Lotion "Paronit": reviews of the tool

The appearance of lice, called pediculosis, is a disease of the skin of a parasitic species, the cause of which is considered a small insect. Lice can live both directly on the skin and in the person’s personal belongings. The main feature of the parasite is its livelihoods exclusively on mammals. Lice eggs are attached to the hair, and nutrition occurs due to human blood.paronite reviews

Signs of Pediculosis

Signs of pediculosis are pronounced. It is manifested by severe itching in the areas of bites, the presence of not only the insects themselves, but also their nits. Treatment of pediculosis can give results only when using special tools. It is also necessary to strictly follow the prescriptions of the attending physician.

Lice products on the pharmaceutical market are now quite a lot. The most popular and common is the lotion "Paranit". It is a clear liquid, slightly oily. It fights not only with lice, but also with their nits.In addition to the bottle with the drug, the packaging is completed with a special comb for combing nits and dead lice after using lotion.

Reviews of "Paronite" consider in this article.


The main active component of the drug is Dimethicone, which according to its spectrum of properties and composition refers to silicones. It is able to tightly envelop the shell of insect chitin and block their respiratory tract, as a result of which the parasites die. This is due to the unique structure of the substance.paronitis lice reviews

Dimethicone is often used in the production of cosmetic products, the action of which is aimed at skin rejuvenation. Drugs based on this substance are used to relieve symptoms of flatulence and bloating.

In addition to the active component, the lotion includes anise oil of mineral origin. It acts as a solvent dimethicone. The oil makes the lotion difficult to wash from the hair, but it is impossible to replace it at the moment. "Paronite" from lice, according to reviews, is very effective.

Indications for use

The lotion has proven itself as an excellent tool against lice, but in the fight against nits and larvae its effectiveness is somewhat lower. This is due to the fact that eggs and larvae do not have respiratory channels. For this reason, it will be necessary to use the tool several times, only in this way will it be possible to get rid of all manifestations of lice.

The main purpose of "Paronit" in the form of lotion is pediculosis of varying severity. This drug neutralizes lice and their nits, creating the detrimental conditions of their existence by depressing respiratory function.


The main contraindication to the use of lotion is hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. You can verify this by conducting a sensitivity test. Paronit is not suitable for use in children under three years of age. Lotion is also prohibited for pregnant women and during lactation. Another contraindication is the presence of injuries and damage to the skin, as this can cause severe irritation of wounds. Reviews of "Paronite" abound.paronite shampoo reviews

Treatment and method of application

Insects begin to die within 15-20 minutes after the application of Paronit lotion. The instructions for the drug are described in detail how to use it. Using lotion involves the following actions:

  1. Shake the bottle well and apply the required amount of lotion to dry clean hair.
  2. The drug must be distributed, ranging from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  3. After 15-20 minutes, the lotion can be washed off with plenty of water using soap or shampoo.
  4. Comb, which comes with lotion, you should comb out the nits and insects that died under the influence of the drug.

Re-treatment of hair with lotion can be carried out a week after the initial application. It is necessary that the remaining nits died, as otherwise relapse of pediculosis is possible.

There are reviews and shampoo "Paronit".

The most frequently asked question about the drug is the problem of washing the product from the hair. Anise oil in the composition, which serves to dissolve the main component, is really difficult to wash off. The instruction recommends washing the shampoo lotion several times until it is completely washed off.The rinsing process will go faster if you use running water.paronite lotion reviews

Precautionary measures

Although there are no toxins in Paranite, it will be useful to observe certain precautions. The instruction describes the following features of the application:

  1. It is necessary to strictly observe the recommendations prescribed by the instruction.
  2. In no case do not apply lotion in children under three years of age, in pregnant and lactating women.
  3. The lotion should not be used if the scalp or hair is heavily damaged by dermatological diseases, as well as those who have a high degree of sensitivity to chemicals of chemical origin.
  4. It is necessary to avoid getting the drug in the eyes and mouth. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a fabric bandage just below the hairline.
  5. Contact lenses before using the drug must be removed.
  6. Hair treatment should be done with gloves.
  7. During the period of hair treatment it is necessary to exclude alcohol intake, eating and smoking.
  8. After finishing the treatment procedure, wash your hands well with soap and running water.
  9. The procedure is repeated after seven days.

Reviews of the lotion "Paronite" interest many. If the product comes into contact with the eyes or mouth, rinse thoroughly with warm running water. Eyes can be washed with a 2% solution of baking soda. A 30 percent sodium solution will do. With burning and pain in the eyes, it is possible to use 2% novocaine for washing.

Reviews of lotion from lice "Paronite" mostly positive.paronite lice lotion reviews

If redness, rash and burning appear on the scalp due to the use of lotion, it is necessary to immediately wash off the drug and seek qualified help.

The ideal place to store lotion Paronit, according to reviews, is a refrigerator. However, the allowable temperature range implies storage outside the cold. Do not overheat the package with lotion. Do not store the drug in close proximity to food.


In pharmacies presented quite a lot of tools aimed at combating pediculosis. Therefore, similar drugs can be found a great many, especially in the form of shampoo. Even the "Paranit" is available in several forms.

The content of the active component is similar to the original spray "Nuda". As auxiliary components are jojoba oil, fragrances and triglycerides.

There are many remedies for permethrin-based pediculosis. Their action is aimed primarily at depressing the insect's nervous system. Permethrin should not be used by persons with a tendency to allergic reactions and children up to three years. Such drugs include "Veda", "Hygia", "Bios" and others.

"Pedilin" is also used to treat pediculosis. Its basis is melatonin. This is a toxic substance that paralyzes the parasite and immobilizes it. For a man, he is absolutely safe.

"Parazidol" is available in the form of shampoo. The active ingredient is phenotrin. The action is similar to melatonin. Cannot be used in children under 5 years old.

"Paronite" from lice and nits - reviews

There are a lot of reviews about lotion, both positive and negative. The main thing that everyone using this tool complains about is that it cannot be washed off the hair. Some are washed with shampoo five times, and the fat content is still not removed.In desperate attempts to wash the product, shampoos, simple soap, and even tar are used. Some even use dishwashing detergent. Many also note that even after being used as prescribed, live insects were found, which is unacceptable, because according to the instructions, after the first use only nits should remain. What else is about "Paronite" reviews?

The specific smell of anise oil is also a cause for complaints. Many have to sit near the open window, since otherwise it is impossible to be indoors.paronite lice and nits reviews

Positive comments

There are positive reviews about the tool. He saved many from such an unpleasant disease as pediculosis. This is especially true of children, because they are most often exposed to lice. Although most still prefer to use special shampoos, which are no less effective than lotions and sprays, are easily washed off from the hair and have a more pleasant aroma.

We reviewed the reviews on the use of lotion from lice "Paronit".

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