equipment is very necessary for off-road cars. Regular optical devices even honestly cope with the task, but on difficult sections of the road, the owner of the jeep has to intensely peer into difficult sections of roads. On the roads even talk is not worth it. In the forests where there is no, and there has never been lighting and piled trees lie everywhere, it is very difficult to move without additional equipment.

The need for night trips through the forest can occur quite often. Fishermen and hunters love to linger in the forest until late at night. Someone can drive through the forest road home, or to relatives. Of the additional optical devices, LED panels are now popular. Such LED beams are quite bright and affordable. With them you can confidently move even in the darkest forest. Let's look at what kind of equipment, what types it is, how to install the beam on the car.

Functional purpose

What this equipment is necessary for is generally understandable.But LED beams can be used to solve various problems. The number of these tasks varies from model to model. Distinguish between LED optics of high, low or combined light. These solutions provide diffused light that extends over a fairly wide area. They are suitable for installation on the hood of the car, the roof, as well as the side parts.LED beamsOne such beam allows you to create good visibility near the car in the dark and in conditions of insufficient visibility due to difficult climatic conditions. This additional equipment is ideal for those who often have to travel at night on unlit and winding roads. LED beams for cars will be especially useful to the owners of jeeps, fond of fishing or hunting. But these are not all possible uses. Such optics will be suitable for drivers of special equipment at the enterprises. Often the factories practice a continuous production cycle, which means that special equipment will be used at night.


LED beams have different technical characteristics and parameters.Based on them, there are several types of this equipment. There are also various ways to classify them.

Panels are distinguished by the type of light. So, classify the device dipped, main beam, as well as mixed type. In addition, there are direct and panoramic beams. Panoramic (the so-called "chandelier") is able to illuminate fairly large areas of unlighted terrain. And if the straight panel captures only a section of the road ahead, then the panoramic one will also illuminate the roadsides.LED beams for carsLED beams for SUVs differ in the number of rows with LEDs, the number of these lamps in the panel and power. At the moment there are beams of 60 or more watts.

Low-power chandeliers are able to illuminate the roadway much better than the standard automotive optics dipped. However, if we compare this group with more powerful LED equipment, they are seriously losing against this background. Among the advantages of such additional optics, it is necessary to note its affordable cost.

Powerful devices (everything above 60 W) are able to illuminate the road 200 meters ahead. These are already serious units.However, the cost of such chandeliers is much higher.

Advantages and disadvantages

LED beams for SUVs and all other types of cars are capable of providing high brightness in low visibility conditions. Even the cheapest diode chandelier will illuminate the surface much better than standard halogen or xenon optics.

Along with the brightness and quality of lighting of this freelance equipment, they are distinguished by their high efficiency. Energy consumption is minimal due to the use of LEDs.LED beams for SUVsYou can also highlight the high reliability. Often, this equipment is made on the basis of aluminum. It is lightweight, but quite durable. Aluminum is not subject to deformation. Such a device can withstand corrosion and sudden temperature changes. In addition, aluminum is not afraid of moisture.

You can still highlight the ease of installation. Installation of the LED beam is carried out using complete clamps. Everything you need for installation is already in the package. Manufacturers make sure that the operation of their devices was as simple and convenient as possible.

Luminous flux can be customized.For this purpose, special lenses are used. That is why such additional lighting devices can be called one of the most effective and convenient to use. Such equipment will be an excellent acquisition for all motorists who love outdoor activities.

Selection features

In order to get high-quality lighting as a result, experts recommend choosing LED beams on the roof of the car. The power of such devices must be at least 180 watts. This is a guarantee of high brightness.

Before you buy a chandelier, you must accurately measure the width of the mounting surface, that is, the roof of the car. There are three sizes of wide double row headlamps for mounting on the roof. These models are most often manufactured on the basis of 3W LEDs. For example, a two-row LED beam with 60 LEDs and a power of 180 W in length is 800 mm. The 240 W headlamp for 80 LEDs has a length of 1,100 mm. But that is not all. The 96 diode lamp (280 W) has a length of 1300 mm. The 240W single-row LED beam has 24 LEDs, 1000 mm long. More powerful 30 diodes and 300 watts are made long in 1280 mm.LED roof beamsFor those,Who needs the maximum luminous flux, and who is not constrained in price, you should pay attention to the products of the American manufacturer of automotive optical equipment Loyo. These lights have maximum light output and are made on the basis of 10-volt LEDs. Thus, a beam with smaller dimensions is able to provide more light than a double row due to the use of more powerful diodes.

The market also has a large selection of inexpensive products. These lamps are made of Chinese LEDs. If you look at the reviews on such automotive optics in general, it is clearly seen that most often this product does not meet the stated characteristics. In addition, the life leaves much to be desired. Brightness is not enough, and the luminous flux is not so big.

American products have a warranty period of up to 30 thousand hours. This is enough for more than ten years of continuous daily operation of the equipment. Beams have good tightness and are not afraid of moisture.


What will be the result of using LED beams? It all depends on the accuracy and quality of installation. It was already noted above where it is possible to install these devices. Now consider the installation in more detail.installation of LED beamsLED beams for cars can be fixed to the rails, the top of the windshield, the roof of the car and the front of the bumper. Also, the device is attached to the grille.

Installation on rails

Installation of LED beams on the rails does not require much time. Any owner of an SUV, as well as any other car equipped with railings, will be able to do the installation with their own hands. It is only necessary to remember that with self-installation there will be no possibility of adjusting the directivity of the luminous flux. It is necessary to pre-select the installation angle.

The first step is to choose a place suitable for the installation of the chandelier. The most optimal - it is 20 cm to the windshield. If to carry out fixture in this place, then it is possible to get rid of glares in this way. Further, the fasteners are made using special brackets - they are sold with the device. Do not fix the equipment on the screws or screws, which involve drilling holes in the roof.

Some SUVs have nominally special holes in the roof. You can learn about this in the instructions or documentation for the car.If there are no holes, then you have to pull the wires under the hood.LED beam connectionWhen the wire appeared in the cabin or under the hood of the car, it is connected to the battery, and the complete button for turning on the lights is output to the salon.

Windshield mounting

In this case, the LED beams are installed using a special fastener. It is installed on the place where the windshield ends, and the metal of the roof is already beginning. This method is good because the characteristics of light can be easily adjusted. Aerodynamic characteristics of the machine are not violated in any way, the noise level does not increase.

Roof mounting

For this, it is necessary that a special cross member or trunk be installed on the roof. Experienced motorists are aware of the advantages that additional light gives on the roof of the car. So, a situation often happens when, when crossing a ford, a car goes under the water so much that regular headlights are no longer visible. Then all hope rests on the LED beam. Mount for the LED beam comes with the device and represents a few clamps. They just need to tighten.

Installation on the bumper and trunk

In order to install the beam on the bumper, you will need special mounts. They can be easily purchased at car dealerships. There are no difficulties with this. With mounting on the trunk also no problems. It is enough to find a suitable fixture.

About wires

When the LED beam is installed, the connection should be made with reliable and thick wires. Connectors must be sealed. However, even the thickest wires can not be pulled on the outside of the car. In the process of movement, they can catch on, for example, a branch, and a break will occur.LED beam double rowConnection kit basically already includes wires and everything you need. This relay, button, and fuse. All devices are already connected to the same network. It remains only to bring all this to the battery. In the mounting kit for two or more headlights there may be two outputs for connecting additional optics.


In this article, we found out what are the LED beams. As you can see, this is a very useful lighting equipment. For a small price you can significantly change the appearance of your SUV. And at night, you can easily overcome fords and other obstacles.

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