Modern Irish dance: description, history and movements

Ireland at all times was famous for itsan unrivaled dance culture, but recently interest from the world community has increased even more thanks to the spectacular show, which uses Irish dance already in modern processing.

History of creation of dance art

This type of Irish culture passed itsa thousand-year history and, according to many researchers, originated from the time of the Celtic peoples who founded their state on the territory of modern Ireland.

Irish danceThe most ancient image reminiscent of something remotely Irish dance is the Celtic Sean-Nos performed by the Gauls who lived on these islands in the distant past.

The first mention of dance movements, similar to the current modern dances, was dated about the eleventh century.

A little later, under the influence of the Normanconquerors, a completely different culture of fulfillment began to emerge - a group of people leading a dance. And in palaces and balls, Irish dance began to gain popularity in the sixteenth century.

A little later, about a century or two later,the first teachers of dance art appeared, thanks to which many kinds and varieties of present modern variations arose. But at the same time the terrible oppression of this culture began, so the performance of the dances was kept in strict secrecy. The church considered dance art something obscene. Many historians agreed that the characteristic immovable position of the hands on the belt of Irish dance was acquired precisely after the Christian priests announced that it was indecent and unsuitable to dance in this way, like sacrilege or an invisible connection with a demon.

Modern look

Already in the nineteenth century in small villages andcities began to gain popularity various competitions, a prize on which there could be a big pie. The modern period in dance art begins at the end of the same century. The Gaelic League was created, which set itself the goal at all costs to preserve the Irish musical culture, which was oppressed for one and a half centuries.

how to dance an irish danceDance rules were established in 1929year, then appeared by the Irish Commission, which acted in various competitions. As a result, the technique has significantly changed - it is performed by modern Irish dances to this day. In the thirties, women more often began to take part in productions and had the opportunity to teach in educational institutions where they taught dance skills.

Solo performances

Many species and species have Irishdancing. An amazing pattern of movements can be viewed in the performance of solo dancers. They represent a real embodiment of a certain grace and ease, but at the same time, energy and rhythm. For solo is suitable for both soft and hard shoes. It can look in the form of laced ballet shoes or heeled shoes, depending on who it is intended for (male and female).

How to dance Irish dance, many dancers,participating in competitions, learn from childhood to the most diverse national melodies (rills, jigs, hornpipe), which are used for solo performances. They all have their differences, but the generalizing features are the hands clasped to the sides and a beautiful posture with a motionless torso. This is done in order to pay as much attention to all the complexity and clarity with which the feet of the dancers move.

best dances irish dances


It is worth highlighting as a separate category of soloIrish dances, traditional sets. They are performed in stiff shoes and represent a standard set of movements. What is the name of the Irish dance-set, so is the melody, under which he dances.

There is also an unconventional view of this style, performed under slow motivation by open level dancers. A set of movements can depend on the imagination of the teacher or the wishes of the performer.

Group Dancing

This variety is different in that dancersStand facing each other, thereby forming a square, mostly these are the famous quadrilles. They are not originally Irish, so their movements can be present in various European styles. Differences between dances - in the number of figures, which can vary from three to six.

In the 80s this species became widely knownthe public and his began to teach in many dance schools. To date, social group dances are performed at a very high speed and in some wild manner.

what is the name of Irish dance


This word is translated from the Irish language verbatimsounds like a "merry holiday with music and dancing". In the early twentieth century, a new style of group performances began to be called this term, which survived to our time.

Kayli is accepted to dance in soft shoes and, unlike solo types, in him dancers use hand movement. The main thing in his performance is the full cooperation of all partners.

Basically this kind of dance is performedunder the jig and rila. They include a different number of dancers: from four to sixteen. Variations can be very different, but often they are two or four pairs of people standing opposite each other. All kinds of cayills can be conditionally divided into linear (progressive) or curly ones. The first means that all the dancers stand in the form of one big and long line. When they dance the entire full cycle, they move to one position, respectively, the next stage of the dance they already perform with a new partner.

The second type of caylee is most often foundat competitions or representative events. Various choreographic productions led to the fact that this category of dancing began to resemble a real spectacular show that won the hearts of many spectators.

modern Irish dances In the present time, the caylis can dance anddifferent parties of people of different ages. And it does not matter in what manner and at what level they will be performed - a tremendous feeling from the freedom of movement and the fervent rhythm will always arise in any dancing this dance.

Interesting Facts

It is believed that the Irish dances are in no way inferior in their passion for the performance of the Oriental, they are simply performed in a more intelligent and secretive manner.

It turns out that the Irish step occupies one of the main steps among many dance and stage shows.

Motives, which the Irish dancemodern sets and quadrilles, as well as other types of this art, play mainly on bagpipes, violin and accordion, as a result, a rather winding and fervent melody is obtained.

Irish dances an amazing pattern of movementsThe Irish themselves say that the best dances are Irish dances, which symbolize the strong spirit and unyielding will of this people.

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