Nuts: composition

Practically everyone knows that nuts are a useful and nutritious product that can be consumed by both children and adults. The only drawback of nuts is that they are too fat, so nuts that are rich in vitamin E are not recommended for use in large doses. All nuts, without exception, contain vitamin A, and B vitamins, phosphorus and iron, as well as calcium and potassium. In nuts a lot of valuable proteins. To saturate the body with proteins, it is necessary to use not the same nuts, but different ones. With the use of nuts, our body gets omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, as well as omega-6. The intestine really "loves" fiber, which is abundant in nuts, so they are recommended to be used for excretion of harmful substances from the body.


Walnut is a very “fat” nut, although in reality, it is not a nut, but a stone. In nature, there is only one nut - it is hazelnut, and all the other "nuts" are pits. Since time immemorial, walnut has been used to strengthen muscles and relieve fatigue. The ancient people knew very well that a walnut, which is rich in vitamin C, is valuable for the brain.It must be consumed in the season when there is a high probability of catching a cold infection. Experts recommend eating nuts, but not more than 5 a day for people with reduced immunity.

The chemical composition of a walnut is very versatile. In general, a little more than 65% of nuts are fats, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, that lower blood cholesterol. If a person does not eat meat products, that is, is a vegetarian, then it is useful for him to eat walnuts, which contain a lot of carotene, vitamin B1. Due to the fact that walnuts contain many varieties of minerals, in particular, iodine, potassium and magnesium, they have a positive effect on the work of the heart muscle. Therefore, in order to prevent heart diseases, it is necessary to eat a walnut from youth, which is recommended for elderly people.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of nuts includes iron and cobalt, so it is recommended to eat walnut in the diagnosis of "anemia". Few of us know that walnuts are an excellent bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agent.Lactating mothers are advised to eat walnuts as if to increase lactation. But in fact, the fat content of breast milk increases, and therefore the baby gets more nutrients.

Pine nut

Pine nuts - very tasty and nutritious seeds, which contain a lot of nutrients, despite its low weight. According to experts, pine nuts are a storehouse of vitamins, and these nuts contain much more of them than any other. A lot of pine nuts and minerals. Every day, it is recommended to use at least 20 grams of pine nuts, but their composition is so saturated with all sorts of useful substances that it is not recommended to eat more than 40 g to an adult. Pine nuts, the composition of which is completely fiberless, are very delicate and delicate in taste.

Pine nuts are harvested not only in Russia, but also in Italy, Switzerland, North America and China, in Spain and in Portugal. The scope of application of cedar nut is very extensive, because due to its unique chemical composition, cedar has found its application in medicine.Oil is made from it, which is used both internally and externally.

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