Meduchnitsa is unclear - a medicinal plant

In the spring, forests and hills hide beautifully bloomingvalley of the medinits. It is an excellent early honey plant, as well as an extremely useful and medicinal plant, which has long been used for the treatment of pulmonary diseases. Practical benefits, healing properties and application of this miracle plant, we will disclose in this article. Medunitsa obscure refers to the family borage. In Latin, it sounds like - Pulmonaria obscura Dumort.

Medunitsa an unclear description

This herbaceous perennial plant canstretch up to 30 cm in height. Flower-bells are located at the ends of twigs, in color bright pink and crimson. When the plant blossoms, violet and blue bells gradually form, but the flower nectar is observed only in pink and crimson. It blooms from the beginning of April to the end of May. Also, this plant has fruits in the form of round sharpened around the edges of strong nuts, which ripen in July. The leaves of the medina are white-spotted, covered with downy and slightly rough.

This flower grows in predominantly mixed anddeciduous forests, on the fringe, large glades and can often occur in bushes. In Russia, this is the most common herbaceous plant for all forest and forest-steppe areas. In addition, it is found in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus. It is important to note that the medlina is not clear - this is a decorative flower, which you can decorate not only the estate, but also the windows of the apartment.

Unclean wizard

How did this color range of plants

According to ancient belief, the blue lungworts areinflorescence of Adam, and pink - Eve. Thus it is a symbol of the inseparable unity of opposites. In addition, there is a scientific interpretation of this property. The composition of the Medunica includes plant pigments, which are responsible for the color of the petals. With the help of their plant, the color changes depending on the acidity. Young flowers usually have sour juice, so the colors are bright pink. When the flower ages, the acidity of the juice naturally decreases sharply, so the petals turn blue.

Main medicinal properties

The genus of this plant, according to many sources,forms from 12 to 70 species. The second name of the lungwort is obscure - dark, it has completely amazing healing properties. For medicinal purposes, as a rule, take the herb of the plant. These are flowers, leaves and stems. Medunitsa is unclear, the use of which is common for medicinal purposes, is a stunning flower. Use it in medicine. The presence of many useful properties is explained by the high content of tannins, rutin, carotene and vitamin C.

Unclean description

The plant has a surprising effect on the human body:

  • envelops;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • diuretic;
  • expectorant;
  • hemostatic;
  • anesthetizing.

It is due to manganese and a variety of various trace elements, the unidentified medlina can normalize the metabolism.

What can be treated with infusions and decoctions made on the basis of this flower?

  • Women Health.
  • Stomach, intestines.
  • Lungs.
  • Anemia.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Kidneys and liver.

It is important to note that the leaves can be actively used in the preparation of vitamin salads.


Medunitsa unclear is also used in the home, from it make broths and tinctures:

  • broth for bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, epilepsy;
  • juice with acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, breast disease, urolithiasis, anemia, lotion with abscesses, abscesses;
  • as a warm plaster - with carbuncles;

Meduzhnica unclear application

Dosage forms, practical use and dosage

  1. Infusion infusions: 10 g of billet pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and let stand for 40 minutes, then strain through 3 layers of gauze. Drink four times a day for 30 minutes before a meal of 0.5 ml.
  2. Decoction: four spoonfuls of dry leaves for 2 cups of boiling water, you can use honey and cane sugar for two spoons. Apply 5 times a day mainly with lung diseases.
  3. Also, this broth is often used for diseases of the intestines - spasms, diarrhea, stomach ailments.
  4. Infusions from the lungwort unclear can be taken for a long time, since such doses are absolutely harmless to humans.

Collection and drying of raw materials

For medicinal purposes, the grass is harvested yetbefore its full dissolution. It is dried very much in a ventilated room, the process does not take much time. The dried herb grows dark green, raw materials can be used for a whole year. There are no obvious contraindications to this plant, but it is necessary to use medicines from it carefully and only according to the prescriptions of doctors, since the main side effect may be nausea and also individual intolerance.

medlunitsa obscure red book

The medlina is not clear. Red Book

Since 1984 the collection in Moscow has been bannedharvest of wild boar. In 2001, this species is listed in the Red Data Book of Moscow. The residents of the capital are regularly informed of the complete ban on the collection of this herbaceous plant on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

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