The main thing. About the relationship. With you, with other people and with the world. On the true and present ...
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Blood or ketchup

Only a few know how to love (love unconditionally). Reflections on the main thing. To love is an innate ability or an acquired skill? Healthy love unreasonably sacrificial or retains self-esteem? Why love truly is fear equal to fear of death? We will go deep.


It is very easy to love in words


You are so wonderful / you are so beautiful - how can I love you


But even in paradise, probably, there is no stable ideal state.


On the contrary, the states are very different


And here millions and millions of people who shouted about their love are cut off.


Unite are able to LOVE (to love unconditionally)

This is art

This is a skill


And like any other skill it is necessary to develop it, otherwise the skill is reduced to nothing.


The modern world does not know how to love


That is why such terrible divorce statistics

That is why there are programs like "Let them talk", where the consequences of such a modern "love"


Rarely will anyone be able to distinguish blood from ketchup, for the taste of blood is not familiar to him, he only knows what ketchup is.


Units know how to love (love unconditionally)


I myself belong to this day to the category of people who learn to love, because still the ego sometimes gains the upper hand


And it takes so ... that the consequences have to rake for months


To definitely love you need courage. We fear it like death. Actually, just like death. So open up, trust, open yourself to another person, to fully accept it is very, very scary.


And suddenly, and suddenly, and suddenly - endless questions arise every day, convincing that you need to love by the calculation “you are for me, I am for you”, “since you are with me like that, then I am with you like that”


Unconditional love - love WITHOUT conditions.

She just is.

And ANY conditions for her nothing.


This is when you may not like something in a person or in his behavior, but you are not trying to change it, because you fully accept

This is when time and distance do not affect anything.

This is when you love for the sake of love itself, and not to be loved back.


How many are capable of it in the modern world?


There is another subtle point here - healthy unconditional love can easily become unhealthy sacrificial, if there is no self-worth and self-esteem


Healthy love will choose to love at a distance, than to endure what is totally not satisfied


Do not hate, no. Will continue to love. But out of self-love he distances himself to save his own personality.


Respect yourself

Value yourself

Love yourself


Respect your soul, value your personality, love your uniqueness

No one is comparing

Just by definition


And then love another


Sometimes it seems to me that my main profession in this life is love.

The feeling that this is the main object that I have been studying in recent years.


And in this thread I went deep.

Despite this

Every day, and to this day, I am convinced that what labor unconditional love requires!


Modern Western psychologists will say - if you have to work, then you merge, there are a lot of other objects for love, with which it will be easy and simple (and a person will “merge” all his life from one to another)


And I will say that this option is ketchup.


But not blood.


Chinese fake.


But not the original.


It is very easy to love when all is well.

And it takes great effort to love when it is not quite good.


This is a big fight with yourself.

This is a big check.

These are high risks.

This is scary

This is "what if I am to him, and he ...?"


This is the absence of any conditions.


It is about the power of personality.

It is about wisdom.

It is about the depth of the soul and the perception of the world.

This is about true

About the present


But, as Tolstoy said: "You can live without love.

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