Panel "Romir": the principle of work, reviews

Most housewives or young mothers,who are on maternity leave, gladly agree to some simple underworking. As a result, they take part in various sociological polls, play the role of "secret buyer" and even scan the goods they have purchased for their own needs. The latest fad is more known as the panel "Romir".What it is? How does it work? And how do the project participants respond?

romir panel

A few words about the company itself

"Romir" is a large domesticholding, specializing in conducting various studies of a private orientation. The presentation of the first representative office, which was opened by the company, took place in 1987.

Since its inception, a small research company has grown into the largest independent holding company, known far beyond Russia and the countries of the former CIS.

Today "Romir" actively cooperates withthe international association Gallup International / WIN, exchanges experience and is one of the top 100 research organizations in Eastern and Central Europe.

The company's clients are smalland medium-sized businesses, manufacturers of various goods and services, representatives of the network of filling stations, pharmacies, insurance and travel agencies, beauty centers and other private individuals.With them, everyone is happy to cooperateresearch company "Romir". Feedback on its activities allows you to attract the attention of new and maintain the location of old customers, and also speak in favor of the positive reputation of this organization.

home consumption panel

More about the company's project

Company "Romir" (home consumption panel)is its own development, launched in 2007) offers easy money for housewives, mothers on the decree, and simply responsible people living in a certain territory. His project - this is the panel, which assumes scanning of goods purchased in stores and their checks. Currently, the project covers 52 cities of the Russian Federation.

romir consumption panel

How is the shopping scan done?

The panel "Romir", or Romir Panel, is considered oneof the company's major projects. As we said, it assumes a kind of scanning of purchased products and their checks. This is done as follows:

  1. The project participant makes purchases in the store or any other place.
  2. He takes photographs of checks received for goods on any mobile device.
  3. Scans barcodes using the camera of a mobile device (for this, the camera should be expanded from 5 megapixels, autofocus is mandatory).
  4. Enter the voice or manually goods that are not listed on the company's website.
  5. Indicates the cost and number of purchased goods (according to the check).
  6. Brings all the data to the company's database with the location, cost, quantity of purchase, and also for whom it was purchased (for example, the designer - for a child of 3 years).

Here is an interesting system of research of the consumer market and the company "Romir" came up with. How this method works and with what, we describe below.

 romir home panel

A few words about checks

In addition to the fact that each participant mustscan the checks and barcodes of their purchases, he also needs to send real goods checks once a month to the address of the company "Romir". The home consumption panel, or further - the firm's project, provides for the sending of these checks in a single envelope that is issued to all participants in the study.

As many users say, this actionis not entirely clear, since all these checks have long been indicated in the reports. However, this condition must be observed. At the same time on each check you only need to specify its number, which was previously entered in the database.

romir home consumption panel reviews

"Romir" company: how does the scanner work?

Scanning products, as a rule,It is carried out by means of the mobile application installed earlier. At the moment there are available versions for the operating system "Android". In addition to this application, it is also supposed to make data using a computer and a specially installed scanner program.

However, according to many project participants(panel "Romir"), when scanning products and goods it is much more convenient to work with a tablet or smartphone. With their help, it is not difficult to perform two actions at once: take a photo and immediately download the result.

 romir home consumption panel

What products can be scanned?

At the moment, the company "Romir" (panelconsumption helps her to collect data on certain groups of goods) is interested in analyzing the most common products that our compatriots use day by day. For more convenience, all potentially interesting products are divided into the following sections:

  • Cleaning and washing products for the house (for example, washing powder, conditioners for linen, household chemicals).
  • Cosmetic products (for removing make-up, caring for hair and body).
  • Means of personal hygiene (cotton swabs, toothbrushes, women's pads, diapers).
  • Drinks (juices, teas, kvass).
  • Fermented milk products (cheese, cottage cheese, milk).
  • Alcohol and beer.
  • Confectionery and bakery products.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Pasta.
  • Pet food.
  • Dietary and baby food.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Sauces and mayonnaise.
  • Semi-finished products (for fast cooking), etc.

Also the panel "Romir"involves the introduction of information about such products as large and small household appliances, books, shoes and clothing, garden tools, etc.

romir company reviews

What services are of interest?

In addition to the above products, "Romir" (home panelconsumption) involves scanning services. For example, you decided to visit a hairdresser and do a haircut - do not forget to ask for a receipt and scan it. The same applies to the most visited beauty salons, swimming pools, payment for utilities, shopping at pharmacy kiosks and online stores. Sometimes the project participants are recommended to scan tickets purchased at the ticket office, for example, at a movie show, during air travel, etc.

How many products need to be scanned?

According to the rules of the home consumption panel, or, as it is also called, SCIF Panel, within a month you need to perform scheduled scanning of goods and services from 10 companies of interest to the company.

However, this does not mean that everyonethe participant should specifically purchase some goods or services. Everything is purely individual and voluntary. According to many participants, you should not forcibly take products that you do not need. Only those that you really need for your home consumption are exceptional.

Additional requests without scanning

Sometimes "Romir" - the home consumption panel (you will find feedback on this system in this article) - offers its participants an answer to simple questions and a questionnaire.

At this time, they are offered a small listquestions regarding specific types of products or services. For example, in this survey, you may be interested in how often you buy coffee, what brands you prefer, what price you are willing to pay, etc. To date, the research organization conducts approximately 2-3 similar questionnaires during the month.

What kind of reward can I get?

Project "Romir" - home consumption panel(the entrance to it is carried out only after the conclusion of the contract and the creation of the participant's registration record), which offers its participants a certain reward.

The so-called salary, according to users,is accrued with the help of points. Accordingly, the more purchases you scan, the more these points you can earn. At the same time, it makes no difference whether you have purchased a huge plasma TV or bought a card to replenish the mobile. Again, the number of points does not depend on the size of the purchase and its value.

Also, a certain amount of conditional cashunits, let's call them so, is accrued after passing the scheduled testing (filling in questionnaires and participating in surveys) and for each paper check sent by mail. However, according to the terms of the project, the amount of purchases per person per month should be at least 3000 rubles. What users say is not very difficult to organize. After all, you have to spend every day.

How to spend earned points?

In the "Romir" system there is a minimum amount,which can be deduced with the help of virtual wallets ("Kiwi", "Yandex.Money" or "WebMoney"). Or there is an opportunity to transfer it to a mobile phone, thereby replenishing your account. According to the participants of the project, the minimum allowable amount for withdrawal is 535 points, which is approximately 150 rubles.

In addition to output to a virtual account, accumulatedPoints can be spent by selecting the appropriate amount of goods from the company's catalog. For example, it can be small and large home appliances, discount cards, discounts, etc.

How to become a member?

At the moment the site does not conduct an openregistration of participants. However, you can get into the project with the help of the official VKontakte group. It is here that a list of cities is displayed, which at one time or another interest the firm.

If the city where you live is on the list,you can safely leave a request in the comments. With its approval, as a rule, a representative of the firm comes to the house directly, who concludes with you a cooperation agreement, explains the rules of participation and helps establish a program for scanning.

What do they say about the project?

In most cases, feedback about the companypositive. Users say that the company fulfills its obligations and makes all payments on time. However, if you want to take part in the project, get ready for a monotonous and painstaking work.

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