Statistics, published in the publication "Kommersant", speaks about the popularity of loans among Russian citizens.
The study took into account only bank debts of citizens. But, if we estimate the load in the non-banking sector, in this case the situation is worse. Microloans in the amount of 10-15 thousand rubles were issued in Russia for a total amount of 60-80 billion rubles. So, they received 4-8 million citizens. At the same time, representatives of Sberbank indicate that a microloan is able to have a big impact on the well-being of Russian citizens, whose income level can be considered low. Earlier, German Gref, who heads Sberbank, proposed banning some banking institutions from extending loans directly to stores. Banks, in his opinion, offer excessively high rates in the POS-crediting industry.

Loans are needed by manyLoans are needed by many
As noted earlier, it was the low-income Russians and citizens who are provided with consumer loans that turned out to be the most indebted.Borrowers with loan debts accounted for 50% of the total economically active population of Russia. Often, banks regret granting a loan to such citizens, because quite a few borrowers are not very conscientious in terms of timely payment of funds received by the bank.
Loans are most often given to low-income people in RussiaLoans are most often given to low-income people in Russia
Loans are issued in all cities of the country. For example, anyone who plans to make a loan at a banking institution can count on> assistance in obtaining a loan. Moreover, this assistance is most often provided on the day the client contacts the bank. The loan is offered in various ways, these options depend on the size of the loan, on the size of the collateral, on the borrower's positive credit history and other components. If desired, the borrower, for example, can choose a loan, for which you will need the smallest package of documents.
Low-income borrowers in Russia are manyLow-income borrowers in Russia are many
“Banks are themselves to blame for the fact that sometimes they are too illegible in issuing loans. And it’s their misfortune that by issuing a loan, they often cannot get their money back, ”the social network user notes.
The editors of believe that a loan to many low-income citizens helps to solve life problems. Moreover, among this category there are many conscientious people who pay debts on a loan on time.

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