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Parable of the rat and the horse

Fish and birds can love each other

But where will they live?

Chinese wisdom



It is customary to say that life is a set of tests. Passing through them, a person improves and develops. I agree with that. I believe that the tests do not have to be fatally difficult or tragically unexpected. I refer to the test of any life situation, even joyful events.


The question that has haunted me for many years is different. Which life test can be considered the most difficult for a person? Death? Disease? Unexpected legacy? Betrayal of loved ones? Sharp slide up the career ladder? Ungrateful children? I do not think. I see all these tests, as passing, temporary. All of them can be overcome or cured by time.


But there are challenges in life that are irresistible and impassable. These include the shape of the human body. We are all given a single form: two arms, two legs, a head, and other parts.Plus, it is indisputable fact that vision is our key way of knowing the world. These two facts together provide a steady, insurmountable life obstacle: the illusion of the similarity of human beings. When we meet a person, we immediately assume, looking at his form, that we may have some kind of long-term successful relationship with him. Workers, personal, friendly. We do not assume, looking with our eyes at a form similar to our own, that the subject before us is categorically not suitable for any relationship in principle. In order to really understand whether we can be friends, work or live together with this or that person, we need to enter into this relationship with him, go through several phases in them and then enjoy the hit or suffer from another mistake.


Why is this so? By loving us, the creator gave us this insurmountable obstacle in the knowledge of the world with a wise message: learn to see with your heart, do not fall into the trap of illusions. Here is a royal gift got people. Animals, for example, did not give such a gift. Therefore, animals have many forms, the similarities and differences which automatically solve the question of relationships.


For clarity, I will give an example, which I call the parable of the rat and the horse. Imagine a beautiful street in a big city in pleasant summer weather. Everything is happy eyes and heart. But living in this city are not people, but animals. A stately white horse stands on the sidewalk of a luxury shop window. Sleek, young, with a straw mane. Probably waiting for someone. At the same time, Ferrari of the latest model is slowly passing the horse along the road. A horse, having barely glanced over the car, sincerely loses interest in it. And the driver behind the wheel didn’t even look at the beautiful horse. What's wrong? Blind or what? Well no. It's simple: behind the wheel of a Ferrari sits a little gray little rat! Of course, horses like Ferrari, but she would never think to go to dinner with a rat or to expect the development of any relationship! The horse and the rat eat different foods, live in different houses, they have different interests.


Thus, the creator protected all animals on earth from the test of form illusion. Think about how diverse the animal world! And there are no mistakes in relationships: lions marry lions, fish do business with fish, birds rest with birds.


What about us? We all have a uniform: two arms, two legs, a head.This test passes with us throughout life. And all our life we ​​are trying to overcome it by trial and error. This infinite life obstacle wants to lead us to the point of the wisdom of creation and teach us to see the world not with our eyes, but with our hearts! Is it so difficult? How many years of life we ​​spend on the path of movement through the illusion of trial and error? Many of us spend our whole lives on this.


The creator gave us the key to the situation, of course, too! The key name is the awareness of the Natural Uniqueness of each person. At the same time, horses are also not clones, each with its own character. But a horse with a horse is understandable and pleasant. And with a rat not. And what about a rat, if it is your child or your boss? With it you need to create a Zone of Eco-Friendly Communication and keep it consciously! Like this? This article will not fit, but with those who are interested, I will gladly share my own positive experience!


All of us are not just different inside, each of us is unique! It is important to remember when entering into relations of any order. Do you want to finally experience in practice - what is to live in harmony, in which today experts are indiscriminately? First you need to understand what a beast you are and look for your own kind.Measure your Natural Uniqueness and self-determination in the field of life.

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