What are the gold medals?

Denis Koster
Denis Koster
February 18, 2013
What are the gold medals?

Victory!!! How much is behind this word. This is a goal that has been achieved over the years. How sweet it is to feel that all the tests have been passed and a well-deserved medal glitters on your chest. Every schoolchild who had the honor to try on a gold medal remembers sleepless nights spent behind books playing peers outside the window and with difficulty resisting the temptation to throw textbooks into the corner and run to friends screaming under the windows. But willpower and aspirations made from a simple schoolboy champion. And although for a schoolboy this is in fact a great achievement, it is only an unforgettable intermediate victory, for a sportsman a gold medal is the goal of all life. This is an exhausting workout, constant travel, long separation from family, all for the sake of one thing is a gold medal, for an athlete it is a goal worth any means.

A gold medal does not mean pure gold. Consider what made the gold medals.At the Olympics in Vancouver, the gold medal consisted of 550 grams of silver with a 6-gram gold plating. Since 1960, school gold medals have been made from a 0.3 gram gold tombac.

As you can see, the gold in the medals is very symbolic, but the desire for it makes winning more expensive than gold, so the champion does not care what the gold medals are from, and only the medal and the victory are important.

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