Muscle Building Technique: Arnold Bench Press

Arm Arnold is a very effective exercise for those athletes who want to build and strengthen muscle mass. The name of the method does not mean that the author was a world-famous athlete, actor and political figure Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, the exercise was invented much earlier, but it really gained its popularity among bodybuilders thanks to “Iron Arnie”, who has repeatedly proved its effectiveness with his achievements. Moreover, Schwarzenegger has complicated the technique of the bench press.bench press

The best method of building muscle mass

Arnold believed that a special technique for performing exercises on the deltoid muscles with dumbbells is most effective for achieving an excellent result.

With this exercise, the athlete fairly quickly develops deltoid muscles that contribute to the formation of the shoulders. During the training, the load on the muscles is distributed in different ways: the front beams take the brunt, the middle ones are a little less, and quite a bit small.With proper exercise between the deltoid and pectoral muscles over time, a clear boundary is formed.

From traditional exercises, Arnold's press is distinguished by a wider range of motion. At the time of the rotation of the brushes when pushing the dumbbells up, the deep muscle fibers are activated, increase in volume and lift the deltas from the inside. Also simultaneously with the movements of the hands, the rotational muscles of the shoulders are actively involved in the work.

Arm Arnold. Techniquebench press technique

  1. Sit on the bench and snuggle up against her back. Before starting the training, you should make sure that the back is adjacent to it exactly at an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. The legs are bent at the knees and are perpendicular to the floor. Feet fixed and fully adjacent to the floor. Hands with dumbbells rise to the level of the neck, while the elbows are bent all the way and are parallel to the body or slightly protrude. The palms are directed to the face. This is followed by taking a deep breath and holding your breath while lifting the dumbbells in the vertical direction.
  3. It is necessary to concentrate on the neck muscles and make sure that the head does not deviate from its original position at this moment.Raising the dumbbells to the level of the crown, you need to slowly turn the brush out.
  4. It should be remembered that during a turn, the hands are slightly divorced, and at the top point they come down again. When the elbows are fully extended, you need to exhale smoothly and strain the deltoid muscles as much as possible.
  5. After 3-5 seconds, gently lower the arms and, stopping at shoulder level, turn the hands to the starting position.

Advice from experienced bodybuilders

For maximum safety and efficiency, you can’t ignore the simple rules:

1. When lifting dumbbells should be kept in front of the body, and then, when the elbows are gradually turned to the sides, shoulder joints and wrists should continue to rise symmetrically with the plane of the body. If everything happens correctly, then the front deltas receive the initial load, then the key-humeral and supraspastic muscles are included in the work.bench press sitting
2. During lifting, sudden movements are unacceptable, which can contribute to the overload of different muscle groups and the spine. Exercise is performed smoothly and slowly.

This type of press is widely used and practiced among weightlifters, gymnasts, swimmers and other athletes.There is and is used not only the classic Arnold bench press, but the bench press and even lying.

Variations of execution

The bench press is slightly different from the usual. It also involves the shoulder muscles, but in this case, the main attention is paid to strengthening the lateral delta tufts. Many professional athletes prefer the Arnold bench press as an effective exercise to increase muscle mass. And to increase brachial strength, the bench press is not quite suitable, because it has a minimal effect on the triceps.

Athletes who want to increase the strength of the triceps, use the method of bench press in the supine position - the Arnold bench press. To do this, the athlete lays down on the bench and takes the bar with a grip shoulder-width wide or a bit narrower. It depends on the size of the athlete and the comfort when lifting. The optimal width should be felt by the pectoral muscles, and if the grip is too small, then the sensation of the load will go to the triceps. The barbell rises vertically upwards.
bench press lying

After training with heavy dumbbells or a barbell, you need to take a little rest and continue, but with lighter weights. The exercise is performed in 4-6 sets of 5-7 repetitions.This training helps to prevent pain in the shoulder area.

The effectiveness of the technique

There is no consensus among professional and novice bodybuilders, but they clearly note the effectiveness of such an exercise as the Arnold bench press. It is also advised to eat only natural products with a high content of protein, which contributes to the natural increase in muscle mass. Steroids are strictly prohibited. After class, a planned rest is required.

Typical mistakes

  1. When performing the Arnold bench press, beginner athletes must use an acceptable weight, since the use of large loads not only carries the risk of injury, but also violates the technique and effectiveness of the exercise.
  2. With this press, there is a phased inclusion in the work of all the beams and sections of the deltoid muscles. As a result of sudden movements, the muscles will not work, as it should, in addition, the spine will also be involved in the work, which will increase the load on the back, which means that the risk of injury will increase.

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