Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe

"Mimosa" has long been a traditional dishfestive table. Fish taste in combination with the rest of the ingredients gives it a special piquancy. However, everything can get boring, especially if it is cooked too often. In this case, you can diversify the recipe by preparing a salad "Mimosa" with rice. His taste will differ slightly from the already familiar, but it is absolutely in no way inferior. At the same time, there are also several variants that differ in composition, from which one can choose the one that is more like.

So, to prepare a salad "Mimosa" with rice,the recipe can be taken next. Onion (2 pieces) is cut into thin half-rings, two-thirds of the resulting mixture is poured with a mixture of olive oil and wine vinegar, salt, pepper and crushed green feathers are put. Everything is put in the fridge to marinate.

Rice boiled with the addition of a cube of chickenbroth. It puts a pair of cloves of garlic, passed through the press and mayonnaise. Cooked porridge is divided into two parts. With canned tuna and cod liver, the liquid is drained, they are softened by a fork separately from each other.

The rest of the onion is ground and joinedwith tuna. In the liver of cod is placed chopped boiled egg and a spoonful of mustard. Cheese of any solid grade rubs on a fine grater. In a deep plate, the salad "Mimosa" with rice is laid out in layers. First put the boiled croquet with mayonnaise, it is tuna with onions, then rice, which is laid out the cod liver, connected with the egg and sprinkled with grated cheese. From the pickled onion, the liquid is drained, and it will be the top layer of the dish. It should be noted that in this case the taste will differ significantly from traditional, however, such a salad "Mimosa" with rice has its own flavor. For decoration, you can sprinkle all over with a few egg yolks, well-pitted, so that the dish corresponds to the name.

To prepare a salad "Mimosa", a recipe with riceyou can take such. Eggs (6 pieces) boil, clean, separate yolks from proteins. Carrot and cheese grind with a blender or grater. A pack of butter, which was previously left for a while in the freezer) is rubbed. Onion finely chopped. If it is too bitter, then it is treated with boiling water, after which it is dried. With canned fish (it is taken to choose, but, in most cases, it is sardine or tuna), the oil is drained, the bones are removed, after which it is ground with a fork. Rice boils, salt, it puts a spoonful of butter and the same amount of mayonnaise.

On a flat plate lay a layer of fish(half), rice, grated cheese, carrots, top with mayonnaise. Then put crushed squirrels, the remaining fish and onions. Everything is again smeared with mayonnaise. Grated egg yolks are divided into two parts. In the beginning, one of them is laid out, on which oil is placed. The remaining yolks will finish the dish. This salad "Mimosa" with rice should be served as quickly as possible on the table, since it retains its "airy" taste not long enough.

Many housewives love to experiment withrecipes of dishes and their ingredients, why they get a new unusual taste. So, the originality is distinguished by the salad "Mimosa" with rice and the addition of an apple. A fruit is recommended to take sour-sweet varieties. The canned fish is kneaded with a fork, topped with crushed onions and smeared with mayonnaise. The next layer will be boiled rice, which is placed peeled and grated apple. Mayonnaise is again used here. The final layers will be separately crushed proteins and yolks. On top of the salad sprinkled with grated cheese and decorated with twigs of greenery. Before serving on the table, it is recommended to hold it for about an hour in the refrigerator.

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Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe Mimosa salad with rice, cooking recipe