Nail psoriasis: causes and treatment. Psoriasis on the nails: treatment of folk remedies

Psoriasis is a non-infectious chronic disease that occurs in waves. It gives a person inconvenience not only because of problems with the health of the body, but also from an aesthetic point of view. During an illness, the nails begin to peel off and change their color, spots and wounds appear on the skin around the nail plate. Often nail psoriasis can cause pain. Treatment usually takes a lot of time and effort. People who are confronted with this disease are usually worried about how to treat nail psoriasis and what rules of behavior to follow. You can find out the answers to them by reading this article.

nail psoriasis

Causes of Psoriasis

Nail psoriasis occurs much less frequently than all other types of the disease. It can develop on the basis of already existing lesions of individual skin areas or psoriatic arthritis, and may also be an independent disease.
There is still no general opinion about the causes of psoriasis among doctors.

Causes of psoriasis of nails can be as follows:

  1. Prolonged stress
  2. Metabolic disorders.
  3. Peripheral circulatory disorders.
  4. Increased sensitivity to certain environmental factors.
  5. The inherited predisposition.

Nail psoriasis: symptoms

A disease like psoriasis has been known for a long time. As early as the nineteenth century, the main signs describing the lesion of the nails in psoriasis were described, and also difficulties in diagnosis were noted. Even then, doctors suggested that this disease has an isolated form. Nowadays, this assumption has been confirmed. In the case of psoriasis vulgaris, the damage to the nail plates can take place as a concomitant form, and it can also develop separately.
The diagnosis is made, for the most part, on the basis of a diagnosis of the appearance of the nail plates of the hands and feet. Sometimes an additional biopsy and histological analysis of tissue from the affected areas.

In most cases, psoriasis of the nail does not cause changes in the composition of the blood and its abnormalities.An exception is the severe form of the disease, during which leukocytosis can begin, as well as an increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

The main clinical manifestations of psoriasis are trachyonii, onycholysis, subungual hemorrhages and the symptom of a thimble. The presence of any of them determines the specifics of how nail psoriasis looks. Consider them in more detail.

 psoriasis nail symptoms

Symptom thimble

Symptom thimble - this is the most common type of nail psoriasis. The manifestation of this symptom is the appearance on the nails of small recesses of various shapes with a diameter of from 0.5 to 2 mm. These pits appear due to the pathological formation of the nail. They appear on the nail in a chaotic manner and resemble the external surface of a thimble in their appearance. Similar deformations of the nail plate occur in the case of other dermatological diseases, but in a single order such pits may appear in healthy people.


Onchiolysis is a lesion of the nail, which also often occurs during psoriasis. During onchiolysis, the nail plate begins to smoothly and without accompanying pain and inflammation to separate from the bed.In terms of its severity, this symptom, often arising in a disease such as psoriasis of the nails, is complete and partial. In most cases, detachment begins at the distal margin, but central and lateral onchiolysis are also common.

When the nail plate begins to flake off, dirt, air and dust penetrate into the emerging empty space. Also there are particles of exfoliated epidermis, which is why the nail changes color to light gray, and in some cases to brown-yellow. A distinctive feature of this form of psoriasis is a thin pink strip around the affected area, which over time becomes yellowish. Often, during onchiolysis, the affected nails begin to exude an unpleasant odor.

nail psoriasis causes

Subungual hemorrhages

Doctors distinguish two subspecies of subungual hemorrhages, differing in their characteristics. For the first type is characterized by the occurrence of pink or red spots under the nail ("oil spot syndrome"). For the second class of symptoms, the feature is the appearance of elongated bruises arising from rupture of capillaries.They have a color ranging from bright red to brown and even black.


This is another type of nail psoriasis, which manifests itself in the form of a change in the color and texture of the nail plate: during trachyonium it becomes dull and rough, and the hole located at its base disappears. Sometimes during the tracheonichia, the nail is pressed in the center: this pathology is called coilonychia. At the same time, at the very beginning of the disease, before acquiring such a curved shape, the nails become somewhat flattened. Tissues located under the nail are not affected.

Nail psoriasis: treatment

This disease is treated for a long time. The most important thing that should not be forgotten during therapy is the need to apply an integrated approach during treatment. Treatment of psoriasis of the nails on the hands and feet is prescribed by the doctor in accordance with the clinical picture of the course of the disease, its severity, taking into account the patient's tendency to relapse, the presence of concomitant diseases and the individual tolerance of certain drugs by the person. If the disease is at an early or middle stage, local drugs are taken for treatment:

how to treat nail psoriasis

  1. Creams and ointments containing corticosteroids - Triacort, Triamcinolone, Prednisolone ointment.This is the main group of drugs suitable for the treatment of psoriasis.
  2. Drugs containing vitamin D3 - Tacalcinone, Calcitrien and others. They contribute to the inhibition of cell division affected by the disease. Well combined with drugs containing betamethasone, for example, with the ointment "Taclonex".
  3. Tar or coal tar is a slightly weaker analogue of the preparations described in the paragraph above.
  4. Dermatotropic drugs - Mikanol, Anthralin, Dithranol. They slow down the division and formation of cells that form manifestations of psoriasis and can contribute to persistent and prolonged remission of the disease.
  5. External retinoids - Tazaroten, Tazorak. They are effective in mild and moderate severity of nail psoriasis.
  6. Salicylic acid - well contributes to the strengthening of the action of other medicines, relieves itching and plaque, and also peels off dead tissue particles.
  7. A solution of 5-fluorouracil, which is applied under the bandage around the finger. It requires a long time of treatment - up to six months.

If treatment with local drugs has proved ineffective, the doctor selects a course of systemic therapy for the patient,which includes the following medications:

  1. "Cyclosporin" is a rather effective remedy for the treatment of psoriasis of any degree of complexity. After undergoing a course of treatment as a maintenance therapy, neoral is required to be taken for two years. Neoral includes the same active ingredient as Cyclosporin, but in a lower content.
  2. "Methotrexate" is a powerful drug that is prescribed for generalization of the disease process. Before use, be sure to read the instructions: "Methotrexate" has a large number of side effects and contraindications.
  3. "Atsitretin" and "Isotretinoin" - are prescribed for severe and advanced forms of nail psoriasis.
  4. Antidepressants - used to reduce itching and manifestations of stress reactions.
  5. Complexes of vitamins and minerals that increase immunity. They must include such elements as calcium, zinc and selenium.

Modern methods of treatment of nail psoriasis

The modern directions of treatment of psoriasis of nails include:

  1. The use of multichannel antibodies, such as Rituximab and Ustekinumab.By binding to the immune system, they neither destroy the immature cells that form manifestations of psoriasis.
  2. The use of biological response modifiers, for example, Alefecept. Such drugs selectively affect those cells of the immune system whose functions have been impaired.
  3. Necrosis blockers - "Adadlimumab", "Etanercept". They are used to treat advanced stages of psoriasis.

Physiotherapy in the treatment of psoriasis

As physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of psoriasis are used:

hand nail psoriasis treatment

  • phototherapy, photochemotherapy;
  • plasma exchange
  • diathermy;
  • hemosorption;
  • excimer laser therapy.

Psoriasis Prevention

The measures for the prevention of psoriasis that can be taken by any person include caring for the nails, refusal to cover the nails with varnish and prevent their large regrowth; It is obligatory to use protective gloves when working with chemicals and to prevent injury to the nail plates.

Nail psoriasis: treatment of folk remedies

It often happens that many drugs cause allergies. These circumstances force us to resort to the following resolution of such a problem,as nail psoriasis: treatment of folk remedies.

psoriasis nail treatment folk remedies

The well-established folk treatments for psoriasis include:

  1. Trays for nails with a bay leaf. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to pour two cups of boiling water with 20 grams of bay leaf. Boil the resulting composition for 10-12 minutes, let it cool and keep nails in it for 10-15 minutes. The solution can also be taken orally: 40 ml 3 times a day.
  2. Lotions: 500 ml of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch or oatmeal, attach to the place of destruction.
  3. Herbal baths of sage, oak bark, succession and celandine.
  4. Reception into the infusion of Hypericum, succession, lingonberry leaves and calamus root also helps to cure nail psoriasis. These herbs should be mixed in equal parts, one spoonful of the resulting mixture pour a glass of boiling water and take 50 milliliters twice a day.
  5. Durushnik compresses: Pour 4 tablespoons of crushed leaves with 500 ml of water, evenly distribute the brewed grass over the affected areas of the body, wrap with food film and hold for 15 minutes.

These folk remedies for psoriasis nails well help people who due to certain circumstances can not take medicine.But, nevertheless, before starting a course of treatment, you still need to consult with your doctor.

Diet for psoriasis nails

Treatment of nail psoriasis is impossible without adherence to the necessary diet and diet. If possible, you must completely abandon the reception of alcohol and smoking. Food at the time of treatment should be avoided from fried, smoked and salty foods, fatty and dairy products, nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits, carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee, as well as solanaceous vegetables - eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

The diet of the patient with psoriasis should include at least 30% acidic foods and about 70% alkaline. It is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water a day, boiled in water, cereals, lean meat and fish, vegetables, eggs, sweet fruits, juice and greens.

nail damage in psoriasis

Rules of conduct for psoriasis

In order to cure the disease as soon as possible, the following rules of behavior must be observed:

  1. Fingernails should be short and neatly trimmed.
  2. When using household chemicals in your hands you need to wear gloves.
  3. To prevent mechanical damage to the nails, to abandon manicure and pedicure.
  4. Lubricate hands with nourishing skin and nails cream.
  5. To make trays with herbs.
  6. Avoid stressful situations.

Now you know how to treat psoriasis of the nails, what symptoms it is accompanied by, and what precautions should be taken in order to prevent it.

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