Meat and dairy breeds of cows

Modern cattle breeding has about three hundred kinds of breeds of cows, including dairy breeds of cows and meat. There are three most popular groups of dairy cows. It:

cows of Dutch breed. They gave birth to a black and motley breed, which is popular in Europe, Russia, Japan, America and Australia. This breed is distinguished by high milk yields, up to ten thousand liters per year.

The Danish and Anglerian breeds of cows gave theirthe beginning of the breed of red suits. These animals are common in the Baltic countries, Poland, on the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. The yield of this breed is up to six thousand liters per year.

The breed, bound by its properties, resultscrossing of animals of Dutch breed and local cattle. This breed is widespread in Siberia and central regions of Russia. Their milk production reaches four thousand liters per year.

For the development of beef cattle breeding, our countryhas quite good conditions - it's a fairly sparing climate, the availability of excellent meadows and grazing areas. In summer, the animals eat green food, in the winter - bulky food products in combination with concentrates. The peculiarity is that cows of meat breeds do not milk. Within six to eight months of the year, calves are grown. This type of agricultural activity has its advantages: obtaining an excellent fertilizer - manure, to increase the fertility of soils. Labor costs associated with livestock care are in the winter and early spring, when agricultural work has not yet begun.

Popular meat breeds of cows

Aberdeen-Angus selection of meat cows. It was created in the eighteenth century in Scotland. Harsh climatic conditions have developed a high degree of adaptation to the habitat in the pasture. Northern farmers preferred this breed to all others for their excellent ability to receive high-quality meat, having good health and a strong physique. This breed has resistance to climatic conditions, early formation of meat and fat, a small proportion of bones and tendons. For the development of the greatest productive potential, this breed requires good feeding. For example, in the climatic conditions of steppes and semi-deserts this breed loses its advantages and is inferior to others, such as Kazakh white-headed, Hereford or Kalmyk. With breeding breeding, the Aberdeen-Angus breed passes on its offspring valuable meat properties.

Breeds of cows: Kazakh white-headed

This is the result of selection breedinghalf a century old. The continental climate in the steppes of the southern Urals and the north of Kazakhstan exerted its influence on the new breed, derived by combining Kazakh cows with Canadian bulls of the Hereford breed. This selection experiment has become widespread. Hereford breed showed its early maturity, high meat production, the opportunity to pay well forage. Local Kalmyk breeds gave a high degree of adaptation to the climate of the southeastern regions and arid steppes. There are some drawbacks, such as the scarcity of meat in the lumbar region and the back of the animal's torso.

Charolaise breed - champion in weightamong other breeds. The suit is white, with a slightly creamy hue. The motherland of this breed of cows is France. Still young animals have a high ability to quickly gain meat mass without fat deposits.

The Limousine breed was bred over one hundred and fiftyyears in France. The color is red, from light to dark. Species of this breed of cows are distinguished by endurance, fecundity, taste data of meat, unpretentiousness. The Limousine breed takes the second place in the world in terms of prevalence, second only to the Charolais breed.

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Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows Meat and dairy breeds of cows