Pearls: properties of the stone, description and photo

Our planet is simply replete with a variety of unusually beautiful and luxurious precious stones. But it was the pearls that received special attention. The properties of the stone, its origin evoked interest in antiquity. People believed that it was the pearls that possessed powerful energy, healing power and inexplicable power. However, about everything in more detail in our article.

pearl stone properties

A few words about the origin of the name

Where did the name "pearl" come from? Stone, whose properties we consider a little lower, was first discovered by the Arabs. Therefore, the name came precisely from the Arabic word "zenchug." This defined the Russian name "pearl". The properties of the stone allowed in those days to use it for health and magical purposes. It used to be, if you use a cocktail of buffalo milk and crushed pearls, you can master the gift of clairvoyance.

The origin of the stone

The stone is formed in the shells of mussels and oysters. Most often, the parents of pearls are oyster pintail shells, which inhabit the Pacific and Indian oceans. The size of the mollusk is only 130 mm.Today, the catch of oysters pintail is limited due to the depletion of natural pearl populations.

pearl stone properties

The color of the stone is not only white, but also black, pink, green, red, yellow and blue. The average age varies from 120 to 150 years.

Interesting historical facts

  1. The first mention of the decoration of this stone dates back to II century n. er
  2. The most ancient pearl jewelry is a necklace from Souze, found in 1901.
  3. The bronze statuette of Aphrodite herself was decorated with gold earrings, inside which were decorated with small pearls.
  4. The oldest and still preserved stone belonged to American actress Elizabeth Taylor.
  5. The “Pearl of Allah” is considered the biggest pearl in the world. She was removed from a giant 300 kg oyster. Its size corresponds to the size of a coconut, and its weight is about 6.5 kg. The man who found the giant oyster died. She clamped his hand, because of what the diver could not get to the surface.
  6. Pearls are considered a stone of believers. In ancient Russia, they were decorated with icons, frescoes, crosses, and more. others

The magical properties of pearls

In China, it was believed that the main ingredient of the elixir of youth is considered to be pearls. Stone, whose properties are multifaceted, revered in Mongolia.They believed that pearls are a symbol of power. The Indians claimed that this beautiful stone protects family and love, as well as gives welfare and prosperity.

The ancient Egyptians were convinced that pearls were a symbol of longevity and beauty. The magic properties of the stone were useful to Cleopatra herself. Few people know that the Egyptian queen was a fan of pearl jewelry. Cleopatra's maids regularly prepared her drink, consisting of crushed pearls (lay down in vinegar) and pomegranate juice. The Queen considered this cocktail a real elixir of youth and beauty.

pearl magic stone properties

In the Bible, the symbol of wisdom and restraint was also considered pearl. The stone, whose properties are priceless in all respects, is mentioned in the famous phrase of Jesus Christ: “Do not give shrines to the dogs and do not throw your pearls in front of the pigs so that they do not trample it with their feet and, turning, do not tear you to pieces.” (Bible, Matt. 7: 6). With this statement, the Savior wanted to say that there is no need to argue and conflict with those who do not believe and are stubborn.

In medieval times, pearls were considered the symbol of a successful family life.The magical properties of the stone allowed to protect the bride from lustful thoughts and betrayals. It was believed that such a gift could not be handed over or transferred by inheritance, otherwise it could bring misfortune to the former owner and the real owner of the stone.

This stone does not tolerate those who are weak in spirit and unsure of themselves. In this case, he can "take advantage" of this and get the best of the thoughts and feelings of these people. “Not like” pearls greedy, greedy, deceitful and proud people. Stone struggling will try to break these qualities.

What else can you say about pearls? The properties of the stone allow you to endow your host with wisdom and chastity, help to avoid conflict situations and find a common language with people.

pearl stone properties to suit

Here he is so proud and mysterious - pearls. The value of the stone, the magical properties, the origin of the name we have already considered. It's time to talk about what the healing properties of pearls.

Place in medicine

Few people know that pearls are part of many drugs. Japan, for example, today honors this wonderful stone as a healing tool.

Even in ancient times, pearls were used to purify and thin the blood. Also, the powder from this stone allowed to stop the bleeding in an instant.

Pearls are also considered a very good remedy for cores. Many argue that by holding the pearl for some time in your mouth, you can stop the arrhythmia.

Pearls are also famous in dentistry. In ancient times, its powder was used to clean and whiten teeth.

Effective pearls and poisoning, heat, asthma, epilepsy, eczema, various inflammations, bone diseases, diseases of the bladder, urinary tract and liver.

Pink pearls have a reputation for being a good healer for allergies.

pearl stone value magical properties

This healing stone will also help your eyes. It will relieve the organs of vision from fatigue, remove excess moisture and protect from night blindness.

Today, there is a perception that pearls can prolong youth, which is why it is the main ingredient in many anti-aging products.

In ancient China, pearls were one of the main components in the preparation of the elixir of immortality.

Indians drink in the morning drink, infused with pearls, to raise immunity.

Pearls (stone): properties. How to wear?

It is considered that it is more expedient to wear a stone on bare body. Only in this way can you find out if a person has any disease. The pearls will lose their luster and fade.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry from this stone to people whose work is connected with children, creative activities, as well as travelers.

Few people know that pearls are also called "widow's stone", so you should not wear it to young girls and married women. He can provoke the death of a husband or lover. Widows, on the contrary, pearls will help to find a soul mate.

pearl stone value magical properties

It is not necessary to wear this stone to men-lovelacers, because it is a symbol of love, devotion and loyalty.

Pearls (stone): properties. Who is suitable?

Pearls are revered as an unlucky jewel, as it contains the negative power of the moon. To many he brings tears, loss of hope and illusions. But there are those who favor the stone and bring only good luck.

The only sign of the zodiac that pearls fit is Pisces. It promotes prosperity and longevity, brings happiness, protects from unrequited love, protects from the evil eye, bestows on its owner the ability to foresee, protects from unsuccessful transactions and thieves. Pearls immensely "love" their master. It is believed that with his death, the pearl dims and dies with him.

“Tears of anguish” is the name for a jewel containing pearls. Stone properties for Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn is more destructive than positive. After all, these signs belong to the elements of the Earth, and, as the stars say, pearls are contraindicated in this case.

A few words about the black pearl

Black pearls - a stone, the properties of which are not known to everyone, - was revered in ancient times and was a symbol of belonging to a high society.

The Chinese believed that the black pearl gave wisdom and chastity, protected from the "evil eye", helped deter thieves and warn against rash acts.

There is a belief that a person with this beautiful stone interacts with it energetically. Black pearls - a stone, whose magical properties are incomparable with anything - protects its owner from harm, and that, in turn, nurtures and preserves its beauty. As soon as the stone goes to another owner, he immediately loses his strength and power.

pearl stone properties for virgin

They say that black pearls can lose their love and trust in the owner. And as soon as the owner crosses the line that is contrary to the morality of life, the stone can crumble.

What else can tell about yourself black pearl? The properties of the stone make it possible to prolong life, heal from various diseases, protect from enemies and bring good luck in all undertakings.

For women, this stone will bring wisdom, sexuality, sensitivity and happiness. As for men, the situation is reversed. In this case, the black pearl will bring only disappointment, misfortune and failure.

In ancient times, the black pearl was a symbol of health and healing power. The stone, whose properties are not only positive, had the ability to increase the tone of the body, rejuvenate it and increase its resistance to diseases.

It is believed that black pearls like no one else can heal bone system diseases, fractures and epilepsy.

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