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A few years ago, when Android-based smartphones came out of the shadows and began to show clear growth in the market, literally every producer entered the world stage with a stunning flagship designed to wipe all opponents out of their way. Unfortunately, the flagship smartphone is an expensive thing, often too large, not suitable for everyone, so the manufacturers, in addition to the main model, began to produce their compact versions. Samsung, HTC and other companies produced small gadgets, visually similar to the flagships, but technically significantly inferior to them. LG was no exception, and to reinforce the interest in their devices, the LG G3 s D724, an ultrabudgetary but stylish and technological gadget, was launched after the LG G3. The name of the smartphone raises a number of questions. Firstly, the article S associates with the iPhone, where the prefix S means an improved version of the phone, and not vice versa. Secondly, LG already has a LG G3 Stylus phone - a massive device with stylus support. Nevertheless, the Koreans are not embarrassed by these facts.

So, why is this smartphone so remarkable and is it worth considering it as the main one?

phone lg g3


In the box you can find:

  • The gadget itself is LG G3 s D724.
  • Accumulator battery.
  • Micro USB cable for power supply and data synchronization with a computer.
  • Warranty card.

Body design and controls

  • Dimensions: 137h69, 6h10, 3.
  • Weight: 134 grams.

Visually, the device strongly resembles its older brother. The phone has a rectangular shape with small bends in the upper and lower parts (in the manner of the same Nexus, which was created by LG exclusively for Google). The body is made of plastic. The special grinding technology made it possible to give the device a more expensive look - externally (from afar) the material resembles metal. Unfortunately, this has no effect on tactile sensations - ordinary plastic. The back cover of the device is convex, curved (because the phone is better in the hand), rough to the touch, because of which the device holds tight and does not strive to jump out of hand. On the plastic cover it is almost impossible to see fingerprints and minor scratches, which undoubtedly is a plus for an inexpensive gadget.Smaller dimensions compared to the older model also played an important role in ergonomics: the phone is easy to grasp on both sides. Assembling the device at a fairly high level, no squeaks or backlash, all parts fit together without gaps, despite the fact that the case is lg g3 Price

Almost the entire front panel of the device is occupied by the display, with the exception of a small plastic insert with a company logo at the bottom of the case. On the top edge of the phone is a microphone, on the bottom of another microphone, a USB port and a headphone jack. Side faces are empty. On the back are: camera, flash, microphone, as well as the speaker and the main controls. All keys are located on a small remote in the center of the lid, including the volume rocker. A very specific solution, which not many liked. The SIM card slot and the memory card were hidden under the cover; it is removable in the device.


Here, everything is quite average. Users receive:

  • Support for two SIM cards (standard for 90% of modern Android smartphones).
  • USB 2.0.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Wi-Fi standard b / n / g.
  • Network distribution function Hotspot.
  • Radio module (regular FM radio, without network connection).
  • Infrared port to control the TV.
  • GPS and GLONASS (more than 6 satellites) are supported.

In general, everything is not bad, but the antenna in the gadget is only one, and if one of the SIM cards works in third-generation networks, the second one automatically switches to the second. In the presence of USB 2.0 there is no support for On The Go cables, which means that connecting the keyboard or gamepad to the smartphone will not work. NFC is also missing.

phone lg g3 s


Unlike the “adult model,” a display with a diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels was installed here. The display came out pretty high quality, despite the HD-resolution. Separate pixels are barely noticeable, even if you make a lot of effort to still detect them, and this is at a PPI (pixel per inch) of 293 points. The display is built on the basis of IPS-matrix, and therefore, conveys the most believable and natural colors. The color rendition is quite good, smooth, but, despite the use of IPS technology, when the device is tilted, the display slightly changes the gamut, and the white balance suffers. Actually, we conclude from this that the viewing angles of the smartphone are far from maximum, which distinguishes the display from the older model in the first place.The brightness will have to be adjusted manually, the light sensor in the smartphone is missing, which is too dull even for a budget model.

Processor and memory

In terms of hardware, expect a miracle in the budget gadget is not worth it. Phone LG G3, the price of which is less than the average, is not an exception and can not boast of powerful characteristics, therefore, you should accept the fact that there is. The heart of the gadget was a chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. The processor has 4 cores onboard, each accelerating up to 1200. This is quite enough for the smooth operation of pure Android, but due to the fact that LG uses its own shell, the interface slows down a bit. In fairness it should be noted that the blame lies on the shoulders of Korean developers, because they could not optimize the software. The chip is produced by a 28-nanometer process technology, which has a positive effect on its energy efficiency, and this, in turn, affects the autonomy of the phone. Adreno 304 is responsible for the graphics performance. The phone copes with almost all modern games, although heavy ones are stalled from time to time. Benefit on Android, you can reduce the quality of graphics.

phone lg g3 d724

Complements the processor 1 gigabyte of RAM. Even in the conditions of 2014, it looks like real greed on the part of the manufacturer. This volume is not enough for comfortable work even with basic programs, every time applications are restarted, if you exit them. As for the internal memory, then the manufacturer gave the owners of the gadget only 300 megabytes of free space and a memory card for another 8 gigabytes (support cards up to 32 gigabytes).


The gadget is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 2540 mAh. The manufacturer promises up to 24 hours of work from a single charge in talk mode and up to 720 hours of work in standby mode. As a result of the independent tests, the smartphone showed the following results:

  • Play HD video for 5 hours.
  • Play music up to 35 hours.
  • In game mode (only games with complex 3D graphics) up to 3 hours.
  • When surfing via Wi-Fi, the phone lived for about 12 hours.

phone lg g3 stylus

Very good performance, and in real use mode, the phone will live without problems until the evening, and the collapsible design allows you to quickly replace a discharged battery with a charged one and get even more battery life without additional accessories.


The phone is equipped with a front camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a front camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. There is a single flash. The main camera is not pleased with the high quality of the picture. The image is “noisy” even with fairly good lighting, the white balance often lies and goes into excessively warm tones, the detail is weak, and small objects seem to crumble into pieces. The same problem pursues the light sources in the photographs. Most of these shortcomings are not due to the capabilities of the lens, and low-quality software. It uses laser autofocus, which allows you to instantly focus on a specific object, and also improves color reproduction in the dark. The camera can record an image in Full HD resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps.

The camera for "selfie" is also no different something extraordinary, but most users will have enough of its capabilities. Make a beautiful photo of yourself, maybe it will not work, but you can talk on Skype without any problems: the image does not freeze and does not crumble into pixels.

phone lg g3 s d724


The smartphone runs on Android 4.2.2.It makes no sense to talk about the platform itself, but it’s worth talking about a number of features proposed by LG.

  • Guest mode is like a second Windows account. To access it, you do not need a password, and the available application and data in it are governed by the owner of the gadget.
  • Quick Memo is a small utility for creating notes and editing images. It is suitable in those situations when you need to fill out a form and send it by mail or visually highlight some element in the picture.
  • QSlide is an add-on that is not popular, allowing you to display video content over the operating system interface. The problem is that the work of this function requires intervention from program developers.
  • Knock Mode is another unlocking method that has not caught on in the Android world. Allows using a series of short tapes to unlock the phone LG G3.


In general, most of the owners of the gadget speak positively about it. The LG G3 D724 mobile phone is exactly what many fans of the company expected. Users appreciated both a clear display and excellent ergonomic design. Unfortunately, despite the seemingly successful solution,from generation to generation, devices are roaming the same marriage: for many users, the motherboard of the phone cannot survive even a year of active use. After some time, the gadget enters endless reboot mode and, accordingly, becomes unusable. Actually, this is the only serious problem that will be faced by those who decide to purchase the LG G3 phone.

mobile phone lg g3


At the start of sales, the phone cost on average from 10 to 12 thousand rubles, now the price tag has dropped to 7,500 rubles, and the device is still officially sold. On the second-hand market, the phone can be purchased on average for 4000 rubles.

Instead of conclusion

In conclusion, it should be said that the LG G3 s is a very good device, it is “charged” with all the necessary chips like two SIM cards, a large screen, a tolerable camera and a nice exterior. At the same time, the technical aspects of the device are much inferior to competitors. He is slow and slow. If you do not plan to run heavy games and applications on your phone, then this is quite a worthy option, if you need power, then you should look at more advanced devices from China.

Users have identified the following advantages:

  • High-quality assembly.
  • Camera with laser autofocus.
  • Big screen.


  • The processor is too slow.

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