Original jewelry handmade: bracelets of ribbons

A bright and stylish accessory suitable for clothes and emphasizing the individual style and taste of its owner, has always been, is and will be in fashion. It does not matter, he bought the store or made with his own hands. The latter, by the way, is even better, since is a real exclusive, the author's work.

On the issue of baubles

ribbon braceletsBracelets made of ribbons or floss threads are also called baubles. There is an opinion, by the way, erroneous that only teenage children can wear them - for adult girls, and even more so for ladies to wear them in their arms is not very solid. Not agree with this point of view, firstly, it is possible for the reason that weaving baubles - a very exciting activity, interesting, akin to knitting or macrame. Secondly, bracelets of ribbons, with high skill of execution, can be such an excellent decoration for a woman that is not necessary. Moreover, men also wear baubles! Yes, guys and young people who love extreme and informal clothes.And as a wristband, they are happy to put on their hands solid in age and body size, but not aging bikers, rockers and other informals that are not aging in their soul. In both!

Weaving technique

  • Bracelets of ribbons can be made of different types. For example, a bauble from three ribbons. It is possible multi-colored, it is possible and monophonic. All three bind together, and then weave the usual pigtail, free or dense - at your discretion. The ends are fastened, clasps are fastened on both sides of the bauble or it is tied at the wrist.summer bracelets
  • Bracelets of ribbons based on two types of source material: white and red or blue, green and yellow, etc., as you like more. The weaving technique is somewhat more complicated than the first one, but the sample obtained is more interesting. The length of the source - about a meter. Both ribbons fold in half and overlap each other crosswise. In order not to move out of the place, they can be pinned to a table or other working surface with pins, scotch tape, etc.
  • So, suppose we have a red ribbon on top and a white one under it. Red “embrace” white, making a loop around it, as if tied. A white ribbon is inserted into the loop, we pull over the short tail of red and tighten the knot.Again the red ribbon makes a loop, the white one goes into it, this time the puff is made with white ribbon. The process continues until the end of the material. In the place of nodes squares-patterns are formed. Only the nodules can not be tightened much, because you will not get the desired volume pattern.more summer optionsAt the end of the work, sew buckles to the resulting bracelet or also leave the ends of the ribbons free for ties.
  • Wonderful decoration - summer bracelets. They are made using elastic lace, which is sewn into the tape right in the center from the wrong side. Ribbon edges are stitched. And then begins creativity. After all, such a bracelet can be decorated with small flowers, removing them from clothes or buying them in a store. And you can sheathe beads, laying out flowers from it or making them from beads. Fantasy will tell the most interesting and elegant option.

Optional accessories

polymer clay beadsBaubles - not all that can be woven from ribbons or decorative thread. Belts and belts, collars and more can also be created from this material. And to complement the bright summer look, created by you, will help beads made of polymer clay. They are always bright, elegant, spectacular - an excellent decor to a light dress or blouse, open beach dress or top.By the way, and bracelets come out - just a sight for sore eyes! The main thing is that all simple decorations can be made by yourself, with your own hands!


Is it easy to be beautiful with a minimum of cash costs? Is it possible? Yes, if you have the desire, taste and ability to make jewelry on your own!

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